Tummy Tuck at Age 32 After 2 Babies - Fresno, CA

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I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 beautiful babies (2...

I'm a 32 year old mother of 2 beautiful babies (2.5 year old & 9 month old). I am 5'3 and 152 lbs. as of today (5/23/13). I've been wanting a tummy tuck ever since I had my first baby (nearly 3 years ago), and decided I would definitely get one after I had my 9 month old and ended up with a bulging upper tummy and a "kangaroo sack" in my lower abdomen. I am tired of looking like I'm 4 months pregnant in all the clothes I try on and I don't ever want to hear someone else ask me "are you expecting again?" So I found a plastic surgeon here in realself.com that has a practice in my area, and decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I was not planning on having my tummy tuck right away, because I wanted to wait until November or December to better prepare myself mentally, and financially for the surgery. However, at my consultation in April, I was offered an incentive (discount) if I scheduled my surgery in any of 3 openings available in May and I just couldn't resist, so I put down my deposit and scheduled my tummy tuck for May 23rd.

Today I had my pre-op appointment and it went very well. I actually had a lot of questions for my pre-op nurse. Over the last couple weeks, I took notes on things I wanted to ask so that I wouldn't forget anything. After watching a video on what to expect, the nurse went over paper work with me and answered all of my questions. She also took my "before" pictures and sent me to get some lab work done, and to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy that I'll need after surgery. I also had to pay my remaining balance (which wasn't fun), but now I'm super excited because it finally feels REAL, but I'm also very nervous. I had c-sections with both of my kids, and have heard a tummy tuck is way more painful, so I'm not looking forward to the pain. I'm also nervous about being put under general anesthesia. Since it's a busy time at work, I'm only scheduled to be off for a week and 2 days, so I'm also pretty nervous about that too, and hope I can return to work that quickly. My surgeon said that shouldn't be a problem since I sit at a desk most of the day, but I'm still a little nervous about that. So the countdown begins, just 10 days until my surgery date...

Day of Procedure!

Today was the big day! I had to be at the surgery center by 7:30 AM and the surgery center is 2 hours away, so I was up very early. I was so nervous but all the staff there were so nice and made me feel safe. The nurse first came in to prep me, placed an IV in my arm and gave me a pill to avoid nausea. Then the anesthetist came in, asked me questions, answered all my questions and made me feel safe too. My surgeon then came in, made some markings on abdomen and i was ready at that point. The last thing I remember is my hubby kissing me goodbye on the way to the OR and waking up in recovery. I was out of there within an hour after surgery. I did feel the pain right when I woke up. After eating a little bit of food, I took my pain meds (3 500 Vicodins) and we headed home. The pain has not subsided completely. I was in alot of pain when I got home so I called my nurse. She said that I was taking enough meds and that I would still feel pain for a couple of days even with meds. I got home by 2:00 PM, and with the help of my hubby got into my recliner. It's now 4:30 and I'm feeling okay. Mostly sleepy, but do have pain that I would rate as a 5 (out of 10). Surprisingly my sides and lower back hurt more than my abdomen, probably from hunching over. I have set alarms for the times I need to take meds since I have to take so many an at different times. In addition to Vicodin for pain, I'm also taking a muscle relaxer, antibiotics, arnica for bruising, and a pill to prevent nausea. Thank God I haven't been nauseated or had to empty my bladder yet. Overall I feel better than I thought I would on the day of the procedure! :-) hope that continues through the evening and night. I'll post an update tomorrow. :-)

Day 4 Post-Op

I can't believe it's been 4 days since I had my procedure. I do feel much better and most of the pain is now gone unless I walk around alot. I took a shower again today and finally had a BM. I still don't feel great as I have discomfort (rather than pain) on my abdomen. I started to cut back on the pain meds today, taking only one Vicotin and supplementing with Tylenol. I hope to be off the Vicodin within 48 hours. Overall, what bothers me the most is feeling so tired all the time and not being able to do anything. I can't even watch a movie because I fall a sleep 5 minutes into it (Lol)! I'll post before and after pics tomorrow.

Day 6 Post Op

Today I had my first follow up appointment. I'm still very swollen but I have to say I felt so much better than the days before. My surgeon told me my muscles were very very stretched so he tighten them alot (hence the constant muscle soreness). He also said I still have a lot of swelling and left my drain in until next week, when I'll see him again. I actually did a little bit of shopping after my appointment (using the eclectic carts stores have). I'm now off the Vicotin, taking only Tylenol. I would say I feel more pressure and soreness than pain but overall, I feel much better than I thought I would by now. I'm finally posting before and after pics at 5 days post op. I hope the swelling goes down son to get a better idea of what my results will be.

Pics to follow later

I spoke too soon. I couldn't upload pictures from my iPhone so I'll have to do it tomorrow from my laptop...
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