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Things just got real. After 15 years, of knowing I...

Things just got real. After 15 years, of knowing I wanted implants. It's finally happening. Surgery day July 7th.. had my Pre OP today. I went in reconsidering my previous decision of 350cc, wanting to go smaller... left the appt with the surgeon ordering 450-500cc... My goal is a moderate C. I'm currently an A... I'm still not sure how I feel. Don't wanna end up too big, thoughts?

2 weeks Pre Op

Wish I can speed up time a little, to after recovery

Tomorrow is the big day

Completely anxious... however at this point I'm more excited about leaving work for six weeks more than anything. I'm sure tomorrow my thoughts will change..

I should be expecting a call from Athenix this evening as to what hour my surgery will be at. Which I dislike btw. Why can't I know now! It can be from any time at 7am-1pm. Ugh. And I have to fast. I need pig out now before the 12 hour mark.

On the otherside

Damn this shit hurts... home now. Drugged up and ice packed.

My PS was awesome. Really calmed my nerves prior. It was all super quick. Hope the reco operation is just as fast

Day 2

My PS was given permission by me to use his perfectionist imagination on my sizes. As long as I ended a C cup... so he went with 485 cc Natrelle Inspira. I'm excited to see the end work after all fluffed out.

Strap and surgical bra are waaaaay to tight. Have caused uncontrollable itchiness. Got the ok to take my benadryl while on Norco for the hives I developed in my legs. Was hoping that would help with the itchiness under the armpits and under the surgical bra. But it didn't. I asked my PS if I can temporarily remove the bra and apply calamine lotion surrounding area. He said ok. If that doesn't help to stop on by today. I'm too lazy to make the 20 min drive. So I hope it gives in.

Day 2

3:30 am... woke up slouched over in HORRIBLE pain. Felt as if the implants fell thru and down to my armpits. I cannot separate my arms from my torso right now.
I went over the 6 hours from taking any meds. So I popped two in immediately.
Prior to tonight I was only sleeping 2-3 hrs at a time. Went a full 5 this time.
The itchiness SUCKS. It goes away thru out the day. But hits me hard morning and nights. I wanna claw my skin off.
I also haven't had any bowel movements. I don't feel bloated yet nor constipated but I know that feeling will quickly arrive. I've been taking a stool softer 3 times a day. And had my morning coffee and prune juice. The coffee alone usually do the trick for me. Not this time around.
My breast look big to me. Which I know it has to do with swelling. So I'm curious to how small they will look after they fluff. But I have yet to see bruising, good news I suppose.
That's it for right now... Turing on the Firestick and trying to catch a shut eye now that the good stuffs kicked in


Nothing is helping. At all.... stool softer. Strong coffee. Fiber supplements. Prune juice and even tried MAGNESIUM CITRATE!!!. No bowel movements at all. I'm hungry but am so grossed out, bloated; and nauseous that I can't eat.
I've cut back on the Norco. I hate the way I feel on the drug. Doesn't even knock me out. And the pain is bearable enough so not worth taking.

Band too tight

So I've been adjusting the band myself after applying calamine lotion. I guess last night I went to tight.. in hopes of ensuring my implants didn't sag to the side under my armpits.... which have been hurting BTW.... images are an end results of going too tight. I freaked out. I had no bruising prior to this morning. The worst came to mind. Frost bite from icing?! Dead skin from no blood supply?!?! Internal bleeding?! I sent the images to my PS. And sure enough, it's just bruising from tightening too much. So I'm currently letting my torso rest from the band ????

Rought Night

I spent all of Day 3 drug free. Had slight pain under my right arm but nothing i couldnt bare. I must admit Ive been in bed the majority of the last 3 days. But i felt better yesterday... until 4:30 am this morning. My whole torso was stiff, almost numb but in extreme pain. I had to use the restroom and cried from the pain i had. A lot of it radiated from under my right arm. I immeditely gave in and took 2 of the Norcos. I also havent been using the band because it was too tight and causing bruising. However now it seems the surgical bra is causing bruising too ????

My 1st Post Op appt is today at 11. So I hope they can tell me thats its normal and not that something is wrong.

No Bruising after all??

Post Op appt was good. Not what i expected. No stitches removed. Turns out the horrible pain under my right arm is normal because i am right handed. And i have NO bruising! Lol... 2 nurses were baffled and confused as to why i brused the way i did. Until one nurse grabbed a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wiped my "bruise" right off. Lol. Turns out the surgical bras color rubbed on me.


I was hoping id be up and about to my normal self already. If im not in physical torso pain. Im so nauseas, and stupid dizzy. I hate it. Ive been trying to avoid the pain meds but its really hard. Im emotional as well. I see my breast and im not happy. The point out. The incisions is not straight, its bubbly. And they look smaller than i thought. I need to be healed and fluffled. I miss my babies!!

I HATE the white band

I cant stand the damn thing. It restricting Too much pressure and if i dont set it tight enough it seems pointless to wear. I wanna fluff and set down. But i feel like i wont like them. I wanted cleveage. I was informed implants are just a larger version of my breast. I realize now i was just dealt a crappy hand. Dont get me wrong im excited about the larger breats. My husband loves them hes been nothing but EXCITED and supportive. Im sure ill be more happy once i can wear bras and buy clothes that fit. For anyone that might be reading, buy clothes prior! I really wish i would have. All i got were two sports bra just like the one in the picture. Which wont stay zipped up. They look good clothed. Im still not happy looking at them bruised, stiched and high...
Tommorrow is my second post op appointment. Stiches are suppose to be removed. And im suppose to be taught massages. So ill update tommorrow again.

2nd post op appt & bra shopping

Yesterday was my 2nd post op appt. They removed the setures. The glue they use is slowly coming off. My nipple insicion is so much better. I was taught the breast massage. They are not pleasing. But they said itll hurt less as i do them more. My left feels looser than my right. Honestly my right feels very uncomfortable. However they both look the same hight, pretty high still. Trying to massage more to componsate from having to use the band more. Got back to another appointment in 3 weeks.
I got sized today at Soma's... I feel and THINK i look like a C cup... but the sizing concluded I am 34DD...? Im not gonna complain at all. Im glad i let Dr Ciresi make an executive decision of 485CC.... Im purchased 4 bras. It was awesome not NEEDing to get padded/pushup bras. I wont be wearing them yet. Not until im cleared to by my PS. but they were having a sale, so i had to.

Not much has changes

At 2 weeks. Massages dont hurt. Sides are still tender. However, i started sleeping on my side at 9 days, so now im getting much more sleep. Boobs are still poiting out; but thats the same of my natural breast, so oh well. Still high, not as stiff anymore they jiggle now.
Ive started speed walking in the mornings when its not scortching hot... Im pretty sure ive gained alot more weight that the actual implant weight. Its quiet sad. All this sitting/laying around was nice, but it didnt do my thighs and stomach any good. Ive never weighed 135 (while not pregnant) so my knees are def feeling it. Hope at my next follow up I get cleared for excersing so i can get me a gym membership.

3 weeks post

Not much has changed in the past week. My right breast is still numb under the nipple. My nipples are still very sensitive. VERY.. No real pain... I've been wanting to sleep on my stomach but I'm scared.. I'm sleeping on my side fine. They feel like my own already.... still pointing out. That's just my natural breast shape. They look beautiful in Bras tho and clothes. My body also looks proportioned to my new boobs. I was worried they wouldn't. I'll take more pics clothed after I get clearance to wear underwire bras... hopefully next week at my next follow up appt.

1 month

Post op appt today. All is good. No pain. Itchiness on left nipple, which is normal... incisiĆ³n healing and skin stretching. Right bottom breast is still little numb. But doesn't bother me much. Massages don't hurt. No stiffness. Gonna start using normal bras. And carrying my baby. Light exercising.... I am sooooo HAPPY I didn't not go any smaller. I wanted a C cup. Had little to no breast tissue. Had 485 CC anything less and I'm sure I would have been disappointed. Ended up with DD's... I do not look what I imagined they would be. I can dress these baby's up and down. Completely satisfied.
Dr. Kevin Ciresi

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