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Hi everyone! I'm 27 years old 5'5 135 lbs. Im a...

hi everyone! I'm 27 years old 5'5 135 lbs. Im a mother of two, which i nursed both for 2 yrs each. i lost quite a bit of volume up top and am sagging a bit. I've decided its now time to upgrade the boobies. i had my consultation with dr knoetgen yesterday. all the staff was very friendly, during the consultation you meet the receptionist, the patient coordinator, the rn, and the dr of course. EVERYONE was extremely personable and warm. i was very nervous so i appreciated the welcoming atmosphere. during the consultation i received a TON of information, most of it i already knew but i still liked the fact they gave me a run through of everything. the dr measured me and suggested a size he wanted me to try on(400-450) then he left and i tried on the implants with the rn. beautologie only offers high profile implants and i wasn't expecting that, i had my heart set on mod+ after trying on hp for first time i decided it was actually probably a better choice for my body anyway. i preferred the 450cc and settled on that. took a couple of hrs at lunch with hubby and discussed everything and i decided i was happy with everything so we went ahead and reserved jan 6 for surgery. my preop is dec 22 and I'm wondering if i should try to bump up the size a little or not... i know this doc goes for a more natural look which is great but i don't want to end up wishing i had gone bigger. ill update with before pics as soon as i get a chance, i have a 2 and a 4 yr old so this blogging type stuff i tough for me.

The befores

They're pretty, but could be fuller.

More confident with 450cc

I'm feeling a lot better about the size implant dr suggested. He recommends 450 max. I was nervous it may be a bit too small but after reading about how sizing works I'm feeling a lot more confident and expect my boobs to look full and natural once they've healed. I'm still getting anxiety every night about my decision to go through withBA. It's being financed and I'm really feeling guilty about putting us more in debt.

36 more days...

36 more days til surgery. anxiety has gone down a lot. maybe the holidays have been a good distraction. still really nervous about recovery+little kids. I'm going to be staying at my sisters for the first few days so if hubby is at work she can drive my preschooler to school and take care of me and the 2 yr old. we have a family bed so I'm nervous about sleeping situation, my 2 yr old likes to shove her head and elbow into my boob non stop so hopefully that won't occur while I'm healing. will post some more befores later.


450cc hp round silicone. Not the greatest shirt.

4 more wks

Just laying here and realized only 4 weeks til surgery. What the heck!?! Time is flying. I can't wait to have the procedure and healing over with already. I need to start working out and getting in shape so my boobs match my body. Wish boobs above.

Time flies!

Only 16 days left til surgery. I have to say, anyone planning a Ba should definitely do it right after the holidays. I've been so distracted with Xmas shopping and menu planning that the time has just passed crazy fast. I have my pre op appointment tomorrow so I'll update on how that goes. I've attached a pic of my breast crease. Even though I'm symmetrical, I noticed my crease are slightly different and want to refer back to this pic after my ba.

Pre op!

Had my pre op appointment today. Settled on 450 hp implant round mentor silicone. Tried on 500, but it was huge... Looked good but too big. Did my blood work, paid balance, asked the questions that I had which were just the little details of surgery and recovery. I'm SOO excited now!! 2 weeks from tomorrow I'll have them!

Single digits!

Only NINE more days till boob day!!! Got my childcare taken care of for my 2 and 4 year old(that's a HUGE relief). I'm currently making a list, and adding stuff to my Amazon cart, in preparation for my recovery. What do you ladies think would be wise to buy? I'm staying with my sister for the first week so she'll be cooking for me. Hubby will take care of me when he's not working. I'm just so excited to start getting things ready! Wish pic above.

Fun with rice sizers!


Im feeling like i might have a cold coming on.

Im feeling like i might have a cold coming on. only 6 more days tip surgery I'm gonna have lots to do and can't afford to get sick. :( please lord noooo.

Handful of days left

So excited to get the surgery done with. I have the flu tho and real upset about that. Hopefully I can get nice and healthy with vitamins and hot liquid.

Can't just feel normal!?

Feels like I'm getting over that flu. BUT NOW I started my freakimg period! I'm so out of it and my house and car are a disaster, have shopping to do, 3 days til boob day.

Tomorrow, tomorrow!

Aahhh! My stomach is randomly doing flips, I'm sweating, and my fingers are tingly. I'm sooo nervous. Tomorrow at this time I'll hopefully be done with surgery. God just typing this I'm freaking out. Don't have a time scheduled yet but hoping they call ASAP.

On the other side!

That's all for today.

Surgery story

My surgery was scheduled at 1:30, I arrived early cause it was a far drive. Signed some paper work and waited to get called back. I was having a ton of anxiety, crying on and off, I was very scared. Finally got called back at 2pm. They hooked up my IV, gave me oxygen for my panic attack, met with doctor, anesthesiologist, then nurse came to give me a sedative(this whole process took 1 hr). Then they rolled me to surgery, I was transferred to surgical bed, LIGHTS OUT! Woke up from anesthesia pretty well, had some juice, and got in the car to go home. The 2 hr drive home went surprisingly well. I had a vanilla shake and saltines in the car, took my meds and was resting all the way home. Had some cheese and crackers for dinner. Went to bed around 10:30, woke up at 11:15 to take pain pill, fell back asleep, woke up at midnight for muscle relaxer, then slept a whole SIX HOURS comfortably. Ladies a neck pillow is a MUST! IV meds have worn off this morning and I'm staying on top of my meds. My pain is a 4-5 but it's mostly just discomfort and tightness and I can't really move my arms above elbow. I'm gonna eat a little breakfast right now. Sorry not the best pics above but I'll post some nudes tonight or tomorrow. Btw I got mentor silicone round hp 450cc.

By the way...

By the way I forgot to mention how wonderful the whole Beautologie team is. From the front desk, to the rns and dr. Everyone is so sweet and professional. Love them!

After nudes 1 day po

Day 2

Day 2 woke up with morning boob, owie!!! Just sleeping a lot. Hopefully all the good sleep I'm getting will help my healing. Gonna take a shower today I'm excited about that. Missing my kids they've been at my nieces for past 2 nights. Tonight they're coming here(sisters house) with me. That's about it. Feeling ok just super sore, tight, and high. Recovery has been better than I initially expected.

Day 3 po

Morning boob was much more mild today. I've been out of it because all the medication gonna stop pain meds and try to get by with just taking Tylenol. I'll still take muscle relaxers before bed
But I'm pretty much sick of feeling high.boobs are still very high up and tight. My husband says the right breast looks better but left is still scary looking.

More pics

Btw forgot to mention I'm super bloated. I look 5 months pregnant.

4 days po

4 days post. High, sore, tight. Stopped my pain killer. Still on arnica, muscle relaxer, Tylenol. Right starting to drop. Super tired and dizzy. Oh and today's my birthday! My sister got these cake pops for me. Lol!

Day 5

Feel better today. Or I'm just getting used to the tightness. Had trouble sleeping last night so took my pain meds and muscle relaxer to sleep. During day I'm only taking Tylenol and arnica. Cleaned up a little today but boy everything exhausts me. Getting ready for another school week with my preschooler not going to drive just yet because I get lightheaded easily. My right breast seems to be settling and releasing air while left is still rather high and stiff. I'm able to move right arm without pain or resistance left still hurts to put over my head. My neck and shoulders are much less sore today and my bloating is going down. Healing is happening but boy am I impatient to see my final results. I will post some pics when possible. I'm staying with my sister and there's so many people I hardly have privacy to look at boibs let alone do a photo shoot. Gonna go to target in a bit to get a more comfortable bra.

Pics 5 days post

As u can see left is a little higher and shelfier. Got this bra at target, couldn't find a front closure bra and I'm too dizzy to go store to store trying to hunt one down. I'll go in a couple days to find a front closure but I need a little break from that itchy thing.

8 days out

I'm am going crazy waiting to see what my results are actually going to be. I want instant gratification after spending 6000+ dollars. Lol! I can tell they're going to look nice though. And I think I chose the perfect size! I'm feeling pretty good just impatient. Just a little tight and I'm limited in what I can lift, can't bear weight on arms, couldn't slice cheese for sandwiches. Slept ok last night, taking Tylenol in morning and before bed but not sure I really need it. Gonna get out of the house today tomorrow is my post op appt.

10 days post op

Wow! Already 10 days post. My recovery has been amazing! First 3 days were the worst and I was only uncomfortable those days no true pain. I'm feeling back to normal though I'm still physically limited. I feel like my boobs have dropped slightly but they're definitely starting to take shape I can tell they've rounded out some. Incision is a little stingy and itchy. I had post op dr visit yesterday and they said to begin massage. I go back in a month hopefully to be cleared for everything I'm not able to do according to the paperwork they gave me ie. baths :( I miss my baths. That's it!

4 weeks post op

I'm 4 weeks post op. Boobs r softening, range of motion back to normal, still need to DF. Left is still high and a little square. Right is looking real good. Want some more heaviness at the bottom but theyll get there. Not much to report.


One months anniversary!

Thought I'd dress em up a lil. Need to find a good wireless bra.

5 wks new tops

Got some summer tops over the weekend. The boobs look good in everything!

Happy Valentine's day!

I wish left would round out and drop already. But look how pretty they're looking at not quite 6 weeks! A little vday number for hubby.


6 weeks post

6 weeks post op now. My left is still higher and square. I think it'll end up being higher than right because the left crease is higher and that's fine but the squareness better resolve. Anyone have one square boob that was late at rounding out?

2 months post.

Everything is well. Left has really made progress. Think they are looking real good. I'm ready to show them off this summer. Went to vs and bought a bikini(the blue one). Still wearing cheap bras cause I don't think I'm 100% dropped and fluffed.

3 months post

I am really really good! My boobs have fully settled, at least it feels like they have. I'm very happy with my results!
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