april 8th is the big day!!

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Hi i have my consultation this upcoming Wed (30)...

Hi i have my consultation this upcoming Wed (30) to see what the docter thinks and finance plans available. I'm currently 32/34 small A cup and would like to be a small C or big B. I'm 5'1ish and weigh 116-120. I lost 50 lbs over the last year and am now at 14% body fat so im pretty muscular frame. I would like peoples opinions on what size would be good and whether or not im to young for this type of operation..

thank you, hope to get some good feedback..might post some pictures up later tonight. sort of shy right now. :0

some self taken pics

Here is not the best pics since I did then myself. But a look at my size and shape. Barely fitting that A cup:( what size do you think would be good??

consultation #1

So on Wed(30) i had my first consultation with Dr. Knoetgen, and it was by far wonderful. The Staff was great and very friendly(i know that's how they're supposed to be), everyone was extremely informational, even though i knew pretty much everything they told me. thanks to everyone on here!!:) (you guys are the best!!) he took my measurements, went over the procedure, they only do high profile and since im under 22 im only allowed to get saline implants. which im fine with because of safety issues, and they said once under the muscle there is really no difference in feel between the two! (not like people are gonna be boobie grabbing me hehe!) always decided to do an underneath incision and to go 275 cc, tried on 350... HOLY COW way to big i looked ridiculous(in mine and my BF's eyes).

Then they had me try on a 250cc next to a 300cc (they ran out of the 275 sizers) and i could tell instantly that between the two of them would be perfect, doc came in and agreed too. Fit my frame perfect and looked quite natural. I'm so pleased with my first visit.

I put !000 down for my deposit and got there promotional deal and got 500 taken off of the total. So im looking at oweing 4000 more plus the 85 for meds and 85 for lab work! (not bad to this girl!) waiting to set the date when i save at least 2000, just for my own financial sake, anyone else opt to waiting on making the date to save more money rather than loan more of it?? thats pretty much all thats going on now for me, more updates to come in the next couple weeks, very excited and anxious. always got boobies on my mind now ! haha who else is having this problem!? ;)

have a wonderful weekend ladies who are recovering, waiting for there surgery or deciding ! =^.^=

non positive thoughts and in a funk. :/

Since my consultation, my emotions have been on a rollar coaster. I was extremely excited after the appointment and the next days after that. but since then my mood has dropped extremely. not that i dont want that precedure because i 100% do. I just feel like since the consultation the void has deepened about my breast and im not sure how to cope with it until i set the date. money is another thing that keeps going on my mind. im determined to save half of the surgery amount before i make the date so i feel more secure. but its becoming noticeable more difficult as bills and monthly expenses seem to keep dawning on me. i do feel a bit better getting this off my chest/mind, thank god for this site. it helps me get through the days and to remember to always think positive. much love and wishes to the girls recovering, prepping, or deciding :)

not much to..

not much to update, still saving up money to pay off the majority of the fee. i payed off half of the 1000 i already put down! I have enough to pay the 1000 in full, but i'm being daring this year and going black friday shopping for Xmas gifts to save a couple bucks for myself to put toward to operation(is that selfish of me? oh well boobie greed;) ) going to make rice sizers tonight, or should i do water since im getting saline? any ideas on this ladies?? will post pics once i make them this weekend. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, remember to be thankful for whatever you have been blessed with, and never be hard on yourself about inevitable things :) always dreaming about my future boobs(bf is too hehe) pretty much all going on in this girls world, all the ladies pre-oping, post-oping, or still deciding good luck and have a good turkey day:)

pre-op prep!

Getting close to setting the date for my surgery! Nervous and excited. Just wondering what I should get (I.e. creams, supplement, etc) before the surgery and have already prepped and ready. Any advice on what to prepare for would be wonderful as well :)

PRE-OP appt today!!

Hi ladies great news!! Two weeks from now this girl will be on the post op hype recovering with her new set of girls! I had my pre-op appointment today and my coordinator went over all the little details and asked if I had any questions, I brought a long my supportive boyfriend and best friend(who will be driving me to surgey!) Just in case they needed or wanted to know more about post op care. My surgery date will be april 8th and I decided on 325cc high profile saline implants under the muscle and under incision. Im hoping for a mid morning surgery time, given having to drive an 1 1/2 -2 hours to get to the place dont want to wake up at 330 am to start the drive! With my stress ill probably be up anyways !:/

monday I will get all of my supplies and medicines all put together, fill my prescription and get my lab work done. Ive already started detoxing my th body to prepare for everything.

Any tips or suggestions you ladies wish you did or had to make you feel more comfy after surgery?? Already getting restless nights and weird dreams. :/ I know its all in my head, but its a major annoyance!!

Thanks :)

Almost the 1 week mark!:)

So im about a week away from surgery, and I have had so many emotions running through me since I set my date! I know all the anxious, worry thoughts are just nerves being that ive never had surgery, broken a bone, fractured, etc. Ive never even had a cavity! He last couple dsys hsve been getting eadier, im not a very patient person so the waiting is really getting at me. Im not sure if its being put under that freaks me out or the fact I wont be able to do things on my own. Im very independent and extremely active, so itll be hard for me to not want to do things on my own. My family, friends, bf sll day to just relax and pamper myself, but its harder than they think. Ill just have to to see how I feel!

My nurse directed my bf and my best friend to give me the pain meds&muscle relaxers, around the clock which they find to be the easiest for the patients the firsf couple days, so ill jusy try to sleep the blunt part of the pain away lol.

off to go buy a few more things from the store and im looking to buy a back up sports bra to change into post op healing, anh sugestions??

Thnks ladies xoxo

today is the day!!!

Okay ladies, im currently in the car on my way to my surgery!! Its a lil under a two hour drive to get there anf I need to be there by 10, figured I could start paperwork earlier . Turns out my boyfriends job was closed today so yayay he gets to come with me and will be there for me when im all done, you have no idea how relieving that is for me!!

As for nerves go, I yhink I feel normal anxiety and nervousness about everything, like I said id before ive never had anything done to me, so I would say just normal nerves. Im so so so excited, I cant wait to see my new girls. All of my family and friends are so supportive of me. Which helps tons too.

Im hoping for an easy recovery, but who really knows. I just cant wait to be able to drink water,im dieing of thirst right now!! I have my room prepped to stay in already and have a pack with me too for after, lil things to snack on and drink to help settle my stomach. Fingers crossed I dont get sick on the way home. Totally forgot to bring some pillows for the ride back, so while im in surgery my bf and friends are gonna go get some for me. Im blessed to be surronded by people like them.

Sorry for thr long post, so much on my mind!!
Much love talk to you ladies soon to be post-op!!!

loving them and its only been two day!!e

Well so far my pain level is about a two, taking my pain meds and muscle relaxers every four hours as the do instructed.

Lemme chat about the surgery itself, I got there 40 mins early and just do happens the two ladies before me were running late so I got everything going very quickly. The staff was all extremely nice and so nice to me. I felt comfort able the second I went back to change. Chatted with all the do s they went over what they were gonna do and asked if I had questi I ns, which of course not They covered everything!

Next thing I know we were joking about putting patron in my iv and I was asleep lol. (Had very comical docs which I love)
woke up 45-1 hour later, feeling ok just thirsty. Guess when I was waking up I couldnt stop talking about my birthday coming up and d thebeach haha! I got there at 9:20 and left by 11:50 . I was so thrilled it was all done and over with.

since then ive been resting at my parents house, my best friend has been helping me with every thing, im able to go potty by myself drink e

posted before I finished my last one!!

Drink, eat, etc. Walking around definitely helps so much, I felt very tight once I woke up but since I had some breakfast and walked around and sat outside I feel great! And boy oh boy when I snuck a peak at my boobies lemme just say they look like torpedoes!!!;) but ideff love the size even as it is now. Ill be posting some pics in a bit. Thanks for the support ladies!



boy oh boy!!

I am definitely loving my new girls, only down side is be being in active for so long is a bummer:( obviously going into this I realized I wouldnt be able to do much for the first month, buts its been only 3 days and im going nuts!! Gotta keep reminding myself to just take it easym at least til my one week follow up and see where im at.
The morning boob is gotta be the worst ive experienced and its not even a pain, just tight and sore. Which I can handle. I lowered my dosage of pain meds to just one pill and have been okay. Went to our fav lil sushi joint with my mom so I could get out of the house for a bit and it sure did make me feel better. Started taking milk of magnesia since I hvnt gone in 3 days:( (tmi I know lol) I just went a lil afte a shot of it TV amd feel much better haha!
Other than being restless I feel great amd cant wait to get clearance to be able to do things more freely. Ill posts some pics with this post, hopefully they load right this time!!

pics didnt upload in post!

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