Mommy Makeover, 29 5' 4" 120lbs 300ccHP

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Current breast size is 32B I am going with 300cc...

Current breast size is 32B
I am going with 300cc Silicone Hp Unders.
For my tummy tuck I am hoping for muscle repair, & to get rid of all the loose skin, I hoping for a super flat tummy and if I happen to get a smaller waste in the process that would be awesome lol. My Surgery is scheduled for July 19th, 2016, pre op on June 27th.

Wish pics

I pray my results come out as awesome as these ladies!

300cc sizer

I had two consultations with two different doctors. I picked Dr Knoetgen because I actually got to consult with him, his nurses, and his consult coordinator. It was nice being able to meet with the whole team! It made me feel super comfortable and confident. I'm looking forward to my pre op to work out all the final details, and my surgery is in 6 wks!!


So I ended up having to reschedule until next year. My boyfriend is NOT on board with me getting breast implants so now he is refusing to pay the other half like he said he would. : ( so I am just going to have my mommy make over next year in March. That will give me a good 9 months to save up the other $6800 I need. I'm am extremely disappointed and a little depressed, has anyone else had issues with a partner that is not supportive?? I'm also a little irritated because of his last minute decision not to pay I lost $1000 for a rescheduling fee. The only good news out of the situation is that by next year I will not have to travel all the way to Bakersfield for surgery. Beautologie is building a new surgery center in Fresno! So I'm looking forward to that.

Wish pics

Just some more wish pics

I have 5 more months until surgery, it feels like this year is just flying by so I've really been thinking about size as the surgery date gets closer. I almost feel like I should go a little bit bigger...I don't want to have any regrets. I almost want to make another appt just to try on sizers again lol, In the mean time I'm just adding a few more wish pics...

I had my surgery on March 7th!

29 yrs old with two kids got a mommy makeover!

I am 3 days PO, recovery is going as best as it could be. I wake up pretty swollen then it goes away during the day. Getting up and down to go to the restroom is getting easier. One boob hurts more then the other but I'm going to ask my surgeon about it because I'm scared I did something to it. I made my bf look and he said everything looked good , so not sure what I did ??. I'm staying on top of my meds so pain as been low but I'm going to try to cut back today and see how it goes. I did get to take a shower last night and it made me feel 50x better. I did have a hiccup with showering though. The first time i tried I got really dizzy and had to go lay down, the second time it was suggested to me to take my binder off slowly and while laying down so the blood can rush back to that area while I lay down so I won't get so light headed, and it worked! My bf did have to help me wash my body and hair though. He was against this procedure, but he has been really good about taking care of me and being very supportive ????????

4 days PO

Feeling a little better today. A rash broke out all over my neck and abdomen, I think it's a heat rash from the binder and my neck pillow. I took the binder off to wash it so we'll see what happens with this rash. I'm weaning off the pain pills so I can get my bowels back to normal. I took only 1 this morning because I woke up so swollen and my incisions had a burning sensation (PS office said it's normal). And I am still taking boiron for swelling, and milk of magnesia. I have my drain in still and have my 1 wk po appt next Friday the 17th.

6 days PO


No complaints. My rash, which I'm positive was heat rash, has dissolved. Just lots of fluid and swelling still, have to have my drain in for one more week. And I'm standing about 80% upright.

13 days po

15 days PO

17 days Po

Little incision opening and boobs ????

18 days PO

19 days Po

Morning vs evening swelling, I'm gunna start taking vitamins and see if it helps

20 days Po

Just a little before and after, and still dealing with incision opening

20 days PO

Whoops forgot these!

Under boob 21 days Po

23 days PO

Swelling getting better and better every day

24-27 days Po

Left is dropping faster then right

Belly button and would progression 28 days Po

29 days PO

30 days post up today! 4-6-17

Today's progression, stretch marks were already on my boobs FYI from breast feeding.
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