5'9" 165 lbs, Two breastfed children, 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle

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I want all my curvy girls out there to have a post...

I want all my curvy girls out there to have a post to reference. I am 5'9" tall and 180lbs. I have what I would consider an athletic but curvy build. I am a mother of two children, both breastfed. I had my children early in life and I can't even remember what my pre-baby boobs look like. I am fairly broad chested and broad shouldered. I don't see many reviews from girls my size, so I hope this helps someone out there. I am getting my lift and augmentation done by Dr. James Knoetgen. I had my first consultation about 3 weeks ago. I've been considering this procedure for about 5 years now and have hesitated because of my concerns over possible complications and scaring. My PS suggested I'm right at the border of needing a lift and not needing a lift. I'm going with the lift because I don't want my areola to be stretched to larger than they already are and I know gravity will still be here tomorrow and therefore I will battle it all in one procedure.

before photos

Before photos

"wish" Boobs

I am ultimately going for a full natural look. I want to fill the empty sacks I have. I would be happy with a full C (I'm a pityfull C right now) or small D. My greatest concern is that I am a fuller girl already I love my curves and I want my breasts to compliment them. I'm really worried if I go too large I'll end up looking like a football player (definitely not my goal).

Wishing and hoping...

My favorite bathing suit pre-op

I don't mind the visual from the front, but when I turn sideways they disappear....

Trying again

More wish Boobies!

Ok found some better wish photos

Well that sure didn't make me feel better.......

I spoke with my coodinator today. I've got to say I'm more confused and worried now than I was before. I sent her some of my wish photos to give to my PS. After reviewing the photos she said there was no way to really tell if thats what mine would end up looking like....further explaining that because she wasn't sure what size breasts the women were starting with and what size implant they went with.......wait a minute......after everything I've been reading here it says it is important to have wish photos.....and that what is right cc wise for one person is not right for the next.....so why does it matter what size their breasts were to start and how many cc's they chose....I don't want exactly what they have implants wise, I want what they have "look" wise. I'm worried to think by looking at the photos my PS would not be able to translate that look to my body?????? I've also read a lot about PS's using sizers during surgery to find the perfect look.....mine apparently doesn't. Soooooo, if I (mind you "I" have no plastic surgery experience and while I know what I want, I am NOT a plastic surgeon so what do I know!!) pick the wrong size or it looks horrible on me....it's too bad so sad because he doesn't use sizers and only brings the size I chose to surgery. I'm becoming very concerned. I would rather give up my $1000 deposit that make a horrible mistake. Anyone else run across this?

My experience with my PS so far....

In all my reviews I haven't REVIEWED my PS. I went to my free consultation about 1 month ago. The office was peaceful and inviting. The front desk staff was equally amazing. They got me right in at my appointment time, though I was having plenty of fun looking at before and after photos while I waited. I didn't really prepare a laundry list of questions....and I really didn't have to. Dr. Knoetgen came right in and got straight to answering all the big questions without me asking. I was most impressed by his before and after photos. I've seen a lot of people deciding not to get lifts because of the scarring ; yes I'm realistic and realize there will be some marks but after looking at my PS's before and afters I'm really not worried. He seems to be a master when it comes to minimal scarring (to the point of being unnoticeable). I'm sure the office is no stranger to people like me who go home and start to spin their wheels about size, procedures, etc. They have handled my concerns (questions) with a lot of patience and have made me feel welcome to make as many appointments as I feel necessary

Pre-Pre-Op Appt, to calm my nerves

Well that made me feel wayyyy better. I'm now certain I am going with 400cc. It is the largest my PS will let me go with the lift and I'm ok with that. I considered not getting the lift....for about a second and then returned to my senses. If I'm doing this I'm doing it all in one wallup.... and I added a few things.....Lipo to flanks, abdomen, and arms. Now I am super excited!

Rice sizers

Playing around with sizers again. I had to remember that when trying on the sizers in my PS's office that those were going to be my breast size... Not breast with bra. So needless to say I'm considering sizes again. I did the rice test at home and found that 400cc was a great after bra look, not boob only look for me. 350cc was much lighter and seemed much better for pre bra size. I think I'll be happy at about 370cc, considering I will lose some cc going under the muscle

Rice sizers continued...

400cc looks better in photos, but it sure doesn't feel better. I hope I'm making the right decision. I've been emailing my coordinator about once a day for about three days. She's awesome needless to say. Her responses are super fast and to the point. I feel great about picking beautologie to embark on this journey.

And in case anyone forgot these sad things

I lost 15lbs so far in preparation for surgery. It enhances my poor sad Boobies, lol

Soooo many changes.....

So many things changed this week. First of all I got promoted to a new position at work. With this position comes lots of traveling to training. Well, training that was scheduled to begin on my surgery date! So...needless to say I called/ emailed my coodinator at my PS's office. Miriam is an angel, let me tell you. I emailed her 1-2 times a day for a week. She answered every single one in 24 hrs. First I rescheduled to a sooner date, then I canceled my reschedule to go with my original date....then I canceled the WHOLE thing! Then I took a deep breath and moved my vacation dates then recalled Miriam to schedule for a sooner appointment. Thats not all I changed. Originally I added Lipo to my flanks, abs, and backs of my arms....then I lost 15lbs and decided, I love everything....but my boobs, lol. So I scheduled a date and am going with my original plan of just a breast lift and augmentation. So my new surgery date is July 28th. Soooo exited!

Here we gooooooo!

Got my call today. Surgery is scheduled for 9:30 am tomorrow. I think its finally starting to set in that this is really happening. I'm in between emotions. Mostly just hoping I don't regret my decision. I forgive others pretty well, but forgiving myself will be a hard one if I regret my decision. Most of all....I don't want to have gone too big! Too small I can handle, too big I'll regret. I will have to remind myself over and over that the swelling will subside. Well, here's to hoping I get some sleep tonight!


So I've been home since three pm. I can feel both my nipples!!!!! Huge score. I was able to rest and my pain level is about a three! Surprisingly they only hurt very briefly when I get up to pee. The people at the Beautologie surgery center were, amazing. I can't say enough good things about how smoothly things went today. No nausea, no itching..... No nothing really. I think I'm going to be elated with the size I chose. Looking forwArd to some stop and fluff lol. They are hard as rocks I'll tell you that. I can breath deeply without pain, the illusive, elephant on chest, took a leave I'd absence.


My phone lost its mind and deleted my review!!!! In short I have no really bad pain, no itching, no nausea; my lips aren't chapped and I didn't have the shakes after surgery ( I've heard some people say they shake right after waking up after surgery). I guess I over prepare my mind for bad stuff..... Never planned on ask this good stuff happening!

My must haves so far.....

The wedge pillow and neck pillow I could NOT do without right now. I didn't have a neck pillow initially... Hubby had to run out and get one. Must have ladies! I have already taken a fantastic nap, and now it's off to a Harry potter marathon! I tried to take a peek at my incisions, no luck. But from what I can see, I'm super excited! I'll be posting update photos some.

Day 2

Well I was told pain would be worse today..... It's not! I'd rate it about 2 on a scale of 1-10. I slept all night. My husband woke me at 2am to take my meds. Otherwise pretty uneventful. My husband helps me in and out of bed, which really helps because if I had to use my arms AT ALL I would be in a world of pain. PS's office called to check on me and PS sent me an email to do the same.

Day 2 photos

Pain update....or lack there of

I still am about a two one the pain scale. Still no bowel movement but I don't feel really bloated as of yet. I can see my tummy is a little fluffy looking, but I don't feel bloated. I've bee pretty much resting all day, in and out of sleep. When I stand to use the restroom I can definitely feel my breasts a little more. I haven't gotten hungry since surgery but I've been drinking protein shakes and aloe, and I had a little soup earlier too. I've iced the sides of my breasts a couple of times being that seems to be where I can feel the most pain (even though its only slight). I'm very surprised that my implants don't feel heavier on my chest. I was quite worried that were going to feel like two weights pressing down on me, but I've got to say they don't feel that way at all. They feel tight....but not heavy, if that makes sense. I'll update with more photos tomorrow after I shower. bye bye for now ladies

New photos

So here I am day....three, I guess it is. Still haven't had much pain at all. I'm not using my pain meds anymore and I had a BM yesterday. I drank a lot of prune juice and took my milk of magnesia and it seemed to work great. My breasts are dropping slowly but surely. Each day I'm getting more and more excited to see the final product! Anyway, I took some update photos. I know before my surgery I had diffuculty finding full body photos, so I took some and hopefully they will help someone.

Just checking in...

Not much to update. The upper pole of my breasts has gone down a little, but both are still pretty high and tight. I notice they get tighter as I get up to move around the house. Other than the tightness in my chest I feel pretty much back to normal. I got real brave and weighed myself today. Im actually really glad I did. I thought (with all the puffiness around my waist) that I would be at least 10 lbs over my pre-surgery weight. But, surprise, I actually weigh the same as I did before surgery; and thats with my two new additions. So I'm hopeful that after all the swelling is gone I'll be below my pre-surgery weight. I haven't been taking any pain pills, but I did start taking the muscle relaxers again. My chest muscles were getting really tight when I was moving about so I wanted to keep them from getting that tight. I have slight bruising under my breast but its already yellowish / blue in color so I'm hopeful it will be gone soon. Now, bring on the drop and fluff!!

What to wear????

Ok ladies, question.... What do you wear out when your boobs look like two square bricks in your chest?..... I'd like to leave my cave, but what flatters this figure right now?!!!! Ahhhhhh

Before/ after

They bounce! Small victories.... Lol

My breasts are still high but are losing some of their tightness. They are actually starting to move, not that I was jumping up and down to check lol, but I noticed when I was brushing my teeth . I'm two lbs below my pre surgery weight, yey!

Restylane too!!!

Had my one week check up today, and all is well! I also had 1 syringe of restylane put in my lips by the wonderful nurse Cassandra! I'm completely sold! Love it! No pain, only mild stings, but not pain. I think permalip is in my future, I can't give these lips back, lol


So my steri tape is in the early stages of starting to peel off. One of the spots its peeling is around my areola....who could resist taking a quick peak at their incisions? So I peeled back the tape and....I swear if I didn't have small bits of dried blood under this tape I wouldn't even think I had any incision around my areola!! I am beyond excited at this point. It makes my breast still being high and tight not so bad :) I feel a little bad. When I first read all of Dr Knoetgen's reviews I thought, "There is no way a doctor can have all positive reviews...someone's giving discounts on services for good reviews." In all honesty not once has anyone from my PS's office ever even hinted they wanted me to say anything about them at all! He really just is that good. I'm without words and amazed! I haven't written a review for him yet because I don't know what to say......I have so much. Once I narrow down my thoughts I will write it. I want to make sure I write it so all the skeptics like me out there know that I'm genuine in my thoughts and opinions. hmmmm.... Some time these thoughts may take. (best yoda impression, lol) I will take photos of my incisions once the tape pulls off a little further.


Not much to report, but here it is anyway lol

Not working out is harder than I thought it would be.....

I thought I'd be fine with not working out for a month....but man, I'll never take for granted the opportunity to work out again!! I didn't think it would be this hard to not workout! I've been taking walks with my husband and adding a few lunges here and there being careful not to increase my heartrate too much. Doesn't do much for cardio, but it'll still tone a little. I also think I'm going to add in some modified relaxation/ stretching yoga, because I feel like my muscles are getting tight and less flexible. While on this subject I will mention that when I did go for a walk and got lovely underboob sweat (from heat, not heartrate). So, now, I stretch out cotton balls and set them nicely under my boobs to protect my inscision (which is still under steritape) from prolonged moisture. It also helps to keeps m sports bra from folding under my breast and rubbing my incision ( didn't get red or painful, but I was taking preventative measures lol). Any-hooo, I will be taking pictures again soon as it seems like my pectoral muscles feel a lot more relaxed and less tense today (hoping that means some dropping will be happening soon!!!!)


Just FYI if your getting sub pectoral implants (I don't know maybe it was just me, lol) you are going to have to get crafty to shave your armpits! When I lift my arm to shave, my pectoral mucsle pulls the skin in my armpit (making an even deeper "pit"). I had to get a litle crafty to get my entire armpit shaved.....oh and while we are on this unecessary subject, lol.....I would also recommend getting a, I don't know what you call them....I guess its like an exfoliating body washing towel???? Its not really a towel....its a long thin sheetlike thing, suppposed to be for washing your back.....Mine is about 1' wide by 3 or 4' long. It helps when you can't really bend over very far to wash your legs and feet and stuff. I just put it behind my back (almost like I was going to dry myself with a towel) and move it back and forth all the way down my body. I have to lift my legs a little....but its wayyyyyy better than bending over and feeling that uncomfortable pulling like my boobs are going to detach from my body or breakthrough my pectoral muscle.

You were right ladies!

Protege under armour bra is amazing, 38D fits perfect! Thank goodness because it was one of the only two they had in stock! It makes my high Boobies look round from the side.... Mission accomplished! Thank you so much for suggesting it!

Scar update photo

Restylane update photo

Day two.... Thought I had the victory over bruising.... It is a formidable foe! Got a bruise on my lower lip end of day two. It's taking some time to fade but I've easily been covering it with makeup.

Just more random photos for reference


Every time I get even slightly tempted to complain that my breasts are dropping too slowly I do this......

Before / after

Different color, same swim suit before/ after

Look silly but it works

So at my one week my nurse informed me usually after steri strips comes brown tape. However, because I live in the central valley where its HOT the doctor is having me use gauze instead. His reasoning was the brown tape doesn't breath well and sweat will break down my healing tissues. So I've been through some products....some I like, some don't like me....so here they are

No bra!

I realize they won't look this bubbly forever, but I'm enjoying them at every stage

Weight loss....why my review started at 180 lbs but heading says 165.....?

I began this journey at 180 lbs. After deciding to go throug with this procedure I decided to focus on losing weight. BACK STORY - For about a year and a half I had been feeling severe levels of exhaustion. Like...couldn't get motivated to get out of bed, sleep for 15 hrs and still tired, not excited about anything (not even my children....and thats hard to admit) tired. I was having bouts with anxiety and depression (had never had this issued before and have never been so out of control of my thoughts and emotions) I've always been athletic and have prided myself and being strong (mentally and physically) and energetic. I was losing me and gained 18 lbs in the process (no change of eating habits). I felt like my adult life was doomed. I started to accept that maybe I was just lazy. Then I got angry and refused to believe that I could have changed so much. I went to the doctor. My grandmother had thyroid cancer and my aunt has taken thyroid medication almost all her adult life. I told my doctor everything I had going on and she immediately started me on thyroid medication (a natural thyroid supplement) and iodine. Immediately I started feeling like me again. We've adjusted my thyroid medication with my blood tests and added vitamin D as I was severely deficiant (worked nights for 6 years....didn't ever see the sun). She put me on a diet and immediately the weight came off and my life came back to me!!! This may not be the website to share....but in the off chance someone reading this had experienced anything similar, I needed to share; and I started this review at 180 and changed it to 165 so I thought I'd explain. Woman to woman I want anyone who's struggling to lose weight, doing everything right, and not seeing results to know....sometimes diet and exercise are NOT enough....it wasn't for me. I needed help, a doctors help. After my treatment I went from 188 - 165 and have easily been able to keep it off, despite losing it very quickly.

Bathing suit

Halter seems to work best on my "drop in progress" breasts. I sun proofed my incisions as my PS has not cleared me for the nude beach yet lol.


First day back at work....put my vest on....took it right back off. It was horrible.....like it was trying to pancake my poor high tight boobs across my ribs. I'm going to have to learn to deal....yuck. I tried to use my front closing bra from walmart....also no. Maybe I went to small. I got a large. My boobs do not want to be forced to "cleavage" right now, so that bra was not my friend. We came to a trus however, and I left it halfway open all day.

Under construction....

I will be taking photos of my scars again later this week. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday, so I'll probably update then. Until then all you ladies stay safe and love your beautiful bodies!

My incisions 13 days / 23 days

Like I said, not too much to report. It does seem they are filling out a little... Slowly but surely. I can bend over now without feeling like my right breast is going to pull my armpit inside out... Always celebrate small victories lol. My incisions are flattening out nicely. My vertical lines are not perfectly straight. I think they will straighten as my breasts fill in my lower pole. If they don't? I'm ok with that too since my vertical lines aren't really that distinct anyway.

Right before surgery... Memories

One of the best, most exciting days of my life

Close up vertical scar

So I was going to update Monday. But girls you know those days when you feel like your body just let go of 4 lbs of excess water weight.... Well then, you also know, those are the days you take photos! Lol. Hurry before my body heard me..

Cleared to workout!!

Sooooo excited. I got cleared to workout again! My nurse didn't have any concerns about my altitude loving breasts. She told me to give them a few more weeks. I won't be wearing gauze anymore and I'm cleared to take baths and swim. I'm feeling like a normal person again. You start to feel like your disabled for a while, which I guess in a sense you are. I've never been a fan of feeling weak or fragile, so this process took effort on my part to remeber to treat myself gently. I will be using scar stick which my doctors office provided. Another great thing about my PS's office...they give you what you need, and you don't have to go out and buy it. That has been very helpful. I did go buy silicone scar sheets. I've heard such great things about them on this site, I'm going to try them. Unless they make my boobs sweat, then I'll just use scar stick. My left breast scar is already flat, my right breast is slightly raised where it looks like some sutures were holding the incision closed perhaps. I'll update with pictures and let you know how the scar treatments are working soon.

I'll just try both....

I'm going to use my scar stick on my areola and the silicone sheet on my vertical scar, for now. Until I decide on which one I like better. Scar stick I'm supposed to use twice a day. The silicone sheets are supposed to be changed every 12 hours.

To be concerned or not to be concerned....hmmmm

So these high boobs are started to get me worried. From the sides they are rounding out nicely. However if you look from the side where my sternum is....its concerning. It was ok right after surgery...but 1 month later it has changed very little and its got me a little worried. Any of you ladies who are farther along than me, do you have some pointers? When did your breasts drop? Did any of you have a similar took to mine, that worked itself out? Any comments, suggestions, experiences are appreciated.

On a brighter note!

I have used both the silicone scar sheets and scar stick. I am hands down a scar stick fan. Maybe I didn't give the silicone sheets enough time to prove their worth....but I'm getting much more immediate results with the scar stick. The first day I used it I saw a noticeable diffence; and my incision areas are so much smoother. Besides I didn't like having to peel the silicone off of my still sensitive incisions....wash it....set aside to dry....apply clean set.....just too much work. Silicone stick....apply and rub in.....much easier.

These things happen

I have a small hole under my left breast where I snipped an exposed suture. Some clear fluid has been seeping out. The weirder part.... Prepare for TMI..... My breast started to bruise just above where the hole was. I push on that area a little and found out why. A small amount of air has gotten in the whole and was trapped inside my breast. I massaged the area to push out all the air. The bruises already going away. This journey keeps you on your toes. I'm putting lots of Neosporin on the area and keeping it clean until the whole is closed.

Update on my holy breast, lol

I sent my nurse a photo and she wanted me to come in to the office to see my PS just in case. He said it looked like a superficial skin infection. He said it would probably clear up on his own but didn't want to wait to see. So he gave me some antibiotic and I was on my way. I'm not a big fan of taking antibiotics...but, ok.

Getting more holy as I go

Well my superficial infection is working itself out of my body. So now I have two new holes. The first one at the T site in my breast fold is sealed up and healing. My two new holes are where the redest part of the infection was. I've decided my body does not appreciate dissolving stitches. I'm glad being on this site had prepared my mind for things like this. I'm not really bummed at all... Just taking it as it comes and loving my new breasts, holy or not. Soon all this healing will be done and I won't have to be a nurse maid to my breasts anymore lol

During my holy week, lol

All bandaged up but doing great! My holes are already healed! Nothing butterfly badges couldn't fix.

All around update

My incisions have gotten redder. Let's me know they are healing. Some parts are more red then others because my body is dealing with the dissolving stitches. I knew they'd look worse before they got better, tis the way the body heals. My side view boob is evening out. I started to drop ( to where I noticed a difference) at about week 6. My left is ahead of my right. My right still has an awkward fullness on top, but definitely not as much add it did! So, happy about that! I tried to capture all possible views in my photos, hope I didn't miss any, lol

Bra sizing ???? ????????????????

So I finally made myself get some "normal people" bras as I have been comfortably living in sports bras the last two months. It was time lol. So I went to Victoria secret to get sized. I've been sized there once before and was told I was a 38C (before surgery). Well....I got sized again because of the new additions.... The lady tells me I'm a 33DDD..... To which I said "Ahhhhhh, no." I lost some weight, but it wasn't from my ribcage lol. One of the helper ladies told my husband that I was a 34DDD and you would have thought someone told him he could watch Saturday morning cartoons everyday of the week!!!! He was like a proud peacock lol. But back to the sizing.....I think it's all semantics because when you think of it, the sister size to a 34ddd Is a 36dd, and the sister size to that is 38d. Which would make sense given I was a 38C prior to surgery. I tried on a 34ddd and it fit really well!!! I tried on a 36dd and it fit very well!!!! 38 has always been a little wide around... But I figured the last person who measured me knew better than I did, so I never questioned it. So the moral to my story.... There isn't one lol. But I do understand very well now why plastic surgeons don't like to use bra cup sizes as " wish breast " references from patients. I could have told my PS I wanted to be a DDD, DD, or just D and all would have been right depending on what band width I was using as a reference. Yikes! So I bought one 34DDD, one 36DD, and I love them both...... Oh that made me think, I just bought the most amazing, comfortable, all around wonderful wireless bra from Victoria secret....Ok, I bought 2! They are amazing!!!!! Great "after surgery" bras for people who can wear under wires.... But just aren't that comfortable in them yet.... I'll post a picture after I post this.

Favorite bra ever!!!!

Here it is. The tag says it was 40.00 but I think they are currently doing a buy one get one half off. The material feels like silk on your skin, the cup doesn't rub or push under your breast.... It's amazing. It is racerback and the shoulder straps are not adjustable (just like a sports bra)I don't care though it gives my boobs the pushed up look without the pushed up feel. Love it.

Saggy and far apart?????

I very much appreciate that people are able to share their honest thoughts here. But when you go as far as to say that my doctor's before and after photos are "saggy and far apart", please remember those are real women in those photos. Women who potentially are on this site. If you're disappointed with your experience with a doctor, please feel free to say so. But please realize what one woman thinks is beautiful might not be your thing, it doesn't mean she had bad results. I respect my doctor very much for the fact he told me what he would and would not do. I AM NOT A PLASTIC SURGEON. I didn't begin this process having any idea what would get me to my goals. I was not one hundred percent sold when Dr Knoetgen told more what would get me the resulhe I wanted. I was pretty nervous actually. But I am 100 percent sold now, because he gave me what I wanted. If he'd let me choose..... Oh boy that would have been bad. Not every doctor is for everyone..... The fact I wasn't able to find but one bad review on him prior to that snarky comment I just read that degraded the other women he's worked on.....Might say something about someone..... But it's not Dr Knoetgen. Just saying.

Not much to update, update

Everything feels pretty much normal at this point. My breasts are a little more dropped in the morning than they are in the afternoon. My scars are also a little redder by the end of the day too. Other than that ....I clipped off the last few bits of my stitches that were poking through the other day....hmmmm, what else......still a little wonky from the sides (still more upper pole than lower), but from the sides and front you can't tell, so it's not really affecting me unless I'm purposely looking.... Which I do all the time mind you. Getting lower though, very very slowly. I had a crooked part of my incision that I swore wasn't going to straighten out, but it is! I still love my new boobs! In some t-shirts they look a little big.... But I just avoid those shirts. It's a lot about wearing the right bra too, or no bra looks best sometimes. I'm representing my department in the Walk Like MADD, run this weekend.... So I'll let you know how my sports bra hold up, lol.

Scar treatment?

I'm all out of the scar stick my PS provided. I'm checking to see if I can get another one since I'm still very early in my scar healing process. For now though.... What are you guys using that works? I have scar sheets but I wasn't really getting great results.... Anything else?


So my body hates dissolveable stitches, period lol. I spent these last few weeks watching my body push out every last bit of them. They area gets really red, then a small hole opens, and then my body pushed out the stitches. Great thing is, the redness goes away right away and my scars still look fantastic! They aren't wide or prominent. So any one going through this.... Don't fret, you don't think you won't heal well, but trust me, you will. You'll heal just like you would have if your body loved dissolveable stitches. Most importantly though, keep the area clean! I cleansed them with alcohol and put antibiotic cream on them day and night. My nipple also became very tender right before my body pushed out a stitch. The tenderness went away immediately after my body got rid of the stitch. I have one area I my right nipple I'm still battling but all will be well with time. I've started running my scars with this fantastic stuff I found at target. It's called "organic belly balm". I love it! PS remember my "wonky boob " issue, well.... I discovered it was in large part due to my posture. When I unround my shoulders my nipples are at a way better position. My breasts are still a little fuller in the top, but Have changed slightly with time. I actually kind of prefer it that way now because I love the way it makes them look! It gives them a round plump fullness.

Been gone a while

I've been gone a while and I apologize to those who were following my progress. Life went CRAZY! Truly crazy ladies. But I LOVE my boobs!!! I haven't had any complications out any thing significant to report. My boobs no longer look like they are falling off my implant lol! I had to be patient..... But fewh, they did settle in. When they say be patient, really be patient. Don't stress about minor details or minor setbacks and dislikes in those first few months. No matter how little change you see, they are changing. I took some pictures the other day. I can't get a real good close up of my scars without my camera focus going all out of whack. But I took some photos in night time ambient room lighting for anyone who might be worried about the scars being too prominent and worried their partner might be distracted or turned off by them. When I'm really cold the vertical lines of my scars seem to be more red then usual but other than that, I hardly notice them.

Long time no see

Update..... Scars are still red and healing. Loving my results. Wouldn't change it for the world!

Lots has changed.....

Well you know that husband i was certain was going to be around forever.... He's gone.... Long story, but best thing that has ever happened to me..... So back to my boobs.... Best decision i ever made !!!!!! Now living the single life, without going into the gory post divorce details lol, men DON'T CARE about the scars from my lift!!!!! So ladies on the fence about the lift because of scars.... I'll say again MEN DON'T CARE. Besides, if i didn't point out my scars you wouldn't notice them. I LOVE my breasts !!! They say physical stuff shouldn't affect your self esteem, well, i can tell you I'm a whole new woman. The way i feel in my skin is 300 times better than before. I'm forever thankful for this experience and my amazing doctor !

Whole new me

Love them

A little over a year

A little more then a year later and I'm still elated with my results. Best thing I've ever done !!!! It's motivated me to stay in shape and take good care of my body.... Before, no matter how hard I worked out I just felt like my breasts ruined any progress I made. So absolutely worth it ! The scars are almost non existent. Even if my scars were darker, I'd STILL do it all over again !

Side note....

When I do chest workouts my breast do stick out pretty funny... Like weird funny. So, long story short, I do my chest workouts at home or wear a pretty snug sports bra with a formed cup ????.... I'll take a picture soon so you can get idea what I mean. I was told with under the muscle it would probably happen. Still.... SO WORTH IT !

Scar update

I just realized I never really posted a finally scar update.... And ladies, it WILL continue to fade after a year.

What can i say really. The man changed my life. From start to finish I've had an A+ experience. I'll explain why.... First of all My biggest fear was huge unnatural looking breasts. Size choice terrified me. Dr Knoetgen gave me a size suggestion based on my goals and then told me the size he would not go larger than. I LOVED this about him. I could tell he cared about my health/safety and getting me results consistent with my goals. I felt like he'd stop me if i got on s Michael Jackson trip with my boobs lol. I was absolutely confused by the fact i didn't have any pain after surgery....I don't want to lead anyone to think their experience will be painless too, but I have to credit Dr. Knoetgen's technique for at least part of the reason because truly I had ZERO pain. My results after nearly a year of healing are beyond my expectations. I really can't say enough about my experience. The staff were always amazing, the office always clean and inviting. I never felt rushed or like i left without all my questions answered. I would do it again in a heartbeat.... But only with Dr. Knoetgen and his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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