Breast Augmentation and Lift After 100 Pound Weight Loss - Fresno, CA

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My mother says my breasts came out of no where. In...

My mother says my breasts came out of no where. In Jr. High I developed "overnight". When I got into High School, I became less active with sports and other activities because of the size of my large breasts. This only caused me to put on some more weight, and for my breasts to become a larger problem. Towards the end of my High School years I was easily over 200 pounds, I can't say an exact number because I really didn't care. It did not bother me that I was a heavy person, I was large chested and that's just the way my body was so I dealt with it and was confident to be me and not worry about the body I was inside of.
I got really tired of having so much pain in my back and the prescriptions my doctors have me only did so much. My doctor would tell me to loose weight and I pretty much just ignored him. I mean, yes I was comfortable being a large person, but that's because I had trained myself to be comfortable in my skin.... I mean what other option did I have. Of course I wouldn't have minded loosing some weight, but it was very difficult for me to be active to promote weight loss because of my back pain (a revolving circle)
How to fix this problem? Well I thought it was time for a breast reduction. My sophomore year of college it was time. I went to a few consultations to learn about the procedure and see what my options were as to whether it was for me or not. The first doctor I went to was great, reduction was approved, but I decided to visit another doctor as well that was less of a drive to go and see. The second doctor told me that a reduction would be beneficial, but that he thought I needed to loose weight. I was weighing between 230 - 240 pounds at this point. Whatever the second doctor told my insurance company didn't seem to do the truck; the reduction was denied and my weight loss journey began.
I started taking some appetite suppressants, oxy elite pro. A friend of mind said her sister tried them and I figured what the heck do I have to loose by giving it a shot. I lost the first 30 pounds by just taking this medication. Everything I would have normally ate, I ate half, and after about 3 - 5 months I started seeing positive changes in my body. At this point I was still weighing over 200 pounds and my body was immune to these appetite suppressants. I started actually watching what I was eating (instead of just eating less of the crap I use to eat) and started going to the gym. Counting calories and burning them, after the first year or so I got down to 180 pounds.
I was ecstatic weighing 180 pounds. I was still a thick girl but I wasn't fat, I still had breasts but my back wasn't killing me, I was still the confident carefree me but in a better body and I felt like a million bucks. I still had a goal of 160 pounds in my mind and was not loosing sight!
My senior year of college came after my summer of seeing 179 at the lowest on the scale. I started dating my boyfriend and I turned 21. I put back on about 30 pounds weighing around 210 on my graduation day. I felt grosser than I felt at 240 pounds because at that point I looked at myself and said why did I go back? Why did I work so hard to let my 180 pound self slip back into my old eating habits and lack of exercise.
I had lost motivation. I looked at my graduation pictures and said I have to do something. I look horrible and I feel disgusting. I started to count calories again and go to the gym. It was easy to get back on track after school was over and everyone moved on with their lives. I wasn't going to be bar in the middle of the week or hitting happy hour after class anymore. I can do this. 160 here I come!
So I got back at it! I got down to 185 and was just hitting my head on a wall. It seemed no matter how well I ate or how much I worked out I just couldn't loose anymore! Appetite suppressants from GNC just weren't doing the trick anymore. I needed something new to shake things up before I lost motivation. That's when the same friend of mine that told me about oxy elite told me about prescription phentermine for weigh loss. She attended a diet doctor near her town, so I found one in mine. It was somewhat pricy but I was desperate and pinched my penny's to make it work! My goal of 160 pounds came about 7 months after graduation.
At this point, I was obsessed. All I could do all I could think was weight loss weight loss weight loss. No matter how much better my body kept looking, all I saw where the flaws. My legs were never skinny enough, my stomach still wasn't flat enough, but every pound I lost I saw it get better so I was just going to keep going. I stopped taking phentermine because I didn't need the medication anymore, it was my lifestyle.
Though I was happier seeing my body smaller, I had no good image of myself in my head. I was no longer my confident self. I couldn't compliment myself at my accomplishments, all I could do was criticize my flaws. My breasts were gone, just saggy emptiness. My skin that use to carry pounds and pounds of extra weight was loose. Stretch marks covered my stomach and breasts and were visible in other areas. I didn't like my body. I kept telling myself that all the years of me being overweight ruined my body. No matter how much I lost those things were still there and I still didn't like the appearance of the new skinny me.
Of course I didn't realize that. I just thought oh I wanna loose 5 more pounds, not really knowing why until one night I was going out for my friends birthday. The same friend that got me started on loosing weight was frazzled at how long it was taking me to get ready. She was reminding me of how I never changed my outfit a million times or kept fixing my hair when we were in high school. But that was the old me, the confident me, not the new skinny miserable me. She looked at me and said you are unhappy, you need to fix it. She was right, but I couldn't figure out exactly what there was I could do to make this all better. Until I realized the reason I kept changing my outfit, it's because my breasts didn't fill out shirts the way I wanted them to.
Since I had identified the problem I started focusing on toning my body up more so my skin wasn't looking so saggy. I started feeling better about myself when my skinny flabby self started turning into a buff trim me. I still needed to do something about my breasts though. After all the old 240 pound me with 44gg breast (or whatever size they said I was) needed to be fixed up to sit on my new 140 pound body. I met with some doctors before deciding exactly what I was going to do.
I decided to get a breast lift (very necessary) and an implant. I had a feeling that just a lift was gonna leave me super small, and after all I had always been the "chesty girl". I am tall and broad so what I have left of breast tissue would look quite small for my body anyways.
The expense of this surgery really made me evaluate all my weight loss. It was hard for me to decide if this was the right thing to do because of the hefty cost. I think yes there are much better things I could spend my money on, but I deserve this. No one should work so hard to change their lifestyle and improve their bodies and overall health and not be satisfied with the results. The saggy left over skin from carrying my old heavy breasts was not going to go anywhere, because I will never weigh 240 pounds again.
My surgery is I'm about a week and I am very anxious!!! I will update and add more photos soon!!

after weight loss - pre op

here are some pre operation pictures.... post operation pictures coming soon!!

2 days after surgery

Ok so I got my procedure done now two days ago! what a journey!
It has been horribly hot in the Fresno area and convenient enough the night before surgery (Monday), my air conditioner went out. great right? it still hasn't been fixed, the guy should be here tomorrow (Friday) to do so do I borrowed a large air conditioner a friend use to use at her house that only had a house fan. it's not a miracle worker but it's made the house / room be a lot more tolerable....but anyways.
Surgery was at 6:30 am for pre op so they got me all settled and hooked up the IV and the doctor came a bit after 7:30. She drew on me and soon after I was rolled into the surgery room. Last thing I remember is them putting a little something in my IV and I was out!
After the procedure was over and I was awake my mom was helping me get dressed and I was just so sore and uncomfortable. I went home where my mom made me a protein shake and I took some vikodin and was out sleeping. I slept a lot throughout the day feeling pretty good. I was moving around pretty good probably more than I should have been but was doing good taking 2 vikodin every 4 hours. I wasn't very loopy either I was very coherent and holding conversations with my mom my boyfriend and a couple of friends that came to stay with me when my mom and boyfriend had to go somewhere.
I snacked on otter pops and other Popsicles since the doctor recommended this for dry mouth. I iced my breasts often switching from various ice packs and bags of vegetables I had in the freezer. sleeping was hard since the house was hot and I could only sleep on my back but my mother woke me up in the middle of the night to give me medicine and ice me a couple times.
The second day was good also. I was feeling some more pain under my arm pita and the sides of my breast but it was just pressure and soreness. I went in for my post operation appt where they removed bandages and replaced the gauze pads. I got to see the girls they were so pretty and perky!!!! of course the tape around my nipple incisions and under my breasts were left there until I go back in a week to get stitches removed. I lowered my dosage of vikodin to 1 every 4 hours and a Tylenol in between each dose. I may have done this a little early because when I woke up on morning 3 I couldn't take medicine fast enough I was in a lot of pain.
overall there is definitely pain there it's hard to pull my pants up after using the restroom it's very difficult to get a shirt on and lifting my arms over my head isn't even something I am willing to try. I'm hoping in the next two days I will be pain free and I'm excited to see the girls at my 1 week appt!

1 Week Post Operation

It has been a week since surgery and I'm doing really well. The last three days I have pretty much been off vikodin and taking just Tylenol Extra Strength. Today I only took one Tylenol so I have pretty much weened myself off all medications. I got my stitches taken out today. I am very happy with my breasts thus far and excited to see the healed results. Im also excited to get outta this damn bra!! Today she said I can start wearing a tight front clipping sports bra (which I have one that will probably fit) but I'm going to try to delay that as long as possible cause I know how good it is to wear the bra for as long as possible. Especially since I just got the stitches out I'm still going to wait a few days before going out to try and buy new bras because I'm still quite tender.

Updated Photos

The only thing I am worried about is the size......they are a little big! I hope this is just some swelling still that will go down.

about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks post

it's almost been 3 weeks and I had another post op appt a couple days ago. this is the first time I saw the doctor after surgery. she was so excited when she saw my breasts, she said they look great! (which I agree!) they are starting to drop a little and loosen up. at first I could really feel the implant high on my chest and on the sides of my breasts but it is settling down. I think they look super natural!
as for healing, one has definitely healed quicker than the other, which is normal. my left breast is the one that has healed more, which the doctor was thrilled to see because of the two side she was a little concerned about the left breast settling. the right one is a bit swollen still and "box" shaped looking which she said is normal for the combination of procedures I had. before seeing her I already knew that my left one was healing quicker, I could just feel it, it's been less sore. I think part of the reason that the left may have healed quicker is because I am right side dominant so I probably should have been taking it slower at times and my dominant side has taken a delay in healing.
as for scars, I think they are looking decent. it's funny because the left side (the more healed side) scars actually look worse than the right side. the underneath incision still seems to have swelling where the incision was so it looks worse.
I have another appointment in about 3 weeks where she believes my scars will be closed up enough to start applying the scar guard. apparently the scar guard somewhat opens up the incision to smooth it out so we have to make sure it's closed up before I start using it. the doctor says not starting it right away will not delay results of getting rid of the scars. I also asked about massaging my breasts and she said it's not necessary. she believes implants under the muscle don't need massaging techniques because of the position under the muscle. from the research I have done this seems right because it is underneath.
as for pain, the pressure and odd feeling of the implants is gone. I can somewhat feel the implant if I touch the sides of my breasts I can feel like a lump of if but it's nothing visible. my chest is still firm but not nearly as firm and the implant is not as high up as it originally was. I am still not comfortable laying on my stomach, the doctor said it won't bother the implants but it just feels strange to me and a bit uncomfortable. even when more healing occurs I'm not sure if I will start to sleep on my stomach again. I try not to even lay on my sides cause the feeling of the implant just feels strange still (or maybe I'm thinking too much into it). although it is no longer painful to lay either way it just still feels odd to me.
the only pain really is I'll get random I call them "jolts" of pain. this is occurring on my right (still swollen) breast. I find it strange because I never felt these pains on the left. I asked the nurse and she said she thinks it is my nipple nerves kind of "reconnecting". as of right now I have no feeling in my nipples (I hear this is normal for 3 months to a year post op)
my armpits however, have become my worst nightmare. I cannot shave all the hairs in them for the life of me! I think the armpit kind of relocates when the skin is pulled and now where I need to shave is in the dip between my arm and implant and I have an impossible time getting in there! I'm going to have to buy some nair!
when i went for my second post op appt i wore the white bra that they put on me after surgery. since surgery i continued wearing this bra as often as possible. it was hard to find shirts that went over it so after the first week if my outfit didn't work with the bra I would wear a sports bra. the doctor told me I didn't have to keep wearing it and just to wear a sports bra. sometimes it's still thought lifting my arms and getting one on but it's not bad at all. I usually wear one that clips either the front or back to make it easier. she said as long as it's not super right in my bottom incisions then it's good and that it doesn't have to have clips cause I'm strong enough to lift my arms now.
as for the gym, I started going back at the 2 week mark. I haven't been doing anything crazy just sitting on a stationary bike and doing some leg work since I'm not trying to over do it and be bouncing around everywhere.
overall it gets better everyday!!!

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