550 cc hp saline unders are looking good!!

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I am very excited to be able to have a breast...

I am very excited to be able to have a breast augementation! I think I must of started being unhappy with my breasts after my children were grown. I have done my homework, reviewed stories and decided that I was ready and that the surgery is much more common than it use to be and relatively more safe. I will being seeing my P.A and NA on July 22 for my preop. My only hopes is that i could lose some weight but that will come later. So my journey begins and hopefully its a great one. I have decided on 500 to 550 high profile under the muscle with a saline implant, depending on what my doctor thinks will be my goal . But first thing is first, preop, then we will take it from there. Will keep you posted on my progress!!

scheduled for August 6th

I am 5' 4 1/2 " and I weigh 138 lbs. My breast width is 13cm, which is the same as a 500cc hp implant and i think a 550 will fit nice. I know you lose 50 cc under the muscle so I like the way the 500 looked on me and that is my projected goal!

Getting ready for my boobies!!

I am finally realizing its going to happen, and i find myself saying wow! I am finally doing something for myself. yes its gonna hurt and I am fully prepared for my intervention with my body. I am gonna do everything they tell me whenever and whatever so I have a great recovery I have looked at thousands of boobs over the last month and have my wish boobs printed out just in case my Doctor is contemplating during the surgery. whatever it takes to make them as close as he can to that pic. I know he will do an amazing job I have faith in intelligent men, who know what they are doing and have done so many times they might be able to close their eyes but not on my surgery eyes wide open I I have started ordering and buying things I will need for before and after my surgery. Post surgery bras I found that Tonserio bras have excellent review in healing and keeping the implants in place so I got one of them and three from Macys called Comfort Devotion by maidenform they look and feel amazing then I ordered another one, forgot the name but its super comfy and supportive. and I got the gel packs from make me heal.com. Since I already am a v vitamin c junkie and take vitamins daily I am not having to JUST start any thing good for me. I am making lists marking the calendar buying certain foods for my husband so he not overwhelmed, but hes a wonderful cook. I am looking forward to his food. I will try to post some pics of before , because i know the before pics of other have really helped me with my decisions, and thank you to them.

getting ready to go

I am waiting to drive to Bakersfield leaving at one so I will be there by two thirty, got my bag packed, with my meds, warm socks, some face lotion for after, I'm so dried out from the antibacterial lotion, I ate some food at 400 am this morning a bowl of cereal piece of toast and my orange juice with my emergen C . Went back to bed took a tylenol and half of a vicodin, and fell back to sleep until 930. went back to sleep till ten and read my paper, got in the shower , still not hungry, a little thirsty but kept myself well hydrated for the last three days. I am a little nervous,.my husband more so. .taking some pics of what i don't want to be , don't want giant boobs I am going to regret, I am thinking 500 are fine but if they make me look like my too big , no way , I am telling Doc not to do it, but if it takes 550 to make me look like I want, to go for it, but no bigger, I am not looking for that look of being big, want natural but a little bigger. Anyways I am hoping for the best. I will update in a few days maybe three.


Its day three of my recovery and I can only say I thought I died and went to hell when I woke up! The pain was so horrible, they had me on demeral and morphine and I was still crying from the pain I guess I stopped breathing at some point. . I made it thru the nite thanks to my husband. Day two was a little better, but the tightness and the muscle being pushed up so high its been almost unbearable pain. I was so nauseated My meds make me itch so I am trying to tolerate that. Anyway took a shower yesterday and I feel alot better today, just waiting for them to drop. still tight. Arnica gel is helping, but its back to bed for me. Everyday is better but we will see. Goodnite!

The bra thing

All the bras I bought, except one the tonserio, do not fit. I dont know what size until I get out there and try some on. Maidenform was to small in the large and too big in the xtra large, bras from target a hit a miss by 6 inches, and it was a34 d oh well I will have to muster up the strenght soon to go get some. If anyone else can tell me a bout some bras to buy please do, thank you.

just waiting

Just waiting for the swelling to go down and to find the right bra, all my bras except the tonserio irritates my skin! had to order to more from make me heal 75.00 but worth every penny it saved my life, the other tow are stage two veronique bras about 48.00 each but I still waiting to get them in the mail.


here are some pics of before and after, need to find a before

my doctor

I had the most amazing doctor ever he was warm and kind to me and made me feel like I was important. I am so glad I found him on real self. He made sure I got what I wanted and his expertise made my out come terrific! So thank you Dr. Knoetgen! You Rock!!!

Drop and Fluff please!

This waiting game is killing me! But patience is my virtue so good things come to those who wait! Good thing its a really good thing and I know what I am going to get, that makes it all the better.

the befores

I am thinking I might need a downsize

My breast appear too big! I am very self conscious about them, especially returning to work. I told them I had surgery but not what kind, I am thinking they think it was non elective surgery. When I go back I know they are going to be able to tell, and that perhaps I might of mislead them, but if they dont like me for who I am and not judge me for having this done I am okay otherwise I might be finding another job!!

Its three weeks today!

Yes I went back to work and yes some people look, others ask why I was gone. Didn't tell anyone the real reason, dont have to their mine! I am definitely starting to feel like my self again only with bigger boobs, hahha. I am like them but they still haven't dropped. I still have some pain under the breasts and pains here and there, but I feel pretty good,getting better everyday, and my scars look really good healed up nicely, wearing the brown tape. Finally went bra shopping and found one bra I like but going back to VS and trying on the fabulous my daughter recommended it, no underwire. Heres some more pics to let you know you do look better with time!!


1 month

Its one month and they are still up high, have dropped a little bitty bit. I was wearing the brown tape and it kept my suture wet and so with moisture comes bacteria, got a little oozy but called my Dr. and they said take off the brown tape and give them some air, so now I am wearing sterile pads in my bras and I know they are getting better cuz they itch like crazzzy!. One problem or not , the stitch he tied the knot at the end of the incision came out whole and they were suppose to be dissovable so I dont know what happened there. All is good at work a couple of stares from this weirdo guy who now is making it a point to stop and talk to me every time he sees me , I just keep walking. Perv! Well sept 12 is my appointment with my doctor and hoping to get some clarification on my healing and if they look right, they sort of look like bullets from the side still hoping that will go away cu I dont ;like the look of having buff chest. Its annoying when I am trying to find something to wear. I am happy with the size still feel a little big, but I guess i will have to get use to them. Hope everyone who is reading this is having a good experience and healing well or just having fun having boobs!!

Love my 550s!!

Its been two months and 4 days since my surgery and I have to say I am very happy with my size! At first they looked deformed but now they are softer and rounder and I really am happy. If any is on the fence about 550 dont hesitate they are very nice size.


had the most amazing doctor ever he was warm and kind to me and made me feel like I was important. I am so glad I found him on real self. He made sure I got what I wanted and his expertise made my out come terrific! So thank you Dr. Knoetgen! You Rock!!!

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