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I finally did it and I am soar as crap. Today is 2...

I finally did it and I am soar as crap. Today is 2 days post op. I'm in my recliner but my bottom is already soar from sitting. I get up and walk every couple of hours and still taking pain meds every 6 to 8 hrs. I had the fleur de lis TT no lipo. I also have RA and lupus so in addition to my incisions being sore by body aches because I have to be off all my RA meds. What or how did any of you cope with the sore bottom I'm so uncomfortable. My hubby has been the best but this guilt is really getting to me to constantly need his help to get up. Not to mention that I feel like I'm having to pee every couple of hours.

Post op day 5

Still sore, finally had my first shower yesterday and omg it felt like heaven. My drain tubes are still in and the stinging on the side from time to time is awful but only last a short period. I don't see my PS til Thursday so hopefully I can get them out but one side still has over 10mls coming out so I'm not sure if it's still to much. I'm still in the recliner I tried laying in my bed with legs and head propped but I ended up being more miserable and came back to the recliner in the middle of the night. My goodness I can't wait to lay flat or on my side, haha. For the most part I can get off the couch and sit by myself but can't lift the legs of the recliner yet, I feel like I should be doing more already from what I read of other patients. I did not take a before pic and honestly I don't know what. I know I'm still swollen so I'm not going to complain yet but I guess I just expected my flanks to be smoother with the type of procedure I had. But then again it was just a peak. My PS said he removed 5 lbs I was hoping more would come off. I know I'm still swollen my starting weight was 132 today I was 129. I told myself no scale for at least 2 months but I couldn't help it. I will try to get a before pic from my PS and post one soon.

7 days post op

The sneeze!! Omg I thought I was going to die. It came out of no where and I didn't have time to grab a pillow to help me. I swear I felt like I tore something. I needed the hubby to help me get up and had to walk hunched over a bit. It did bring tears to my eyes, I tried to walk it off. I feel like I took a step backwards and ended up having to take a Percocet. I'm keeping an eye out to see if I have any additional swelling or leaking but from what I've read I should be fine. Thank goodness my follow up with my PS is tomorrow anyway. Aside from that I felt like I was doing a little better I still need help lifting the recliner legs and switched my pillow to a memory foam to sit on and it does make a difference. I'm really hoping I can get these drainage tubes out tomorrow. How many ML's per day usually before they come out. I know everyone is different just trying to get a guestamite. Today I can finally start taking all my vitamins again so I'm hoping they will help some. I was told by my Rheumatologist I can't start my RA meds until incisions heal so my body still feels like crap. I tell ya I really didn't think they were helping until I had to get off them. But apparently they were. My husband has been the best he's taking up all my slack but he goes back to work on Monday so I need to try and at least start to feel half way better by then. Thank goodness kids will be on spring break so I don't need to drive still. They too have been a great help too though. I can't wait to see what I look like without these bandages on I was instructed not to remove them until my follow up so I don't even know what my belly button looks like. All I can see is my Fupa is still swollen, lol.

1 side red and inflamed

9 days post op, yesterday I had 1 drainage tube removed and for the most part felt ok but by the evening time the opposite side was swollen and very soar and hard. I was instructed to cleanse my incision 2x a day with hebiclense because the side that the tube came me out was a little raw which was common. Today by around 3 I felt really sore and a burning sensation so when I removed the gauze to take a look the side the tube was removed was red, inflamed and hot to the touch. I also noticed a little scabbing so of course my first thought was to freak out and think it's the beginning of necrosis. I pray it's not. I called my PS he said I could go in to see him but since he's over an hour away he was ok with me texting photos. He said looking at it it looks ok it is a little red but since it's the weekend and I don't see him again until Tuesday he wanted to call in another round of antibiotics and a cream to apply 1x in the evening. He really feels it was a product of me not resting as much as I needed to be and the swelling would subside on its own. Ok lesson learned if it's not from resting I have got to learn to stay off my feet and let body heal. I must say I really appreciate my PS the office was already closed but he was willing to open it to see me if that's what I wanted to do. Of course I'm an Internet dr and freak myself out which I need to stop. I'm still praying necrosis does not develop. Oh yea since my tube was removed my weight went from 129 to 133 I have got to stay off this darn scale. Will post pics soon I was able to get before pics from my PS yesterday.

Depression setting in PO 17 days

I know I'm still swollen but I'm beginning to feel depressed. I look at myself in the mirror and I'm not seeing the results I was hoping for. Sure my flap is gone but I feel because there was no lipo done my flanks still look ugly. Sure I know I wasn't expecting miracles but I was expecting my rolls to at least be gone. I was thick on top meaning my rolls on top were bigger then the rolls on bottom & I had 3 rolls when I sat down. I know he set my expectations that I would not look like I was 25 again but said I would be very pleased with my results. As I read other posts from other ladies and seeing their pics I guess I was hoping I could say I finally got to the flat side. I find myself starring in the mirror and wanting to cry. I hate that I paid so much and I'm not happy. I hate that because of my health he had to limit what he could do. I find myself wondering if I would have went with TT with lipo instead of the fleur de lis TT how I would have looked. Other surgeons I consulted with all told me somewhat the same. I guess it is what it is. My incisions are still healing and my belly button is a little red but doing good I suppose. I can't wait until all these suckers are closed completely so I can take my RA meds again because I really feel like crap. Sorry I haven't posted pics but I will soon.

Finally posted pics pre op to 18 days PO

Still swollen especially my Fupa area and flanks I know this because they are still hard. I hope when swelling goes down I can look a little better. In the meantime I try not to look at myself because it makes me want to cry. I was just getting ready to shower so please excuse the dents from my binder, not to mention the rolls :,-(

More work needed to get results I wanted

So I am 23 days post op and I had a post op visit today. So far everything is healing well and I am still swollen. I still have 2 areas that are not 100% healed but should be pretty soon, the good new is I can go back on my RA meds now so that's a plus. On a not so happy note as I suspected in order to get the full results I wished for I will need some lipo on my flanks and possibly a small lift in the pubic area. He said the lipo would be minor but my body would be able to handle it. I wish he could have just did it all at once. I have to wait a year before he would even consider redoing anything, so in the meantime I am going to work out as hard as I can to try and get the results myself without surgery because I made a promise to myself that if this dream ever came true meaning getting rid of my weight and my flap I would NEVER let myself get back to where I was. Of course no exercise yet just walking until I'm fully healed per docs orders. Also as I suspected I have a possible dog ear on my right side where the 2nd tube was. He said it may still go down and look like the other side but if it's not by month 4 or 5 he will fix that in the office it is just minor. I do get tired very easy when I do more then I probably should like walking around a store to get groceries (not alone of course as I'm still not lifting anything heavy) or if I try and do small chores around the house. I think that's my RA and lupus in addition to the surgery though. I'll take another pic soon.

Not what I expected 31 days PO

Well 31days still have some swelling and still have 2 small areas that are not closed on my incision. I continue to feel sore if I do too much but that's expected. I'm still unhappy with my results because I can't afford to do anymore procedures to get the results I want but maybe with hard work and determination I will get them on my own. I still have to wear my binder and spanx (or spanx like that are not a fortune) per my PS I finally found some in a small that are high waisted so hopefully they help with swelling. As you can see in my pic that I took today there is not much change or at least that I can see but the 2 areas are getting smaller.

update to reply

The more I look at myself the more I feel like I've changed my mind about returning to him. I see now why I am not happy with my results. I could possible deal with having to go back in to just do lipo on my flanks but as I look at myself I know I'm still swollen but my incision is crooked on one side which is why I look so lopsided and one roll is not as tight. Not sure if lipo can help that or if I need a revision which really upsets me and I feel like crying.

6 weeks post op

Well today is 6 weeks and my incision at my T is still not completely closed but it's getting there and I still have a small area on my on the other part that's about 98% better. Slowly but surely I'm healing, I finally started taking my RA meds so hopefully I'll start to feel better on that part as well. I'm still wearing my compression garment and spanks all day and sleep with just my compression garment over a tank top. I can get out of bed a little easier but still use my headboard to help lift myself. Getting on and off the couch is easier as well, unless I have swelling which happens if I do too much throughout the day. Still not lifting much and as far as looking any different, well not much has changed since my last picture I uploaded. My son turned 21 this past Saturday so I had a couple of margaritas but boy was I swollen and sore on Sunday and not feeling it. So needless to say no more drinking for me until my swelling is gone which I hear can be at least 3 to 4 months. I still can't wear my pre surgery jeans I feel like they are too tight around my lower waist so I've been wearing my stretchy pants. Bending and squatting is not too bad but can be a little hard getting up sometimes. Every once in awhile I do get these pains on the side of my vertical incision but goes away after a few min. I haven't called my PS because it's not so painful that it bothers me. One thing I still can't do is sleep on my side. I'm a side sleeper so this one is hard. I've tried but it starts to hurt so I end up back on my back and when I do try it I feel swollen on that side longer throughout the day. Does anyone have any suggestions for side sleeping or how long before you were able to sleep on your side comfortable?

7.5 PO feeling pain

So this morning I woke up to a sharp pain just to the left of my belly button kind of between my flank and belly button. I can still only sleep on my back. I wear my spanx and binder all day and binder only at night. Until this point I had been feeling pretty good even walking a lot more on my treadmill. Last night my husband and I were intimate and I was actually able to get more into it then normal (sorry if this is to graphic) although he did not put pressure on me I did use my pelvic muscles more and he thinks that's why I woke up in pain. I have not called my PS yet. I have taken a Vicodin and still feel the pain. I'm just wondering if anyone else had this too. As for the rest I still have some swelling and for the most part feel good. I am still cautious about lifting. I still get tired if I attempt to do a lot that day. As far as results, well I'm still not happy and think once the swelling goes down its just going to get worse. I see my PS on the 20th so until then I just try not to think about it or look at myself in mirror.

11.5 weeks post op revision needed

Well I seen my PS on May 16 and he said that a revision will he needed, he agreed that my incision is a bit crooked and the mons area a bit looser then expected, and yes lipo will be needed on my flanks to get the results I want. However I have to wait until I'm a year PO. Just a bit swollen but the more it goes down the flabbier I get. I just avoid looking at myself as much as possible. On the plus side my belly button looks good ( I can actually see it where as before I couldn't because of my flab) my vertical scar is healing well and my horizontal one is doing better at the T. I did end up getting what I thought was an ingrown hair on my horizontal incision but it turned out to be a suture abscess. It was about dime size when I noticed it I put a hot compress on it and squeezed it. Sorry if this is graphic but first white pus came out then clear then a little blood. I cleaned it with antibacterial soap and just kept it clean and continued to put a hot compress on it. I called my PS which is why I went in early to see him instead of the 20th but by then it was almost gone so I guess I cared for it well. Noticed on a Friday and called him immediately, seen him on Monday. My next appointment will be in November and he said at that time he can see what all needs to be done to correct the issues I have and how much more it will cost ( of course he said not nearly what I paid because it's a revision) I guess I should be happy I didn't end up with necrosis had he gone tighter because I am about 3.5 behind schedule for healing and it could have been worse. So I may not update again until then. In the mean time he advises no core exercises yet so I do not rupture anything and still no heavy lifting.

Revision and lipo

Well not much has changed, it's been 1 year and 2 months since my surgery and my body has not changed. I have to admit though I have not been able to exercise the way I've wanted to do to my health. The area under my incision on my bikini line is still numb and the itch you can't scratch drives me crazy!! I don't know how long if ever if I will get the feeling back, hopefully I do. Well I will be going back in for revision surgery to correct the scar line (it's still crooked) lift my mons area and since I'm going I'll be having lipo to the flanks, thighs and side boob. That is scheduled for June 23rd and I'm praying I will be happy with these results. I will post before and after pictures after my surgery.
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