31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'3, 138lbs, Going from a Small B to 450cc's - Fresno, CA

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I've wanted to have a breast augmentation since my...

I've wanted to have a breast augmentation since my teenage years but because something always came up I never was able to get one. I am now older, have finished having my kids, and I am ready. My surgery is scheduled for 10/11/16, I'm so excited, I can't wait. I will be getting 450 cc's Saline implants.

Pre-op is tomorrow!!

I'm so excited yet nervous!! I can't wait to see how I will look with my new boobies!!

12 days in counting.

I am so excited and a little nervous. I hope I can bounce right back and hope it doesn't hurt as much as they say it does the day of surgery.

Almost there!!

Tomorrow I will be having my BA!! I can't believe the time has come, I remember when I gave my down payment thinking it would be so long and this time would never come. Now it's here I'm a little nervous and at times excited. I know that tomorrow, it will really hit me when I arrive at the surgery center.

Four days on the other side!!

I am still sore, however not as sore as I was the first two days. I would compare it to the equivalent of doing one thousand push-ups!! I was only sore, tender, and tired. I pretty much slept through both days but I realized I did not experience the pressure of what some women say feels like an elephant on your chest. For me, it was quite easy to breathe in that aspect I felt no discomfort. I am now 4days out of surgery and my breasts are still a bit sore, very high, and very swollen. I am able to wash my hair and reach for things with more ease. I stopped taking the prescribed pain meds on Wednesday so it wasn't too long after and I was able to control the soreness and tenderness with Tylenol.

Day 5 post-op


I came to Beautologie after seeing a few doctors, their professionalism and warm interaction made this place feel right. I also received a free consultation with the surgeon who would be performing my procedure which was great!! I had a nurse help me with sizing and she was awesome. My coordinater is great too, she is very professional and is quick to answer any questions I have. Overall this place made me feel comfortable I was happy to have been able to see my doctor and try in sizes in my first visit. He was able to answer my questions regarding saline vs silicone. I was set on silicone but decided saline was the best option for me.

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