Woohoo...so happy I finally did this...43, TT, BL & BA

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I've dreamt of doing this for years! I'm 43, 2...

I've dreamt of doing this for years! I'm 43, 2 kids (24 and 19) and am getting a TT, BL & BA. I was overweight in high school and most of my adult life, plus two pregnancies. At my highest weight I was 235 lbs, lost most of that in 2007, but it took its toll on my body. Currently I'm 156 lbs and 5'6". Depending on time of month, what I've been eating, and brand, I usually wear a 10, sometimes an 8. I'm super excited to be on this journey and so happy I found RealSelf. Reading everyone's posts is super helpful! I'll post couple pics as the date approaches since I feel seeing everyone's before & after has been helpful to me .

Second Guesses...

I've read other posts about going through the doubts and second guessing decisions. Well, I'm there. Is this worth the expense, am I putting my self at risk for selfish reasons, etc. so far I've kept myself focused on why I'm doing this and how important it is to me. This pooch affects my confidence. I find myself siting slightly hunched, arms folded, trying to hide the belly. I've thought of doing this for at least 20 years, seriously started talking about it the last 7. It's time! I know I just need to stay positive and keep remembering why I'm doing this and how badly I've wanted his. Luckily I've found a few people I can confide in and one friend that has been extremely supportive of my decision. Wish the big day would hurry up and get here! :) Here's some pics, so I'll have something to compare to.

Before pics...

Silicone or Saline???

All I can think about are my boobs! I'm getting 300cc saline under the muscle...but I keep wondering if I'd be happier with the silicone. It sure felt better, more real. But will that matter if the implant is under the muscle and I still have some breast tissue? Really torn. Just need to get this done so I can stop stressing over the implants! Lol

Tomorrow is the big day!

Freaking out a little! Tomorrow is my big day. Luckily I got the first time slot, gotta be there at 7:15. It's about an hour and a half away, so will be heading out early! This time tomorrow, I'll be home trying to sneak a peak at my tummy...lol. :)

Rough day...

Yesterday went smoothly. Got to the surgery center at 7:15. Did some paper work, got the IV in, and my PS came and marked me up just before 8. I don't remember going into the actual surgery room or much of the drive home. We left there around 1:00. Slept most of the day. The pain is tolerable, just very sore. Then I got sick to my stomach, even taking anti nausea meds. That pain was horrible. I don't recommend vomiting after a TT & muscle repair! Lol My tummy looks flat & my boobs are swollen. Now I just need to be patient and enjoy the results.

6 days post op?

Feeling pretty good, able to move around and almost standing straight. I'm posting some pics taken this morning. So much swelling! Especially my lower belly. It's very misshapenend. Not sure how I'm feeling about my bb, but maybe it will look better once the swelling decreases? My boobs are huge...I'm ready for that swelling to go down. And to think I started to worry about the small implants I chose (300 cc, silicone, hp). I think my ps did a lot of lipo and I know that increases the swelling. I had a bm yesterday and today. Didn't have to resort to mom because I wasn't uncomfortable. I regularly take a daily probiotic and have been eating gummy fiber...kinda like a little treat! Thanks everyone for the support and sharing your experiences. Sure helps to know I'm not alone! :)

Couple more pics...

My body can't keep up with my energy, so for now my body wins and gets whatever rest it needs. So much I feel like doing, but I get tired and sore. Did manage to shave my underarms (the hair was long enough to braid) and attempted my legs. I'm sure I missed quite a few spots. Lol Reallytired of the drain, should be removed at my appt on Thursday...fingers crossed.

3 Weeks...

It's only been 3 weeks...feels like forever. I see a little progress each day, but wish I could fast forward another 3 weeks. I've been back to work since last week. Not bad, but by the end of the day I tend to be swollen and just feel tight. Been feeling a little down, but I think it's because I'm away from my gym routine. Used to go 5-6 days a week. I miss it! Can't wait to get back and really my tummy look good. My incision is low so I know I'll be happy with it and I'm liking the size of my boobs...I was panicking that they were too big, but they're settling. Trying to stay positive and keep remaining myself it will all be worth it! :)

Comparison photos

Side view doesn't look as changed as front view...

So swollen, but worth it!

The lack of activity was starting to make me feel depressed...things really turned around this past week. Been doing some long walks and finally was able to incorporate some light running...only averaging a 5.0 pace, but felt so good! Today got up into the Sierras and went on a 4.5 mile hike. Was so nice. No pain, but I could felt my skin getting tight towards the end. In fact...I think out of habit...I finished with a slight hunch. Really swollen tonight, so I will take it really easy tomorrow,. It was so worth it though, starting to feel like my old self...minus some stuff I don't miss and the addition of the twins. Can't wait until I can get back to my gym routine...gonna wait until 6 weeks and just do what my body allows.

6 weeks post op...

Officially 6 weeks today and feeling pretty good. Finally noticing the swelling subsiding. Tried on some clothes this weekend and fitting in a size 6. I was a 10 before surgery, so seeing the changes. Couple people at work have commented on how skinny I've gotten...so strange to hear people call me skinny after being heavy most of my life. Think it's almost time to do some clothes shopping and put away the baggy pants.

Recovery has been better than I expected. I'm at the gym using the treadmill & elliptical, but still scared to get back to the strength training...next week for sure. Just scared of doing too much because I feel good. I swell more on gym days, but nothing like I was.

Sleeping is so much better! I'm pretty much on my side, even wake up on my tummy. Laying on my tummy seems to bother my boobs more than anything. Still waiting for the left to catch up to the right. Still high.

Overall no major issues or complaints at this time. Just gonna keep an eye on lefty and try out my ab muscles soon. See how it goes...

One year later

Well it's been a year...overall still happy. Not so happy with lefty...developed some scar tissue so never fully dropped. Going in Tuesday for a revision. I'm sure recovery will be a breeze compared to last time! Happiest with the tummy tuck...not having the extra skin is wonderful. Clothes fit better and look better.
Sometimes I have second thoughts about my breasts. Like maybe I should have just done a lift...some days I don't like my implants, but maybe if lefty goes where it's supposed to I feel differently. My doctor has been great. Kind of didn't like the wait and see, but patience is a good thing. Bring on Tuesday! I'm ready!

So happy with lefty

Had the revision done 6 weeks ago on lefty. I had developed scar tissue and the implant was sitting high. Doctor took care of and I am so happy with the results. The revision surgery was a breeze compared to last time!

Started back with a trainer last night, trying to lose the extra weight I've gained over the past year, only about 8lbs...but that's 8lbs that could ruin what I paid for, right? :)
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