A day by day guide to the flat side with a hematoma

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I am booked for a full tummy tuck with lipo and I...

I am booked for a full tummy tuck with lipo and I am replacing my 10 year old size C breast implants with D cups and having my aureolas made smaller. I scoured the internet for local surgeons and liked this doctor's credentials. Also, this practice is the only one that offers a free consultation. My previous surgeries were in Southern CA where pretty much all of the consults are free. I made appointments with 3 local surgeons but had a good feeling after meeting the staff and the doctor himself so I decided to go ahead and book.

Status update: 58 days to go :)

Wow, I am loving this site! I have been reading all of your experiences over the past few weeks and have found them to be really helpful. I will post some before pics soon (when I make the time to do a proper grooming session, btw, I am hoping this process gets a whole lot easier when I lose the belly hanging down toward my lady parts).

A little about me, I am a 35 year old mother of 4 (13, 10, and 2 year old twins). The twin pregnancy really did me in and the C section left me feeling, well, scarred. I am a Clinical Psychologist working in a Prison. I had my original BA in 2003 and always wished they were a little bigger. I have a larger size frame (in particular my shoulders are pretty wide) so my C cups do not really stand out as much as I'd like them to, if you know what I mean? Another thing you should know about me...I am a neurotic list maker, here are my surgery prep lists:

What I have done to prepare so far:
-Started into a regular work out routine about 3 months ago
-Bought a power recliner (Lazy Boy guaranteed it would be here by the week before surgery)
-Arranged for help after (my mom and grandma will be staying with me to watch my kids, Grandma will be cooking all of my recovery meals as she is the best cookon the planet and specializes in healthy easy to digest goodness like soups, soufflés, etc, my hubby who normally stays at home to take care of the kids will be by my side catering to my every whim, lol, and assisting me with all of my recovery needs)
-Arranged my time off from work
-Set up an account on RS ;)
-Scoured this site and others for before and afters

What I have left to do:
-lose at least 10 pounds (I start a 1400 cal diet +Alli tomorrow)
-buy recovery supplies other than recliner
-pre op appointment 12/2

Oh, after reading some of your reviews I realized that those of you whose PSs included flank, hip, and waist lipo seemed to be pleased with the results. I emailed my surgery coordinator and she told me that my doctor is a "body contouring specialist" and that he includes those areas and any places he feels will aid in the final result. OMG... I am so excited!!! Can't wait to get my sexy back!!!

Ughhhh!!! Before pics :(

I really cannot believe I am posting theses on the internet. Actually, I cannot even believe I took them. Ewww :'(

Had to change my username (again)

For anyone who may have noticed... I was Dr_Egg and it kept getting changed to Egg. Then I realized I had a private message that explained only the PSs on the site could have "Dr" in their name. So, I decided to just go with CaliMom24.

I had a dream

Oh man, last night I dreamt that I had my surgery and nothing was prepared! My PS prescribes Vicodin for pain management and I have to talk to him during my preop to let him know that I can't take it because it makes me projectile vomit (learned this after my BA). In my dream I forgot to tell him this and went to take my pain meds and they were Vicodin so I didn't take them. No one was paying attention to me so I had to keep getting up to get things (blanket, meds, water) and it was just awful!

I am so glad it was just a dream! This is going to motivate me to be really really prepared!

Holiday shopping is just about done

Since I will be laid up during the holidays I had to get my shopping done early (plus half of my family is Jewish and Channuka starts the day before Thanksgiving this year). As far as the mommy makeover progress, I am in a frustrated stage. I just want it to be here already!!!! I have 42 days to go. I have been scouring the internet for any info I can find. I have watched video diaries, videos of the actual procedures, really ANYTHING I can find. I feel like I could perform a tummy tuck surgery at this point! It really is not a complex procedure. It actually makes me feel better now that I have seen exactly what is involved in the MR. I wish there were more videos, anyone have any tips on where to look? I saw 2 detailed videos and the surgeons used very different techniques.

On a more positive note, I have lost a few pounds, have been faithfully working out and feel a lot less "fluffy". I almost bought "Smooth Move" tea on Amazon for $20 but then found it at the grocery store for $4 so ya, don't buy it on Amazon!

Hope all of you out there on the "flat side" are healing well

Some good news

I hadn't really thought much about the differences between my first breast augmentation and this replacement in terms of recovery until this morning (I don't know why, it was just on my mind when I woke up). So I posted a question and then it redirected me to other people's posted questions that were similar. Looks like the recovery from the replacement is much less painful because the pocket is already there and the pain comes from stretching the muscle to make the pocket. So that is good! I am hoping to be able to be somewhat ok to participate in Christmas festivities a week later and I was pretty pessimistic about being able to but now I'm feeling a bit more optimistic!


I thought I would update my pics with the progress I have made with diet an exercise in the past 2.5 weeks. I have lost 3 pounds and toned up :) Other than that I am just trying not to obsess but failing miserably :(

oops one pic didn't post

Feeling fat :(

Today is one month until surgery day. I had been doing well with eating and exercise but then at my weigh in yesterday I was up 2 ounces. I know weight fluctuates with the menstrual cycle and blah blah blah… but to work so hard and not see the scale budge hurts. Yesterday was a planned cheat day (the first one in a month) because it was my hubby's Bday. I indulged but also worked out for an hour and a half. I went to bed feeling bloated and a little sick to my stomach. This morning I woke up determined to make it a 1200-1400 calorie day. We have out of town guests that came in for hubby's Bday. My Mother-in-law woke up and started making breakfast. I was good and sipped my peppermint tea and ate a Zone Perfect bar. But then I had to take my son shopping for new basketball shoes and my brother tagged along. Of course they wanted to go grab a bite for lunch. Bro wanted to try a new Dim Sum place. I pretty much ate my entire calorie allowance in one meal :( Why do I have to have such little self restraint? Why can't I just eat a tiny bit and be done? Why???

Our guests have all gone home now. I need to turn this day around and not let this be my giving up point. Ugh! Then I think that Thanksgiving is coming up and my plan was to just "eat sensibly". It always ends up all or nothing, either I count every calorie and restrict or I eat whatever I want. There is no in between. Sometimes I wish I was morbidly obese so I could have the Lap Band because throwing up is the absolute worst thing to me, I really would rather have a finger chopped off than throw up so I know the fear of throwing up would keep me from over filling my stomach. There was a point in time where I actually considered trying to gain weight to be eligible for the surgery. That is how desperate I get!

Less than 3 weeks away!

3 weeks from now I will already have survived my first night of recovery. I have been going through a very stressful situation and it has finally resolved. I own a rental house and the tenants stopped paying in September so we initiated an eviction process the weekend after I put my deposit down for my surgery. The Sheriff removed them from the property last Friday. Hubby went in right away and we put it up for rent again on Saturday and boom! It is rented now!!!! It was really really stressing me out. My wish was to have it resolved by the time of my surgery and it came true.

Now that my mind is a little lighter I seem to be getting less excited about the surgery. I think it is just because my anxiety is spiking a bit. It seems like time is flying by right now. I still have a lot to do before D-Day… This weekend we are traveling 5 hours to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving/Channukah extended weekend. Next Friday I have to travel for a 3 day work conference. I will come home on Sunday and plan on putting up the tree and decking the Halls for Xmas (I am Jewish hubby is Baptist so we celebrate both holidays). Then the weekend before surgery we are taking our 2 older kids on a trip to Universal Studios. Plus, I have only 7 work days to get all of my patients' paperwork prepared for the doctors that will be covering for me. It feels like I am so close but have some big things between me and my finish line. I'm hoping all of the activity will keep my mind from obsessing too much but I know by the the 17th I will be beyond pooped!

Happy Turkey Day (and Channukah for my fellow Jews)!!

Oh, I forgot...

Oh and the day before surgery my family is coming over for dinner in honor of my Mom's B-day so that means a day of cooking and baking.

Preop done, I wish I could cancel!

I went into my pre-op excited and nervous and I came out a little sad and apprehensive. First off, the appointment consisted of meeting with the financial person for payment and the nurse going over the booklet that I had already read 2x. I pretty much had all of my questions answered prior to going in thanks to you lovely ladies but I wanted to know if my belly button incision was going to be in my BB or visible around it, the nurse said it will be around it. I wanted to know if it was going to be an anesthesiologist or an RN in the OR, it will be an RN. When I informed the nurse that Vicodin makes me projectile vomit even when taken with food and Compazine she offered Tramadol?!?! Tramadol?? WTF that doesn't even help when I have PMS headaches! She just said; "I am sorry that is all we offer our patients". I was like "hold up" but she just apologized and said; "many of our patients say they just take Tyenol for pain"????!!!!! I informed her that I have "spoken to 100s of women who have had the procedure" (not really a lie, cyber stalking on RS counts as talking to, right?) and that I had never heard of anyone only taking Tylenol from the get go. She said I can talk to my Primary Care doctor to try and get something else but I have Kaiser and they wouldn't even sign my medical clearance.

The surgery center is 2 hours and 45 minutes from my house, I expressed my concern about that and she said; "most of our patients make it home ok". Not comforting at all, what about the ones that do not?

She told me that I will "probably need to bring a snack and something bubbly to drink in recovery", what the hell kind of surgery center does not even stock Ginger Ale?

On top of all that, I stepped on the scale (fully clothed but still) and my weight was exactly what it was at my consult!!!! I did not pig out during Thanksgiving, I really did not. I did miss 2 days at the gym because I was out of town but I went for 2 long walks and continued to do my core training.

I was supposed to do my blood draw but I am fighting a cold at the moment so I did not.

Right now I feel like I would cancel if I could do so without any penalty. :''''(

Found some left over Percoset

I was given Percoset for my C section (2.5 years ago) and jaw surgery about 6 months ago and just found the bottles! I took about half of them for the CSec but only like 2 from the Jaw surgery so I am thinking I will just take those if need be. I am not sure the ones from my C Section are still good as I cannot read the "discard after" date on the bottle but I would say I have at least 20 total. Not real thrilled with taking meds that were not prescribed for this surgery but at least I will know that they are there if I need them. I am still annoyed with the pre op though and the inflexibility of the PS office's policy. I felt like I was an addict trying to get them to write a script so I could get high, seriously!

Small update

I forgot to mention the one good thing that happened at my pre op… I referred my dad to have a consult for a face lift and was mailed a coupon for $1000 off of a procedure. I presented it and they took $500 off (so it is now $12500). I had already received a $500 discount for booking the same day as my consult.

omg omg omg they cancelled me :''''''(

I emailed my (very sweet) surgery coordinator to express my concerns (no pain meds…nurse anesthesiologist…thefact that my doctor was not in pre-op, and heard nothing in reply. The nurse that did my pre-op said she would get back to me about a nausea pill that was strong enough to combat my projectile vommiting reaction to vicodin, but no response despite my calls in. Then I get a phone call saying "I'm sorry it does not seem like we will be able to make you happy so we will not be able to do your surgery"! I have been freaking out calling other plastic surgeons and everyone is booked. I am beyond devistated.

Still feeling very let down but moving on...

I have been working like crazy calling all of the doctors that are local and grilling them. There are only about 4 local and of them only really 2 with a good reputation. Had a consult today with one, Dr. Chin. He was very thorough and spent over an hour with me. Then came the price… $17, 800!!!!

Then I decided to call the doctor who did my rhinoplasty revision, same company that did my BA just to see what their prices were like. That office is about 3.5 hours from my house but it is in a town where most of my family lives so I would stay with my Grandma (which I did for my previous surgeries). Because I was a return customer they already had a lot of my info and offered me a discount. I decided to go with Dr. Hodnett. He is very good. The total cost will be $11,300. Much better than going local and it actually might be a good thing I won't be at home because I won't have to worry about my dogs/kids jumping on me. My hubby said it will be no problem to bring my chair down to my Grandma's :)

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry I have been MIA, I have been sulking.

Been reading bad reviews...

So, yes… Dr Hodnett fixed my nose and I was happy with that (it was a revision after another doctor messed it up). But I have been reading bad reviews about him for breast work. It makes me really uneasy. I am going to call tomorrow and tell them I want a different doctor. Man… maybe I am not supposed to do this?

Ok, another change of plans...

This time I did my research and made a list of doctors with good reviews and info out there on the web in my hometown of Thousand Oaks. I called a bunch of them today and was really impressed with one particular office, Dr. Kryger. Actually there are 2, they are brothers and the operate together so I will be out less time. For a little more, their Mommy Makeovers include more lipo suction (in bra roll, love handle, and inner/outer thighs, as well as silicone implants). My new surgery date is 12/30. I am hoping it won't change again. One weird thing, since I will be traveling for my surgery, I am going to have a consultation/pre-op via Face Time on Monday with both doctors. My instructions were to wear a robe with nothing underneath. Plus I have to send pics. My hubby initially wanted me to get silicone but locally they were $3K more than saline so I was just going to stick with saline. But now I can go silicone and I am not sure which I want (neither is DH because he likes the "fake" look and he has seen pics of silicone and they look "to real").

Had my pre op today

Well, this pre op was better than my last. It was via Face Time. I do wish I was able to meet my doctor(s) in person but I was impressed none the less. The one I met was Zol, he will be doing my BA while his brother (Gil) starts my TT. He said they are going to have to be conservative on my bra roll because it can compromise the blood flow to my TT, which I knew already, I just hope I can see a difference. It sounds like they will be able to be more aggressive with the lipo on my thighs and love handles. I am feeling much better about this doctor than any of the prior ones I have met with or even considered. Everything I had researched he mentioned (like that there is no scientific evidence that wearing a compression garment past the first 3 days does anything for the end result). He said they can make my scar however I want! I was a little bit surprised by that. My instructions were to wear a bathing suit bottom or panties that I want to hide the scar. The only thing that made me feel bad was his parting words, that basically the more weight I can lose in the 13 days prior to my surgery, the better. :/ Um, hello, it is the holidays and I am the designated baker. I think I may staple my lips closed. Oh wait, I make a living talking to my patients… guess I need a new plan. I think we have a different party at work every day leading up to xmas, I have out of town guests starting next Saturday… how can I possibly lose weight?! Ugh… I wish I could just sleep until the 30th.

Losing more weight… um, not happening :(

Merry Xmas RS gals! I was dreading this. I definitely over indulged today and last night. I feel so puffy right now it is not even funny. My mother-in-law packed a left overs lunch for me for tomorrow. After tomorrow I am going to stick to low fat, low sodium until Monday. I have 2 days of work left and the weekend to prepare before my surgery on Monday. It feels so close but so far away at the same time. I keep thinking something is going to happen to make me not able to proceed (probably because of my traumatic experience with my 1st PS).

I have been looking at scars and I think I want a V or U shape. I am not sure why but I really like the way the Vs look. My PS said he will do it any way I want. He also wants me to wear panties that I will want to cover my scar. Made a little trip to VS this past weekend to buy some.

I have 4 days and a wake up!


I got a prescription for Valium (2 10 mg pills) for pre surgery anxiety. I was soooooo… anxious all day at work today and was talking to one of my colleagues about it and she suggested I take 1/2 of a pill tonight so I took 1/2 a pill when I got home and it worked like a charm. I think I will take the other half on Saturday and a whole on Sunday. I am in this weird stage where it feels unreal. I have thoughts questioning whether I should really be doing this, if I am too fat for it, if something is going to go wrong and I will be in pain for a long time and unable to care for my kids or do my job… I have read many postings on RS and know this is all part of the journey. One of my colleagues suggested I do at least 24 hours of smoothies prior to surgery so I think I will attempt that on Sunday.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I actually will be going back to work in a different location after my surgery so it is my last day working with the patients I currently work with and the treatment team I currently work with. That is also adding to my anxiety but at least I do not have to explain too much about my change in appearance since it will be all new. It will be an easy but sad day tomorrow and then I have Saturday and Sunday to prep. Here is my to do list:
Friday: finish transferring files to the doctors that will be taking over my patients, turn in my paperwork to personnel for my medical leave, and move my stuff to my new office.
Saturday: Start packing and shave… everything!
Sunday: Finish packing, get pedicure, load the car.
Monday: SURGERY!!!! OMG!!!!!

oh ya...

And Saturday I will be going to the gym for my last prep workout and putting my membership on freeze.

Only 2 more days….

Two days from now I will be on my way to my surgery. It really does not seem real. I was able to sleep last night (with no Valium) but woke up at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep. As soon as my eyes opened I thought "OMG, only one more day waking up to a normal day and then it will be surgery day". I'm trying to focus on the good stuff like, not having to go back to work for 4 weeks! But negativity keeps popping in. It doesn't help that my Grandmother (who I will be staying with) keeps calling me and saying "are you sure you want to do this?" and "you are crazy" and "are they just having to do lipo because you didn't lose much weight"… all such helpful stuff, huh? I will be eating/drinking nothing but smoothies until my surgery to get my bowels ready, not excited about this. I am nervous about shaving today too. I tend to cut myself, a lot and get severe razor burn.

Please let these next 2 days fly by!

Some pics from today, 2 days pre op


Why am I not as anxious as I was the past few days? Weird!

Oddly enough, I am feeling pretty calm today. I still do not feel like it is real. I'm packed and ready to go. I am scheduled to be at the doctor's office at 11. I have a 4 hour drive so we will be leaving bright and early… I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS TOMORROW!!!!!!

Oh and thanks for the well wishes ladies, you guys rock!

Here we go!

I slept pretty well last night, woke up a bit earlier than I needed to but hey, now I am all ready to go and have time to check in on here. My tummy is not very happy. I am not sure if it is the diet I have been following in the past couple days or nerves, or both but I hope whatever needs to come out comes out before we hit the road.

Well lovely ladies, I will see you all on the flat side!

Flat and loopy side!

Made it! So sly

Oops, lol

I am starting to be able to keep my eyes focused somewhat. The drive to the surgery center was good. Got there at about 10:45 and immediately went in to change and get marked up. The doctor was very focused and made me feel very confident I was/am in good hands.

IV went well, vitals were good. They were running about 20 minutes behind so they gave me a little "cocktail" for the wait. I'd say the worst part of the whole pre op was getting painted up in OR standing, I couldn't stop shivering. Then I laid down and the (very personable anesthesiologist put O2 mask on and told me to think about being on a warm beach, that is the last thing I remember.

Woke up feeling groggy and a bit nauseous and in a bit of pain. They took care of that right away :)The ride home (to Grandma's) I do not remember. Since then it has just been a battle to keep my eyes open and focus them. I have been up to the bathroom once and did some small laps. Had to empty drains already. I am about to embark on another bathroom trip. Pain is about a 6/10, mostly tight. No nausea but taking Zofran.

Thoughts so far: I am worried about boobs. They only went up 100CCs and I wanted a full cup size bigger. He said he made the determination based on my anatomy. I just hope I can tell the difference. The main reason I had the exchange was to go up in size. I have heard silicone actually runs smaller than Saline so that is extra concerning.

Pain is about as expected. No pain from breasts AT ALL, and he told me as much because it was an exchange and not initial BA.

I will end on a positive… they removed 10 lbs of skin and fat!!!! Woohoo! So if I lose another 10 before going back to work I will be where I was before my last pregnancy!!!

Some pics

It is now 3:20 am and I feel like I am doing well. I do not have a pain pump and did not have long acting numbing medication. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I am one of those few who (whom ?) this is easy for and not one of the ones who feels like they were hit by a truck come day 2-3. I am taking one 5-325 Percoset every 4 hours with food in my stomach. I only took the Zofran once and figure I will take it if I need it but it can also increase constipation so if I don't need it great.

What has been helpful:
1) not my husband! He has been sound asleep on the couch next to me since 8. I figure I will wake him if I really need him.
2) drinking a lot of water- not only do I feel like it is flushing the anesthesia out of my system, it makes me have to get up to pee and walk about every 1.5 hours.
3) toilet seat riser- I do not know how I would do it without it!
4) walker- so glad I have it
5) my dear sweet Grandma, (sleeping in her bed), she gets whatever I ask for before I even ask and has more empathy than anyone on the planet. Her easy to digest food stuffs are perfect.
6) bendy straws, cannot forget the bendy straws
7) and last but not least, my electric recliner- if you can afford one… get one!!! I definitely would not be able to get up and down by myself without it.


I took a shower mostly because every time I went to the bathroom it got on my garment and made me feel yucky, plus there was a lot of lipo oozing on the garments. Now they are clean and I am feeling fresh but tired and in a bit more pain. That coincided with me spacing out my Percoset from one pill every 4 hours to one every 5. My tummy is also feeling a little full, like I will need to have a BM soon or it will get worse and worse. My Grandma is making some Smooth Moves tea for me as I type this. I haven't been eating all that much or feeling hungry at all, I just make sure to have something in my tummy before my pills. My head and throat are hurting a bit too, throat probably from the tube and head possibly from lack of caffeine.

I got a peek of my BB and incision and they look ok. The BB has a crease below it and bled a bit when I removed the gauze (as directed). I am sure the crease will go away. My hubby and Grandma both think my boobs look bigger, so that is good. I haven't slept for more than 1 hour at a time yet. It seems like every time I fall asleep I have to pee.


Here are some pics.

Off narcotics

I am doing well. I switched to Ibuprofen today because I have not had a BM and would like to get things moving. Plus, I am having very little pain. I wasn't sure if the very little pain was because I was staying on top of the pain pills or because there is very little pain so I had to experiment. I called the doctor (forgot it was New Years Day) but he picked up the phone and I asked how much IB to take. He said 600 mg 3 times a day. So, my last Percoset was at about 4:00 am and it is now 2:20. If anything it seems the IB is working better on my muscle pain.

My drainage has decreased some and has gone from very red to purple (yesterday) to pink and straw colored today. I am up walking a lot. I am noticeably straighter today with less tension in my abdomen when standing. My back hurt very badly this morning but it is not so bad now.

The worst part at this point is the binder and feeling like it is squeezing me to where I cannot take deep breaths. And the not pooping, that and the associated feeling of bowel fullness are not pleasant. I do not want to paint a picture that I am all healed and back to normal life, I go from my recliner to the bathroom, to laps with my walker, to napping, and start the whole routine all over again. I get very tired very quickly but I rest comfortably (aside from the binder).

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and that this new year brings us all good changes :)

Early day 3

I slept longer last night than I have since surgery. I fully credit this to being off of the pain pills. I woke about 4:30 with bowel feelings so I decided to get up and loosen my binder (which by the way I previously reported to be 2 but it is one piece) and make some smooth moves tea (sipping now). I took a few pics. My belly is so hard. It doesn't look flat which concerns me a little as I have seen many of you with flat bellies from the get go. I keep telling myself that it is because so much was removed (10 pounds) and that flatness will come.

If my tea does not produce a BM today I will be sending dear Grandma out for some MOM later. DH had to return home to care for the twins. He may come back tonight or tomorrow. I would like to return home as soon as I feel I can make the 3.5 hour trip, Grandma's is great but it's not my house.

Potty dance!

Just a quick update, I had Grandma go get me some Milk of Magnesia today because the tea and colace have not been doing the trick. About 20 minutes later (did not take full dose) I had a small success and then went to nap. Woke from nap with tummy grumbling (no cramping). Walked a couple laps and had great success in the bathroom with no pain or straining! I must admit, I was pretty scared of this milestone as I have a history with bowel impaction.

After my potty dance I took a shower and washed my hair. It was quite an ordeal but I think it was harder on Grandma than on me. I did not get a pic but my tummy looks good. My boobs look no bigger than before. Still trying to be positive about it. With my old implants I had the problem of seeing my breast tissue separate from the implant, I'm not sure if they were bottoming out or what. With the silicone I should not have that problem. Still a little annoyed they aren't bigger though. They are very soft.

Feeling really good on day 4

I slept well, pooped again, am standing straighter, and look flatter. What more could I ask for? (Well, bigger boobs but who wants to be greedy?) One thing that is concerning me a tiny bit is that I feel dizzy pretty much all the time, no matter if I am sitting, walking, or what. I am now just taking 400 mg IB w/ breakfast, lunch, and dinner so it is not the meds. Anyone else have dizziness?

I am draining a lot less. I keep stripping the tubes thinking something must be stuck but no. In the past 24 hours it was only about 40 ML out of each. I supposed that is still quite a bit but very different than the first 2 days (about 150 out of each).

My belly button is kind of hidden. I am thinking it will be more belly button like when the swelling goes down. The crease under the button is almost all gone (no more butt, yay). Haven't investigated the incision much yet, I will leave that excitement for my post op I think. My first post op is not until my drains put out less than 25ML each for 24 hours x2, unless I am having a problem.

Oops, forgot my other pic


Back pain oy!

I woke up this morning with terrible back pain, probably from doing so much yesterday. I called my PS who said that I should not hunch and that my hunching and using the walker is probably what is causing the pain. It made sense so, I am not going to try and be as straight as possible. He said not to be afraid of the pulling feeling on my incision. Hmmm… who knew? It seems different doctors have different instructions. He also said that if I need to that I should take my pain meds or 800 mg of Ibuprofen and 1000mg of Tylenol. Idk, that just seems like a lot to me. So, as the stubborn B that I am, I am going to stick it out. He also said to alternate heat and ice on my back, which I am now doing. It does feel better. I know many PSs prescribe muscle relaxers, I wonder why mine does not? I did not ask him for any and honestly would rather go with less meds than more but I was surprised he did not just prescribe them when I called today.

Took another shower today (yay)! That garment sure gets gross and makes me feel gross. In hindsight I should have purchased 2, one to wear while the other is washing. I ordered a stage 2 garment that I will post a pic of. I had one like this post C section and it was amazing!!! I plan on moving to that and spanks like bottoms for my thighs after my drains are removed. Speaking of my drains, they are more likely than not going to be removed on Monday since the output has been under 30 now for 2 days. They do not bother me so much but it will be nice to be rid of them, they gross my husband out and I know my kids would not like to see them.

My husband again made the 3.5 hour drive to my Grandma's house with the plan being that my Grandma and I would return with him to our house and I would just come back when I need to get my drains removed. But… after learning that my drains will likely come out on Monday, I decided to send him home alone. I have a tentative appointment at 4:30 Monday so he will likely come get me Tuesday.

Anyways, here are some more pics. I am delighted that I seem to have no more stretch marks. I do not seem to be very flat at all and hope that is a whole lot of swelling. I will work on some before after boob collages but I deleted the bare boob ones from my phone so I have to play with it.

figured out pics

Boobs are definitely bigger! Yahooo!

Day 6 post op

The back pain is much better today so my brilliant PS was right, it was me keeping myself hunched that was doing it. I actually went to a little party last night. I thought I'd have a really tough time but it ended up going really well. I got home and was not exhausted as I anticipated I would be. I felt pretty darn normal.

I did not sleep on my recliner last night. Since the guest bed here at Grandma's is very hard, I opted for the couch where I rather comfortably slept on my side :) My lipo sites started itching really badly during the night. I scratched very lightly. My drain sites have really been bothering me since putting on my CG after my shower yesterday. I spent the day trying to readjust the tubing but nothing seems to help. It feels like pulling. I will be happy to be rid of the drains tomorrow, they didn't bother me until yesterday though.

This morning I woke up and am standing almost 100% straight. Aside from the lipo and drain sites hurting, I'm all good. The dizziness is still there a tad bit but it has also lessened.

Day 7, So long drains!

Since my drains have been putting out negligible amounts for the past 4 days, I had my drains removed today. I was a bit anxious as it seems some people say it is nothing and others report it to be awful. But it was a piece of cake! I finally got to meet the other Dr. Kryger (Gil), he met me while I was under but I had yet to meet him and was wondering if I was going to get to. He seems to be a little more personable and friendly than his very serious brother but I am very pleased with both of them. Any ways, back to the drains, Dr. Kryger told me it would not hurt. The first one came out before I even knew it was coming out. With the second there was a bit of suction all along the way and a tiny bit of discomfort but nothing to be afraid of, for sure.

I am feeling great still and am loving what I see in the mirror more and more each day. I will take pics tomorrow at shower time but my BB is looking more like a BB and everything is coming along better than I could have dreamed! I am a tiny bit more tired today than yesterday but nothing drastic. Boy does it feel good to be rid of those drains!

Day 8 and some shopping

I went to the mall today and was pleased to discover I am now a 36 DD :) I went up the exact amount I requested. I am also pleased to announce that I am down a size from pre surgery and know I am still swollen in the hips, belly, and thighs so pretty soon I will be able to wear all of my pre pregnancy clothes! I bought my very first pair of skinny jeans and short sweater. Before everything was tight in the middle and way baggy in the leg and no way would I wear a top that didn't cover my stomach. Bathing suit shopping this year is going to be a blast!!!!!

I slept well last night (possibly because I took some IB before bed) and woke up feeling good and full of energy. My life is back to normal now for all intents and purposes (minus the gym and lifting things, of course). My lipo sites continue to be very tender and are still purple, swelling seems to be going down each day.

Day 9 update

Day 9, yesterday I made the 3.5 hour trip from my Grandma's recovery house to my house. The drive was harder than I imagined with how well I had been feeling. I arrived at home to my 4 kids and 3 dogs who were all eager to greet me. While it was nice to see them it was hard because they all want to be all over me. I feel like I need body armor! I found myself needing to rest for the majority of the day.

I am pretty sure the reason I recovered so quickly is because I did not have to worry about anything in the week post op. I had my wonderful Grandmother taking care of my every need with no kids or playful dogs to tend to. I was able to put my full concentration into my recovery. Like my wonderful PS said last night when he called to check on me (which by the way he has done several times); the need for me to change plastic surgeons from one in my town to elsewhere was a blessing in disguise. Not only because I got amazing doctors out of it but also leaving home for a solid week of hard core R&R&R rest, relaxation, and recovery was very valuable.

Oh, I slept in my own bed last night! It was nice but more painful than sleeping in my chair.

Day 10, hematoma :(

Woke up feeling great, put on real clothes and set out with hubby for some errands with our 2 1/2 year old twins. I was careful not to lift them but I was probably using my arm/chest muscles more than I should have been (and my abdominal muscles for that matter). On the way home from the mall I noticed one boob looked bigger. Within a minute my rt breast was very swollen and it felt like all of the muscles around it had contracted. I immediately called my PS who told me to go to the ER. During that call I lost consciousness. The pain was worse than any I had ever experienced. I came to when we reached the ER and I ran in screaming for help. I could barely see as everything was white, I do remember the waiting room was very packed and there was a big line of people waiting to be triaged that I completely bypassed. The next thing I knew, there were people all around me, I had an IV, someone kept asking my name, my clothes had been cut off of me, and I was fading in and out of consciousness. That was, perhaps the scariest experience I have ever endured! My blood pressure kept on getting really low, not sure exactly what the reason for that was. They quickly pushed 2 bags of fluid into my veins and took an EKG. My vital signs stabilized but my BP stayed around 90/55.

The attending physician looked at me and said he had no idea what was going on. My wonderful PS had already been in touch with a local PS (again because I am home now and 3.5 hours from my surgeon) that he knew. My PS spoke to the attending as well and arranged for this local PS to come and evaluate me. My PS told me that it was likely a bleed (hematoma) and that everything should be ok.

They gave me morphine and zofran and I was able to relax a bit. The pain was still up at about a 5-6/10 but I did not like the feeling of the morphine so I told the nurse not to give me any more than my initial dose. Truthfully, I was terrified of throwing up because of my abdominal muscles. I sneezed yesterday for the first time and I was doubled over in pain.

The local PS had one more surgery to perform before he could come to me so I waited in the ER from 12:45 until 6 when he arrived and confirmed it was most likely a hematoma and I needed surgery to drain it and fix the bleed. He was such a sweet man (Dr. Hon) and stayed with my husband and I the entire time from his arrival until the OR and anesthesiologist was ready for me, even helping wheel my gurney to the OR.

I was put out for the surgery which consisted of my incision being reopened, implant being removed (and washed off), the bleed being located and cauterized, the implant being replaced, a drain being put in and the incision being sewn up again. I woke up in significant pain which they medicated. I was discharged around 9:45.

The night went ok, I slept in bed propped up and did not even try to change positions throughout the night. Woke up in significant pain early this morning so I took a pain pill. I am still kind of spinning from the whole experience but am so thankful to my PS who I felt was there for me every step of the way dispute being out of town and for my wonderful family who was able to step in and take my kids.

Day 11 and 12

Day 11, and one day post 2nd surgery was a rough one. Taking my pain pill only amplified the nausea and dizziness I was feeling so I only took one and switched to Tylenol which barely muted the pain. I knew it would get better and that I was through the worst of it as the anesthesia was working it's way out of my system. I spent the day resting and trying to distract myself from feeling crummy.

Day 12- today I woke up with significant pain but very little dizziness and no nausea. I have been taking Tylenol throughout the day but think I am going to try and only take it at bed time tomorrow (I really do not like taking meds). It only hurts under my right breast/armpit area now. I have much more mobility of my right arm which I think was just recovering from the muscles contracting for so long in reaction to the pain in my breast. I was able to get dressed and take a half shower (can't get upper half wet until after drain removal) by myself. My devoted husband has been hovering and seems afraid I am going to hurt myself should I do anything. To be honest, I am a little afraid of that too. I have been trying not to lift anything (even a cup of water) with my right hand as it hurts when those muscles engage and I just imagine blood rushing in and that horrific pain associated with my hematoma. So, I will baby myself and accept being babied by my family, for now.

2 weeks Tape removal

I rested pretty much the whole day yesterday in preparation for my babies to come home (2 1/2 year old twins). It was as if the second they walked in the door all of the nerves in my abdomen and breasts stood on end and started to scream. The sports bra I was wearing kept riding up and rubbing on my fresh incision and it drove me crazy. I made a decision to ditch the bra and put on this shaper tank thing that I have in 3 colors, much better. I got plenty of cuddles in with my girls but the whole time I had it in the back of my mind that I could get hurt very easily, not cool.

I tried to only take Tylenol at bed time but needed it in the afternoon. The night was painful but may have been because I could not lay on my back so I switched back and forth from side to tender side. And the babies woke up 2x screaming in the middle of the night. Ever since yesterday afternoon I have been having these like cramping sensations, almost like a charlie horse in my upper abdomen, not sure what that is about?

My mission for the day, at the 2 week mark was to remove the tape on my abdominal incision… It was pretty easy. I really need a new mirror situation in my bathroom because it is difficult to see but looks pretty good. I seem to either still be more swollen on the left side or it is just uneven but with panties and or clothes on it is not noticeable so I'm not stressing on it. Here are some pics.

New comparison pics

Just some comparison pics.

Day 15- Breast drain removal

I have not been sleeping very well. Sleeping on my back makes my back hurt, sleeping on my sides makes my lipo sites on my hips and thighs hurt (feels like laying on bricks), and for the past 2 days my nerves have been driving me crazy! Everything that touches my skin send shooting pain throughout my body and feels totally yucky. So, I find myself feeling very tired and run down.

Went for my 1st post op after my surgery for my breast hematoma (1/9/13) and the PS said everything looks good. He took my drain out. Hurt a bit more than the abdominal ones but still not too bad. Man am I glad to be rid of that thing. It bothered me more than my 2 original drains, I think it is because when I got the other drains out it was like "yes, I am free!!!" and then to have one again was like a regression. I think regression is the name of the game right now. I feel much weaker, more tired, more sore, more everything today on day 15 than I did on day 5 :(

On another note, I put the silicone scar strip on my abdominal incision for the first time today and have had no problems with it. I was a tiny bit nervous about it because it advises that if you have sensitive skin you may have a reaction and might only be able to wear it for a few hours. I have very sensitive skin and an adhesive allergy and have had no issues.

Day 16, feeling better

I slept pretty well last night and woke up feeling almost human. I had made an appointment for today with my hair stylist before my 2nd surgery and it can be tough to get in with her so I really wanted to make it to the appointment. I did and it was pretty fine. I got really dizzy a couple of times and am exhausted now but my hair looks cute and I'm glad I did it.

I weighed myself last week and was only down like 5 pounds since pre op. Weighed again today and am down another 7!! The swelling issue must be a factor but honestly, I cannot tell when I am swollen and when I am not. I REALLY need to get a new mirror situation in my bathroom because it is really hard to really see everything I need to see. I am down from a size 14 to a 10-12. I am vary happy with where I am now. If it gets better, great but if not, once I can get back to the gym so I can get back some firmness in my arms and butt I will be over the moon. My hubby said; "it's like you are a whole new person" yesterday, he is not one to throw out compliments so that comment alone made any suffering I have endured, totally worth it. I have a feeling I am going to sleep well again tonight as I have been up and on the go more than I have been since before my 2nd surgery :)

Day 17 turning a corner

Sleeping last night was significantly more comfortable. I did not have nearly as much soreness in my lipo spots and changing positions was considerably easier. My abdomen feels 95% normal. The only thing I really feel is the incision a bit or ab muscles feel no worse than day after working abs pretty hard. The only thing that hurts more than just minimally is my rt breast, the former "Monster Boob". The incision area, especially where the drain was hurts still. But much less than previously. I am no longer taking any Tylenol or anything. Now I am working on getting my energy back up. I go back to work a week from today and that is the thing that most concerns me. I get so tired so quickly. I do not know how much to push myself at this point?

Day 18

I was up a lot more today and am not passed out yet so that is a good thing. I went for another follow up on my hematoma and had a stitch removed. The PS said all looks good and I don't have to go back and see him unless I feel I need to.

I have not had a period or vaginal bleeding in a over a year (due to my IUD) and today I have been having some light bleeding, not sure if that has something to do with the surgery messing with my hormones or what? I have read some reviews that talk about women's periods coming sooner and heavier after surgery so I'm not too worried. One of the reasons I am on the IUD is because I tend to become anemic with my periods so, I guess I am going to have to make an appointment with my primary care doctor to keep an eye on that since my PS thinks I may be anemic anyways with the hematoma.

I am experiencing a sort of disconnect between my mind and body right now. I feel like regular old me and then I pass by a mirror or see my reflection in glass and I have to take a double take!

Day 19

Every night sleeping is getting more comfortable. This morning I woke up and had some errands to run so got up and showered. My scar is already looking better since I started my silicone treatment, I would have snapped a pic but did not have my phone. I realized after I showered that I did not have any clean garments so I put them in the wash and went without any support to do my errands! I felt a little naked but not like I was going to fall apart or anything. I picked up 2 more spanx garments at Kohls while I was out. I also tried on some bikinis (at Target)! They looked pretty good but I did not buy one because there weren't any I loved. I will wait until they come out in all the stores so I can find some I really love. My energy seems to be a bit higher today as well. Every day keeps on getting better but I am still worried about work. Since I start back on Thursday I will not be working my normal, strenuous job for my 1st week back. I will be in annual training in a classroom for 2 days and then I have another 3 days off before I am supposed to go back full swing. If, by that point I do not think I can make it for 13 hours I will call my PS and see about getting some sort of modified work schedule accommodation.

day 20 updated pics

Feeling good, energy continues to improve, reflection in the mirror continues to improve, clothes fit increasingly looser, scars are looking better every day… what more can a girl ask for? :)

It is weird still though, after the birth of my twins (since the belly flap started) I went into hiding. Prior to that I used to enjoy getting looks out on the street, having guys flirt with me, etc, but since that last pregnancy I just didn't feel the same. I lost all of my pregnancy weight within the 1st 2 months post partum but none of my clothes fit well. So, then I gained weigh and just stopped caring about how I looked. I lived in stretchy clothes because nothing fit well. When out I ALWAYS wore a sweater and I avoided eye contact with people. What I saw in the mirror just wasn't me so I feel like I lost myself in some regards. This surgery has reacquainted me with me, if that makes sense? I am enjoying getting dressed, having my husband look at me, having guys take second looks at me, etc, but I am still in an in-between stage in my head. Going back to work is going to be a major head trip. I got transferred shortly after I had my twins but there are a few people at my new location who knew the "me" before the twins but most everyone there only knows the "me" that was in hiding. I am also going to be working in a different unit when I return with all new coworkers and patients, so they will only know this version of me (kind of nice). But I will still see my old co workers at meetings and such. So, I need to figure out how to just be the new me completely :)

Oops, more pics

did it again

Dang it… I keep hitting "save changes" instead of "add another photo" :/

3 weeks

Maybe TMI but a milestone...I have been trying to keep my hubby's hands off of me for the past week but had a little Sake and I gave in. I did everything I could to stay still and he was not on top of me. There was no pain (but also not much enjoyment because I was just basically concentrating on not being jostled).

On another note, I am finding myself reading other people's reviews who are getting close to surgery day and feeling a little sad wishing I was back at that stage… despite my hematoma scare this was such an exciting and enjoyable journey that I will forever remember fondly. Not just because of the body transformation… I got to spend some real quality time with my Grandma who I do not see nearly enough, I have had time to allow myself to be pampered and just relax without always thinking about what the next thing I am going to do is (living in the moment), and I have reconnected with my husband on an emotional level. I would go through it all again in a heartbeat!

Back to work

I started back to work 3 days ago. I was supposed to have short days of training for 2 days and then a 3 day weekend but the training was cancelled and I had to go in to my regular job. The first day was a little overwhelming. I have a half mile walk in carrying a bag that weighs about 15 pounds. The worst part was carrying the bag. I felt like all of my internal sutures were being pulled. I had quite a bit of walking (with my bag). By the end of the day my back hurt, my incisions felt like they were fresh, and I was exhausted. The next day I felt pretty good during the day (aside from the pulling pain when I carried my bag around) but then I got home and it hit me. I was, and still am more swollen than I have ever been and have felt a heavy, full, mildly painful sensation in my lower abdomen since last night. It feels like period cramps but I don't have periods.

I am going to try and just relax this weekend but that is easier said than done with 4 kids :( I would look into getting a modified work schedule for now but the problem is I have a 3 hour commute, work 10 hour days, and work in a prison that requires a lot of walking. Whatever I need during the day (water, paperwork, food, etc) I need to have on my person. I ride in a vanpool that has set times based on mine and my coworkers' work schedules (0700-1700). If I got a modification that said I can only work half days, I cannot ride in the van which means I have to drive myself which is hard in and of itself. There is not way around me carrying my bag, I mean what can I do? Go without any water, food, or my paperwork? Ughhh… I'm stuck. On a good note though, energy wise I was fine all day yesterday (until I got home) and was able to fully do my job working with murderers and rapists.

Week 4

My belly button seems to be looking more like a belly button and the little crease below it has healed. I spent the weekend resting in hopes that my swelling would go down and it has. I am planning on wearing more support during work, at least when I am up and walking long distances.

Here are some pics of the bb progression.

Week 5

All is good :) My energy is back, and everything feels pretty good. The only thing I can say that feels at all uncomfortable during my normal routine is any time something hits my incision areas on my hips. It's not too bad just a little sensitive.

I am getting lots of positive feedback from my friends and acquaintances. People at work were blown away. I am not shy, and here in Cali I think it is a little more socially acceptable to have work done so pretty much everyone that knows me knows what I had done. I have given out my doctor's name and number to 5 people!

The biggest change I think is in my head. For a few years now I have felt invisible. I used to be proud of my body and enjoyed getting attention from the opposite sex. But in the past few years I felt like a blob and I wore clothes that would help me hide. Now I walk with my head high and am once again enjoying the looks I get and even just looking people in the eye as they pass and flashing a smile. I know my body is not perfect but it is sexy and curvy in all the right places. My BFF said; "you look like Jessica Rabbit" when she saw me naked. I will take it!

Long over due update! 2.5 months post

Hello RS! I have been so busy living life I have been neglecting you. I feel normal! My mind has finally caught up with my body, I have adjusted to being "hot" again! I still have numbness around by bb and above/below my abdominal incision. But, it is not bothering me at this time. I am able to do my normal gym routine with no problem. I am even still losing weight and inches without trying. The only area I am unhappy with is the bra roll area. I knew that they were not going to be able to be very aggressive with that area due to it compromising blood flow to other areas but it seems to be lumpier than before, like it was not even or something. I am hoping losing an extra 10 pounds will help this area. Also, I am not sure if it is my imagination or not but it seems like I have gained stretch marks post surgery, like from skin stretching. I will work on pics later today and do a comparison.

Something I am still getting used to, I don't really have hips any more. I have to wear a belt with an alarm and keys and stuff for my prison work and my hips used to keep the belt in place without it having to be tight as I wear it on top of all my clothes. Now it kind of slides down so I have to wear it tight. I guess I would like to have a little more of a waist but I suppose that was not an option for my body as my PS said that he pulled me really tight around the waist.

I have no regrets. I would do this surgery again in a second. I feel a freedom and sort of womanly power I have not felt in years!

2.5 month pics

Here are updated pics
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon

Down here in Southern CA there are tons of very qualified, very well publicized, and very fair priced plastic surgeons. After narrowing it down to 3 (very qualified) surgeons I ended up going with Dr (s) Kryger (brothers) because I really like the fact that they work together as a team which means less time under anesthesia. Dr. Kryger (Zol) is very professional, driven, serious, and up on the latest research and practices. Given that he is of this nature, his bedside manner suffers a bit (i.e. he is all business). When he looked at me I think I could hear the wheels turning and measurements being calculated in his mind. While his intense focus leaves something to be desired in the warm and fuzzy department, I felt 100% confident in his skill and ability levels based on the questions he asked, the explanations he gave, and the method to his process. On a side note, his brother, while I only briefly got to meet him, seems to have more of an outgoing personality (sorry I am a psychologist, I cannot help but to analyze them). One of the things that concerned me a tad bit was the fact that it seems they do a lot of reconstructive work in addition to cosmetic. I had no doubt they were very skilled surgeons but I wondered if they were as good at the aesthetics of things. But I no longer have this doubt. I am beyond thrilled with my result. The doctors, and my experience exceeded all expectations I had!!! I would recommend them to anyone considering surgery in the Southern CA region. Since I was an out of town patient my experience was a bit untraditional, for example, I had my consult and pre op via Face Time and did not have the opportunity to meet my doctor(s) in person until surgery day. They fully accommodated my schedule and the limitations associated with my geographical distance from them. Dr(s) Kryger… you rock and I intend to shout it from the (virtual) mountain tops! Thank you so much for the hard work you put in on this mother of 4's run down body!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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