30 Year Old with 4 Children - Fresno, CA

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I am 5'1" and weigh 116 pounds. My bra size is AA...

I am 5'1" and weigh 116 pounds. My bra size is AA and I am considering 325 silicone implants I would like to be a full C cup. I can not wait to finally get my flat tummy back!
My friend had silicone breast implants done with Dr. Knoetgen. She is in love with her breast and adores Dr. Knoetgen. He is wonderful and so is his staff.

One year later.....and regret my choice

I want to start out first by saying anyone I have ever encountered at Beautologie has been very pleasant. They have never been rude to me so far, BUT.......I had my tummy tuck and breast implants and regret it. I have been left with such a long scar that measures half my waist 15 1/2" (total waist measurement 32"). I am very petite and only had lose skin between my hip bones. I was told my scar was going to be from hip bone to hip bone which is 9" apart. A plastic surgeon should NEVER DRAW A LINE SO LONG RIGHT BEFORE SURGERY ACROSS YOUR WAIST AND SAY "IT IS JUST IN CASE" which he did and I questioned. I have watched surgeons draw a smaller line across patients who are bigger than me, and they have stayed within that line.
I was told my umbilical hernia was going to be repaired. THE #1REASON I DECIDED TO GET A TUMMY TUCK WHEN I DID WAS DUE TO ME HAVING HERNIA AND NOT HAVING HEALTH INSURANCE. If I was told that his way of "fixing" my umbilical hernia was to put 3 stitches on it, I WOULD HAVE NEVER DECIDED FOR HIM TO PERFORM MY TUMMY TUCK. He was the 3rd Consultation I had and was given this great price during that time, but I had to book right then in there to get the price. So I jumped on it which is THE BIGGEST REGRET OF MY LIFE!! I'm going to have to pay for another surgeon to repair my breast and TT, which will end up costing me so much more. I saw all his photos and read all the reviews and was left so disappointed with my decision and results. I hate that it had to come to this, but my results have kept me up at night. I want my money back!

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