30years young, 34b to 430cc. - Fresno, CA

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Hi, there beautiful people.. I am here because it...

Hi, there beautiful people.. I am here because it has the best information ever on this site, my interest and curiosity in getting a Breast Augmentation has led me to this lovely and informative web community site and I love it..

I Have never been curiosity about BA at all. Just the past 2 years, on and off on my mind.. I'm really scared when it comes to thinking bout boobs job getting done, that's probably why it kinda held me back.. then all of sudden I want it too, I feel like I need it too, maybe because I lost weight and notice that my boobs has no more volume.. its deflated and it hangs and looks ugly on clothes. I also notice that just last 2 years I have been wearing double padded bras now too.. hmm.. sooo that's probably why it got me thinking...
soo its time to do it...

I am always a 34C went to 34B, now to a 34B double padded bras just to push my boobs up.. fml.. I am 30 years young & 4 kids, 5 ft tall.. very petite 119 lbs.

I have been reading a lot of success, positives stories on here and decided to tell my story on here too :)

well, I'm still un sure, debating, scared..
last week, Aug. 27. 2014 I decided to give myself a consults. and just to try to get more information and how it works and I have no clue how the process goes what so ever... looking online, youtube, found this lovely site...anyways. I kind of rush myself out of the doctor office, I guess I got nervous and my mind went blink.. I didn't know what to ask or what size I want, so I up & just left.. blahhh... I did met with the doctor & nurse got all the info, from them and how it works. I just got nothing to ask at the time.. I didn't even know there 2 different implants.. I straight off liked the silicone & how it feels... but been doing a lot of research on the 2 implants & I'm thinking I am going with saline.. 400cc..

soo I decided to make another consults. to see them on 9/1/2014 again and this time I write down all my questions :) and everything went good and guess what....??? I put in my $1000.00 Deposit (O.O) like OMG... I'm really gonna do it.. I'm soooo Nervous and Scared.......aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. dates and size is all I need now.. (breath)

Getting my CC's together... SOO LOST!!!!!!

Ok. Soo I have been doing a lot of searching and getting a lot of information’s.. I just can’t believe that I’m going do this.. 400cc or 430cc or 450cc.. I heard that its not much a different. But still to me it is.. I don’t want to be booby greed and end up looking top heavy and be looking all buff.. again I'm 5 ft tall and my breast is already a 34b now, Soo adding maybe 400cc might be good, but then again, I don’t want to regret that I could of went bigger to 450cc.. cause I am getting the high profiles, soo I don't know..hmmm….. maybe 430 HP under muscles..

Schedules & Dates....(yikes)

Oh yea.. yesterday, I got my surgeries date scheduled. I wanted to do my surgeries in December 23 so I can get all those extra days off, but I couldn't, cause my doctor is not going to be in that whole week, which I understand :(
I do work full time & a mommy full time, soo taking days off is kinda of hard for me. November was not going to work.. soooo.. after looking into my dates over & over, I decided to do it in OCTOBER (o.o) OCT. 14. 2014.. my pre-op will be on Oct. 6 my surgeries will be a month from now & just still can not believed it that I am going to get it. its going by to quick. You just don't know how scared I am, thinking POSITIVES & just reading all the positives post & continue to be positives.

just counting down my days..

Still undecided yet in my cc.. Btw no one knows about my BA. Not even my Family, best frends. just my Boifrend & I.. and one if my co worker cuzz she had hers done :) she was very helpful and keeping me positives.. Lol.. I'm excited & nervous at the same time.. Taking more pix of my boobs cause I will miss them very soon.. counting down my days :))

Requested work

Yay, I just put 2 weeks off from work :)) can't believed I'm still doing it...


More wish boobs..

Pre op dates schedule to sept. 29 at 9am, YAY GETTING MORE INFO. Looking at all my wish boobs

Pre-op tomorrow

Tomorrow is my pre-op day.. excited & Nervous at the same time.. I havnt even watch the videos they request for me to watch.. I haven't even prepare for anything yet :( jus kinda going day by day.. well see how it goes tomorrow. :) yeppie!!

Pre-op :)

Went to my pre-op got all my info. what vitamins I need to take.. (One a day woman & vitiam c) and all the other good info. So far, I havn't prepare anything yet..
Just kinda of taking my time.. Going day by day & work out, knowing me, I Alwase wait till the LAST min. To get my things.. But not this time & I'll try be prepare & early.. I got alittle list of what I need on my note section in my phone so far. Yay.. Lol.. I also try on more sizers.. I was still hesitating/indecisive for for my CC.. 400cc hp or 450cc hp
I decided to just go with 450cc nurse wrote it down & make my payment & that's that.. (O.O) uh-O
What did I just do.. Now I'm over thinking & I'm scared might be to big for me or for my size. :( I am a full B to C & going to be adding 450ccHP to what I already have too.. Great.. Just great.. I'm
Over thinking.. I am.. Aahhhh.. I'll be fine.. I'll be just fine :( it's not to big right?? My boyfriend thinks it's ok, But he thought it was alittle tiny bit to big. Like people can tell that I have fake boobies :(
but I went for it Anyways :)) haha!! I also found out that I gain weight too.. uurrggg.. oh well.. Thanks for reading have a fabulous day :)
I'm hungry!!!

More pix of my bobbies

Welp, jus sitting & waiting till my day comes.. I kinda of feel excited for the first time.. I kinda can't wait till the day come :) . Here's more pix of my old boobies. It's still a hand full & I am full C going to be adding 430cc or 450 lol.. . Hoping to get a good sizes for me not too big where it doesn't look right nomore.. soo far I have not prepare anything yet :( maybe over the weekend. Still have like a week left & couple days :) I also tired to lose weight, but I ended up gaining weight.. Never gain this much weight before and it jus have to be now :( Booooooo....


More comparison pix of my boobies.. I'm still debating 450 or 430 now lol.. I was thinking maybe go with 430 Dont want them too too big.. Maybe 430cc hp plus my breast skin tissue of 34c it'll probally make me a Large D nothing bigger then a D that's cuzz I'm soo short and going to look awkward on me. Hmm..

2 days left omg!!!

I can't believed it's only 2 more days left ???????????????? the more I think about it, the more I'm scared & nervous.. I just hope I don't backed out on the last min.. I want it soo bad, but I'm soo scared.. So today I finally got everything I need today last min. Thing like alwase ????????..
Extra large sport bras(front button) bras with no wires (button up front), pillows, ice pack peas, dial soap, a cute top after surgeries (open front top) my leggings, hello kitty socks, cracker, yogurts.. Now I just need to take off my nail polish n toes... Lol.. I think I'm ready.. omg, omg.. It's soo close.. I dunno if I'm ready for this :(.. I'm jus Soo paranoid & scared.. Mostly the anesthesia part... I know I can do it.. If I can have 4 kids, one all natural, one induce, one all drugged up pain killer, one c-section... I can do this. (Deep breath)

Today is the day!!! OMG????????????????????

Alright ladies..I'm nice and clean.. I'm on my way!!!! Im feeling butterflies all over my tummy ???? I'm excited & scare at the same time.. Trying to stay very calm & I am going to enjoy this.. not gona let fear or anxiety get to me.. I'm soo ready.. Aaahhhhhhhhhh!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


It's delay for an hour uurggg can't wait to get this over with... More nervous as it gets closer...


It hurts soo bad.. Is it suppose to like this:(.. Pain meds r not helping at all. Or the muscles relaxer.. Nothing helps it hurts soo bad. Can't sleep at all.. Feels like contraction off and on pls lmk

I can't believe I did it :)

Finally it's all Done and over with.. Yay., Now I just have to put up with the pain.. OMG.. Hurts soo bad.. WORSER then my 4 pregnancy.. the contraction was soo bad, the muscle rite below my collar bone and under my arm pit.. hurts.. it hurts soo bad that I jus wanted to go bak to my doctor and remove them out.. I mean it hurts.. can't even do anything :( I notice that each day passes by I feel better little at a time :) very little.. it's still sitting pretty high triangle boobs lol eww... Aniwase I decided to go 430cc hp under muscle :) yay.. I can feel my chest muscles sneezed the crap
Out of my saline inside me lol.. I jus hope I don't get stretch mark on top of my boobies.. I love them already, Now is jus the waiting games for it to drop :)

SLOWLY healing

I'm soo happy that my pain is very slowly going away.. Very little at a time.. Hurts soo bad that at one point to where I jus wanted to go and it bak out. I was miserable. My back hurts, my armpit hurts.. can't pee, can't wipe myself.. It was horrble.. I call to my doctor n cried I was in soo much pain.. Keep telling myself to jus give it 3 full days.. If I'm doing better then yesterday it means that I'm SLOWLY healing.. And I am.. I'm still in a lot of pain tho. Today I can finally feel the pain meds worked on me :) and I only took one pill.. The first 2 days I took 2 and nothing works.. Jus all bad.. BAD!! Thanks to all the ladies in here that gives me advices.. Thank u soo much.. ice works very well.. as of today I'm still having a lot of pain but not as bad as yesterday tho.. Sleeping on my bak is horrible.. I have many pillows to support me. I my man to help me with everything.. My boobs is sitting up really high.. My doctor didn't give me a strap he says he don't use those.. Hmm ok.. I still feel my muscles contraction in my chest and it hurts.. still hard to breath..

My right side seems to have more pain then my left. My chest/boobs still feels really really tight & hard., can't wait to past all this.. I'm reminding myself to jus give it a couples more days and it'll pass me by. Little at a time., I'm trying to walk alittle very slowly lol so I won't be sitting all day laying flat on my bak. Gosh it's soo hard jus to type this, I have to put my phone down like 5 times already lol


Ok, so I decided to take a shower and strip naked and notice that there was some bruseing & swelling on my side of my boobs, by my rib cage and swelling going toward my bak.. ..it wasn't there yesterday I check.. What is that?? I'm worried, paranoid & scared now.. :(,,,


My photo of my bruises :(..

Fighting all nite

I swear last nite I couldn't sleep at all.. I was up till 6am and :( my left side boob saline was just fighting with my chest muscles all nite. All the hard contractions, the tightness, I can feel my muscles moved around then contractin again.. I was exhausted & miserble. I finally knocked out at 6am to 9am and when I woke up.. I notice that I feel a lot better :) soo much better to the part where I only took 2 Tylenol :) I took a nice shower.. Still hard to move around but better then the day before :)


So today is officially my one week :)) sadly it's not going so great. I'm still in a lot of pain & taking my pain meds.. Well half my pain killer now. Tylenol didn't work so good..I'm tired & exhausted.. I have sleepless nites.. all I been doing is laying on my bak for 7 days straight.. 7 days.. Nite & day.. That's horrible. And more to come.. I'm miserble. I still can't do anything much at all.. Still can't shower or clothes myself, can't brush my own hair. my arm still stuff & can't past my head, my back hurts when I walk.. I slouch a lot but I tried not to.. I get really tired easily when I get up & tried to walk for a little bit and I dunno why, (so sick & tired of laying on my bak) I still have a lot of shortness of breath.. Can't breath.. Everytime I take a deep breath a sharp pain trigger under my shoulder blade and it stop me from breathing deep breath.. I'm miserble:( in top of all this, on sat. I notice some bruising and as days go by it gotten WORSER, so Monday I called to my doctor right away & he was not availble and so I spoke to a nurse cause my nurse was not availble either .. Jus great.. I spoke to her and send her pics of my bruised and she call me bak and said I might have hematoma and so she reschedule my apt sooner to Wed. Which is tomorrow and for me to keep an eye on it for bruises. Soo today I took a shower and I notice it had gotten WORSER. Now under my breast to my side and it's now Darker color like dark purple.. Gross.. I gotten to scared and called to my doctor again and once again hes not available he's in surgeries and same with my nurse so I got a call bak from another random nurse I send her my pics again and she say she'll forward my pic to my doc... Soo that's that.. jus sit and wait and worried to death that's all I can do... and write this review.. Lol.. my doctor & his staff are really good & really good with a follow up soo far.


Going to see my doctor tomorrow & I got all my questions written down. I been doing lots of thinking today. After what I have I been through & still going through all this.. Pain, shortness of breath, pain when take deep breath. My side under my rib hurts,
Jus all this.. I'm actually thinking bout taking it bak out.. I'm soo sad.. I wanted this soo bad and I was soo happy when I got them. I don't think I'll ever be normal having my boobs :( just to much pain.. Like i say, it's WORSER then all my pregnancy. I need to go bak to work, I do have 4 kids to support, with all this pain.. I cant do it.. Thanks to my BF he's very supportives & help me through all this..

Aha ha..

With all the Crazyness, over EXAGGERATED lol I have last night.. this morning I woke up FABULOUS.... lmao!!! I don't know what happened.. I feel like myself. All pain was gone. No back pain, I can breath REGULAR.. Jus last nite I was going to DIE.. Lol. Went to doctor he says everything is good, great, Fab... God had answer my prayer.. Thank u Jesus.. So ladies if u ever feel like how I feel.. jus be STFU & be PATIENT.... haha.. update on my boob. So I notice today my right boob had drop alil more then my left side.. Ofcorse my left side is all beat up with bruises.. Doctors says for me to start massages them.. Ouch jus my right side only for now.. I love em soo much can't wait to get all better... And play with them.. :)

Pain free finally

Ok, soo its been about 11 days since surgery and I finally pain free.. My muscles hast been contractioning lately and its a good things :) it's kina more relaxed now... I did went to the hospital due to shortness of breath and a sharp chest pain on my left shoulder blade to find out I did had alil fluid in my lungs nothing biggie atleast not a blood clots in my long. Got all testes & clear & was good. Jus continue to breath in deeply and out.. Although doctors says everything is good everytime I breath I can still feel like something is stuck in my lungs.. Ehhh. hopefully it all goes away.. went out last nite and I didn't have to wear a bra and no one notices that I got my boobs done lol. None of my friend knows, I didn't say anything either :) just that it still sit really high ^_^ up to my coller bone lol.. feels great sleep alil on my side now and I stop taking my meds completly yay me. going to go back to work on Tuesday thats my 2 weeks :)))


2 weeks already

Well well well, it's been 2 full weeks and I feel Faboulous. OMG.. I don't think I'll ever want to go thru this again.. Soo horrible, but I made it and I love my boobies. My breathing is much more better, infact its normal now except the sleeping part.. It's still uncomfortable.. Still laying on my bak most of the time, barely starting to turn on my side very little at a time, but it's ok.. It takes time & patients.. my right has drop a lot but my left is still high.. My bruising is slowly going away.. Yay I'm that part. soo I do feel like I have one high boobs & one lower.. I started on massages 1 or 2 times a day on my right side & barely started on my left side today do to all my bruises. Here's my pix :)

One month post op

One month post op in 5 days tho lol.. I decided to do it alittle early. everything has been great. No pain, still alittle sensitive & hard. Drop alittle more now. My right is more round & drop & fuller & had fluff. My left is still high & flat. I started my massages atleast 2 times a day for both boobies. I still used my arnica for my left side bruises under my boob. Left side boob is slowly going away. both is my boobies are still pretty hard on top, needs to still drop alittle more, esp. My left side. Scar is also getting better & healing pretty well, still sensitive there too. I'm using IM scar tape from my doctor, im gona starts using Maderma soon for scaring & hope it's fades more. I don't regret anything. I love my boobies I love my sizes. 430cc HP under muscles. Perfect for my sizes & height :) can't wait for them to fluff alittle more. looks soo natural that no one notices that I got my boobs done. So far Im Still wearing my sport bras, haven't had Time to look for a real bra yet due to my boobies still sitting pretty high. I'll probally wait alittle more.

Scratches & itches

My boobs starts to itch & I scracthed my boobies @ night and I left some pink marks on my right boobs. Soo ladies.. Don't scratched it.. I hope it does not leave stretch mark :(..

Bra size :))

I am one month and 5 days post op.. my boobs is still kinda hard. Dropped alittle but.. My left is still higher then my right. Maybe because my right size it was a bruised up at first.. Hmm.. Aniwase I still use my arnica gel for my left side from old brusing then rub my boobs with bio oil.. I did notice a very small strech mark on my right side too. Well, Last nite I went Burlington and decided to tried on some bras.. I have not wear a bra ever since I got my babies done .. I don't even know what size I am yet. I'm still waiting for it to drop so I can get a real size as of now I'm wearing my comfy sport bras only, but I bought 1 bras last night. Just because I was curious. And I am a Size 34 E or 34F lol.. Holy moly.. It doesn't look that big.. looks really nice in a bra tho. So I bought it.. I still don't feel complety comfy in a bra yet.. Maybe because I am not completely dropped yet. My boobs is still sore and I do feel zing here and there. I also started working out again at the gym at one month.. Jus doing all leg work out only. I try not to do it soo hard but I think I am.. Cause my boobs get sore & more pain the last couple of days.. I'm debating if I should stop working out :( I think I'm healing soo slow.. my left side is being soo stubborn...

Rashes & itches

Ok soo I notice some small rash & red bumps around my incisions. It was really itchy and I would not scratch it at all whatsoever but at first I did and thats how it came to red rash and then I stop scratching it.. I notice it was from my steri tape.. I stop wearing my tape around my incision that made the rash & itch stops.. I left it unzip & jus relax all night like this & it stop the next day.. I don't know why but my boobs is not quiete soft yet. it's just taking it time.. Especially my left side.. I still massgaer my breast atleast 2 times a day or 3. I do a lot of walking and sitting. I started gym again. Work out mostly my legs and eliptical usuing my legs only. I tried to slow down and not to bounce them at all. I also went to my event last nite. Was not wearing any bra and it looks really nice & natural. I'm
Getting boob greed.. Maybe I should of went 500cc instead of 430cc :( lol.. But then again I didn't want them to big either soo.. Maybe this was perfect for me. Either way.. I am still VERY HAPPY with my results.. would I do it again or make it bigger.. NO.. lol
It's soo much fun looking good but sleep is no fun at all. I'm still sleeping on my back most of the time & very slightly on my side soo far.. I can not wait till I can fully sleep on my side.
On my side

?Him and staff are the SWEETEST

Him and staff are the SWEETEST.. my nurse Cassandra was the best she was soo sweet and soo beautiful :) Dr. James Knoetgen is amazing soo patient and awesome, I trust his work and his works are Fabulous. He know exactly what he's doing. They answer every questions, concern & email I have, quick response. I give each and everyone a 10 star********** \(^_^)/ no regrets at all whatsoever. I

1 1/2 months comparison

Ok.. So it's been 1 1/2 months today. I feel great. No biggie, no pain, I still sleep on my back that sucks a lot with like 10 pillows. Morning boobs sucks cause my muscle would be do relaxed and sometimes I forget and stretched. Ouch.. I sleep a little more on my side now. I can finally kind of lay on my tummy, yay, just did it twice & it felts soo good..but Not full weight on it yet. Lol.. I had it to used my arm n knee too support. Gym a little now too. Urge. Gain weight. Oh well. Aniways I decided to vacuum today for the first time & I noticed that I can feel my chest muscles move a little.. Lol.. I thoughts that was soooo weird. I always see it on TV how girls do that and I can never do that and now I can.. Lol.. So funnie.. I'm always soo curious how they do that. I can do it a little too.. ofcorse boobs dropped a little more.. I feel like I'm healing super slow. It's ok tho, I'm going to enjoy them as they dropped.. Jus that my left side Is still super high.. I now used maderma and bio oil. I think my right side boobs has lil stretch mark on side. Kinda hard to tell. It's a good thing too. Here are some pix before and after. I was like wow.. It's looks so big in campareson lol but I love it :)) love the fullness. I still wear my sport bras about 90% of the time. Just feels so more comfy then on a bra or something els. I have my followed up doctors appt on dec. 3.. Thank u for reading I'll update again soon.

Bra shopping

YAY.. Finally went bra shopping. I measure myself at 34DD :)) it's doesnt not look that big but it is.. WOW.. I also did gain a lot of weight too do to eating too much good food the last few weeks.. :(
Fresno Plastic Surgeon

Him and staff are the SWEETEST.. my nurse Cassandra was the best she was soo sweet and soo beautiful :) Dr. James Knoetgen is amazing soo patient and awesome, I trust his work and his works are Fabulous. He know exactly what he's doing. They answer every questions & concern & email I have, quick response. I give each and everyone a 10 star.

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