27 Y/o 5'7 123lbs with 1 Toddler Who Sucked my Boobs Dry - Fresno, CA

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I've been wanting a BA since I was about 17, so...

I've been wanting a BA since I was about 17, so I'm super excited I'm finally doing this! When I was breastfeeding my daughter, my boobs were huge and amazing, but after I weaned her off the boob they completely deflated and were even flatter than before becoming preggo! Super excited for the next two weeks!


Yay!!! I just had my pre op this afternoon, and I am sooo excited for surgery. My doctor, Dr. Arbabzadeh, is so easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor. I'm so happy she's the doctor I chose! Her, my fiancé, and I all chose around 550ccs silicone high profile implant for me. I promise I will post my before pictures soon! Surgery is coming up!! May 2nd!!

Very sad deflated boobs!


Holy guacamole!!! My procedure is in less than two days! The doctor's office called and said my procedure is at 10:30am on Monday!!! I have my ride figured out and my fiancé and a friend are going to take care of me and watch my two year old daughter! That's wha I'm most worried about. My daughter can be pretty rough with me, but luckily she doesn't always ask for me to hold her. Do any mothers with BAs have any advice for distracting toddlers so you don't have to pick them up?? Thank you for any responses! I love this site!!


The day is almost here!!! Less than 24 hours!! I'm so excited!!!


I meant to make this post earlier, but my vision has been so blurry with the anesthesiology m. Which is weird. My right eye is worse and won't stop watering. Anywho!! Surgery flew by once I woke up! I got 600cc high profile silicone under he muscle. I also expected to be way more sore, but I'm feeling pretty good! Let's hope it stays that way! Haha here are some pics of the new girls in their bra thingy..


I am loving my boobies more and more! My surgeon said they look great and incisions are healing well! She also tightened my bra to form more cleavage!

Post op nakie boobies!!

Here are some nakie pictures of my post op boobs from yesterday! First time I had looked at them naked since before surgery! Can't wait until they drop and fluff!!


I can't WAIT to start working out again!!! Going from running 3-4 miles a day and lifting weights every week, to nothing was a little hard! This first week has been okay because the last thing I wanted to do was work out, but now since I feel so much better, I miss it!!! My surgeon told me I can stop wearing my surgical bra thank goodness because the tightness was causing me anxiety and panic attacks!I keep going in and out of swelling up. I know some women like to keep their identities anonymous and I completely respect that, but I don't mind if anyone sees my face and I'd love for my little real self family to see the super happy face behind the boobies!! Hehe!

12 days post op!

I'm just really hoping that each breast doesn't drop and fluff at different times haha


My boobies are slowly moving down! Yay!! Been rubbing all sorts of cocoa butter goodness on them to avoid any stretch marks. I love them so much!


I am LOVING these new boobs! My incisions are under the boobs, but my right nipple has been extra sensitive lately. I'm hoping this is a normal side effect. I have a doctor's appointment next week, so I'll ask her about it then. I can't wait to go bra shopping for some fancy bras! They also both seem to be dropping at the same time thank goodness! I hope everyone else is having a great day as well!!

Fighting an infection!

Hello everyone! So it's been a while since I've posted. Mainly because I've been really bummed out about an infection I got in my left breast. The good news is that I'm pretty sure I caught the infection before it got to the implant, so more than likely I don't have to have it temporarily removed. The antibiotics I'm on have been working great and I've been seeing my PS twice a week. She took a culture, so tomorrow I should be getting a call letting me know the correct antibiotic I need to be on to make sure this infection is gone for good! It's been rough and kinda gross dealing with my incision opening. Gag! But I'm just thanking God it's healing! Pray for lefty!

Sad day for lefty

In my last update I mentioned that I had an infection... Well today at 1 I have to have my left implant taken out. :( So I will be uniboob for the summer so I can heal and then my doctor will replace it in 3 months. I'm pretty bummed that I was part of the 1-2% of people who have to have an implant removed, but I'm glad to get it out so I can heal correctly. Luckily my hubby is super supportive edpecially since he didn't really want me getting this done in the first place! He does like them tho haha. Anywho! Wish me luck today!!


So I had my left implant taken out on Tuesday. It feels nice knowing I'm healing. I don't think I mentioned the infection I had, but I had MRSA staph infection. Yikes!! I hate wearing this awful drain, but it will be taken out in a few days. My doctor is giving me an implant to place in my bra once my drain is out. My hubby was concerned with how I'm handling this, and it's honestly not that bad. I'm not depressed or anything and my anxiety is gone now that my incision is all stitched up again! Just no low cut shirts for me this summer! :)

One week with one boob

So today I finally got that awful drain out! I didn't know what to expect because some people have said it's painful and others have said its painless. It was definitely a weird feeling! Not painful, but I wasn't expecting such a long tube to come out of me! Ew! My incision is healing up well and I'm on my last round of antibiotics. My doctor gave me an implant to stuff my bra with and it definitely helps! I can't wait to have lefty back though!

My boob is back!!!!

So on Halloween day I finally got my left boob back!!! It was much more painful this time around tho. I had a lot of scar tissue, so they needed to use that scary black stitching that needs to be removed. Rather than the dissolvable sutures and glue that my surgeon normally uses. It's also like my boob remembered having an implant because it's already settling nicely and it's only been a week. I've been on antibiotics to make sure I wouldn't get the same infection, and have a cream that kills all staph bacteria. I can't wait for this scary scar to heal tho!!

10 days post op!!

So this is the 10th day since I got lefty back! I had my stitches removed today! It's dropping pretty fast too! I love them so much!

1month post lefty!!!

So it has been one month since I had my left implant put back in! I believe that my doctor and I did a wonderful job at making sure I wouldn't get an infection again. My boob is still dropping a little, but I couldn't be happier! I love my big ol titties! And I love that I can say that plural now! Haha and I can't wait to get the okay to start working out again! These surgeries made me gain a few unwanted pounds. ????

In the clear!!

My surgeon gave me the okay to start running again! I've been running everyday since then! I gained quite a few unwanted lbs since the beginning of surgery back in May. My boobs are almost symmetrical again too! I'm so thankful for the amazing surgeon I have. She's the best. She took such good care of me and I know how busy she is. I saw her yesterday and she said to call in May for a checkup since everything is perfect now!

Capsular Contracture?!! ????????

Hello everyone! So it's been a while since I have updated anything. This last month I've been worried I've been developing capsular contracture in my problem boobie (lefty). It's been four months since I had my replacement implant after my infection and it is still very firm. I DO feel like it gets a little squishier each day. My hubby thinks it does too, so I'm trying to stay positive! I'm not in any pain, and I still LOVE my results!! Doctors said to wait at least 4-6 months and I'm barely hitting my 4 month mark with lefty. Righty feels like a complete part of me! All natural boobie!!! I LOVE it! Haha. I'm not supposed to see my surgeon until May, so I hope lefty keeps getting softer. If she doesn't within two months, I'll call my surgeon. Thee LAST thing I want is a revision on lefty after what I've gone through. I hope everyone has been doing well!!

Just happy to finally have boobs!!

I'm loving these boobs so much!!! Lefty is still a little firm, but is softening up. I have an appointment to see my surgeon May 11th. Hoping no capsular contracture! My mom said she had it bad with her right breast after her first BA. Praying I don't take after her in this department! Haha. Had to buy a fancy bra of course! 34DDD at Victoria's Secret!

I am sooo thankful I chose Dr. Arbabzadeh after multiple consultations. She is so easy to get along with and really cares about her patients. I did have some complications with getting an infection in my left breast and she was there with me the whole time. She made sure I was taken care of. I was very impressed. She also has a wonderful staff. Definitely recommend her! I meant to write this review a year ago! I went to multiple consultations, but am very thankful I chose Dr. Arbabzadeh. She did a wonderful job with my BA and even though I was one of the rare few that got an infection in one of my breasts, she was there for me every single week and really made me feel at ease. I couldn't be happier with my results! Definitely recommend

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