Breast Reduction and Lift - 36 Yrs and Just Getting Started! - Fresno, CA

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Like most of the women on this site getting...

Like most of the women on this site getting reductions, I have always been large breasted. As a younger girl and woman they really stood out because I was much thinner. I had nicknames in school and was always referred to as the "one with big boobs". It was horrible. I constantly could not find bathing suits, bras, and many times clothing that fit correctly and forget about strapless anything! A strapless bra left me with aching for days because it had to be so tight to hold me up (IF you could call it holding me up!)
Although it was something I'd always thought about, I finally made the decision to consult the doctor about a reduction after countless trips to the chiropractor and never ending discomfort of under-boob rashes, skin tags from large bras, and indents in my shoulders (I also suffered from headaches, but I never knew if large breasts were the culprit.) my general doctor send me to Dr. Stefanacci and I was on my way.
The Dr. Took pics and sent them in to my insurance. She was encouraging and said it would probably be covered. I was showed before and after pictures and discussed my fears and questions. I didn't want to lose sensation in my nipples and the scars were quite scary. She sent me home to really consider what I wanted to do and let her know when I wanted her to send my pics in for insurance authorization.
3 weeks later I made my decision and called that I was ready to get started. Insurance approved it 100%! I paid about $120 for other fees and co-pay type stuff but my surgery was scheduled for the June 17!! I am a teacher and that was my first week out of school. I'd have all summer to recuperate. I was so excited but also scared to death!! I really didn't want anything to go wrong.

Surgery Day & Post Surgery

Im 14 days post-op today!!! I have to say I am so happy with my decision, I can't even describe it.
The day of surgery went extremely well. I was super nervous but tried to stay as calm as possible - was I really getting major body surgery? It was like I was in an excited fog and then I'm getting an IV and prepped to go back when it all hit me. My body would never be the same. It was seriously scary. Luckily, my husband supported my decision and was by my side. I don't know how I would have made it those first couple days without him!!! I woke from surgery feeling pretty good - no pain. I was extremely tired still even though I had slept for 2 hours in recovery!! They basically woke me up, let me get my bearings (somewhat) and sent me off with my husband. That day is still somewhat of a blur!! I already had my pain mess so my hubby basically iced me up and brought me pain meds and light food that day. I wasn't hungry at all. I kinda hoped it would last and I could shed some weight at the same time! ;) Sad to say, that feeling didn't last. My appetite definitely came back. :(
So, in the past 2 weeks here's a run down of what I've experienced:
1. Sleeping on my back is horrible. Im a tummy sleeper and it's really hard to be stuck on my back every night. I've had several restless nights because of this, BUT it is getting better. I'm using tons of pillows to support me and tilting to my side doesn't hurt as much as it did.
2. Rest and relaxation is super important!! I tried doing too much some days and it's not good. I'm trying to take it easy and let my body heal. BUT, it's very hard with 4 kids. Luckily, my kids are older and more able to help me out rather than needing me to take care of them. I am still working on the resting thing.
3. Using dial gold (antibacterial) soap is really helping my incisions stay clean. At 1 week post-op visit, the nurse said I could start taking showers. I used an old trick my ob-gyn taught me after my C-Section: rub dial soap ABOVE the incisions and let It run down over the surgical area. The soap kills any bacteria. I'm currently doing this when I shower and I've noticed how clean it is and well I'm healing. (I developed an infection after one of my Cesareans and it was NOT fun).
4. I'm not as "small" as I thought I'd be. I don't know what I expected, but I'm bigger than what I "saw" in my head. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my new boobies!! I just didn't realize they would still be larger than "normal" (whatever that is) I'm still larger than my sisters and mom but I can live with that!
Soooooo, that's my insight up to 2 weeks. I go back tomorrow for my 2 week follow up with the Dr. and we shall see what she says. I

2week post-op Doctor visit

Saw the Dr today and she said I look great! All is healing well :D
She also told me she removed almost 600g from my right breast and 200g from the left; I was waaaayyy uneven!

15 days Post pics!!!

3 weeks! Feeling better each day!

Tomorrow is my 3 week mark and I am super happy with how everything is going!! I recently started going to the gym to walk the treadmill and begin moving more. I don't do my favorite Zumba classes yet but I'm anxiously waiting for that maybe next week?? Scabs are almost all off and my incisions seem to be healing well. I have also figure out a way to sleep on my side using pillows that doesn't put too much weight on the girls. That's been a life saver as I mentioned before I HATE sleeping on my back. I still get shooting pains and lots of tingling in my nipples and surrounding areas but it's not constant.
My frustrations are that I still can't physically do everything I want to do. I feel great most of the time but I fear injuring my internal stitches and whatnot so I still am trying to take it easy. I just get so restless!! I'm on my summer vacation and there's so much I want to do but I can't. I also want to lose weight and it's hard not being able to take a cardio class at the gym. :(
All in all, it's still worth it and I'm not complaining.
I noticed I have a part that sticks out of my incision right on the edge by my underarm. I've heard people call it a dog ear. Is that fixable? Will that be permanent? I see my Dr in 2 weeks so I'll ask her but I'm wondering how many people have experienced that?

4 week Update!

So, I'm starting to feel like "myself" again! :D Not fully as I learned when I tried taking a Zumba class and just couldn't really do it all yet. I know I'm probably pushing myself too fast but an entire month of taking it easy is seriously HARD! I want to lose weight so bad and I thought the BR would be the first steps to a new, smaller body where I could actually start exercising!! I know it will come in time... Just needed to rant for a moment ;)
As you can tell in the pics, my incisions are healing so wonderfully; I'm overjoyed at that. There is only one small scab left and I'm sure I'll see that gone by next week. I don't see my doctor until July 30 so I just do what I feel I can handle. Like she told me before- if it hurts, I prob shouldn't be doing it!
One piece of absolute joy is I can finally sleep fully on my sides again!! No more propping myself up and restless nights! It feels so good to lay flat at night. :)
I have a question that's been on my mind lately. I go back to work early August and I know people will comment that I look different. I'm not a prude, or private type of person at all!!!! But, I also don't know if telling people I had a reduction is appropriate?! I don't really care if people know but maybe I should keep that my little secret? I really have been thinking a lot about this and I can't figure out how to handle it. Any suggestions?!

Bra Shopping!

So, I have to share this story. If you have (or had) large boobs, you will appreciate it!
I just went in to Target to start scoping out non-sports bras. I am getting irritated of ALWAYS seeing that racer-back line next to my neck when I wear regular shirts. I wanted something that had straps. I know I'm not supposed to wear underwire, but lucky for me, there is quite a selection of non-underwire bras in the "little" section!! I actually tried on several styles of bra and they ALL fit. I can't remember a time when I had to select the STYLE I wanted because they all looked good!! Anyway, I also fit into a size LARGE - yes, that's right, no cup size. It was small, med, and large. And I fit into it! Did I mention it was $14.00?? I can't remember the last time I wore a $14 bra!
I also tried on a couple bras with actual sizes and found out I'm a solid 38 C. This was the first time I have been able to see my actual cup size and it felt great! I bought two bras that plunged down and support me, but also show off my lovely cleavage :) Thank God for this procedure!!!!!!!

5 weeks!

Here are some 5 week post op pics. I am FINALLY feeling (mostly) likely old self. I have resumed exercise and taking my Zumba and toning classes and feeling so much better. I am sleeping on my sides and sometimes even find myself on my tummy but I'm not fully ready to resume that yet :). Found a stitch that made its way out of my incision which was weird but I washed with antibacterial soap and it was all good. Good reminder to not enter that pool! Don't want any bacteria nasties to make their way in those little openings!!!
Loving life!

7 Weeks!

I feel pretty much back to normal. No more pain, discomfort, etc for the most part. I'm still sensitive and tender in places but I feel great. Doctor started me on scar guard but didn't want me to use it on the open sections. I've decided to wait until it's all closed up but I'm pretty sure I'm there at this point. I'll prob start using itwithin the next couple days. I'll post results as I see a difference. Red scarring mostly along the bottom cup area but those are easily covered.
Still happy!!

2 month Update!

Best. Decision. Ever.
Kinda funny but every time I see a large breasted woman I want to encourage a reduction!! I would never say anything but I immediately think it! Do they know what they are missing???? Went to Vegas with the hubs for my birthday and wore a bandeau as a bra THE ENTIRE TIME! Halter top, low tank top... Didn't matter.

I'm just so happy with my results. Can you tell?! :D

Pesky Dog Ear

Someone asked about my "dog ear" scar. It's actually worse now. Not doing anything about it just yet. Still not great looking though!!

1 year post!!!

I can't believe it's been a year! I have to say I can't even remember what it felt like to be as big as I was. It took a little while to get back to my completely normal self but I can confidently say this procedure was the best thing I ever did for myself. Last summer I was not confident and this summer I am losing weight, and feeling like a new person who has options! I was lucky and had zero complications and a wonderful healing experience. I highly recommend this procedure if you are considering it. My best advice- make sure to research your doctor!!! Don't go in blind or if you have a bad feeling about them. Also, don't expect perfect boobs! I look at tiny imperfections and wonder if that's normal but honestly, whose boobs are perfect anyway?? They look fab to me and that's all that matters. Best wishes to all!!

Forgot one pic! ??

Could never have worn a bathing suit like this before!

Wonderful doctor. She gets to the point, explains outcomes and realistic outcomes. Doesn't make you feel rushed or pressured to make decisions. Staff is helpful and friendly. Surgery staff was incredible!!! The all female staff made me very comfortable and supported. I love this facility.

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