45 Year Old, X-Large Chin Implant with Wings

I always knew the bottom portion of my face was...

I always knew the bottom portion of my face was small, but I didn't realize it was due to a weak chin until it was mentioned and then I began researching weak chins, so I decided on a chin implant, hoping it would give my face a better proportion. October 27, 2016 was my surgery date. On day one I had a lot of swelling, I had expected it, I had my pillow wedge with four pillows, Bromelain and arnica pills, with my ice packs and antibiotics already, the surgery went well, I chose to be awake so I was given two valium pills to take before I went and local anesthesia, I was also given Tylenol Codeine to take for pain after surgery..No worries right...I wasn't sent home with chin wraps so right away when I got home, I took some photos and could see that my chin was crooked, but i knew it will take a lot of time for swelling to go down before I could judge, so my one week appt I explained what I saw to my doctor and he felt It was swelling, but he did have me to come back for a second appt in two weeks from the first to take a look and he still didn't feel anything was wrong, so I felt like maybe I just have a different amount of swelling on both sides and after swelling goes down they will even out, but my side profile looks very good and to be very honest compared to what my chin looked like there is a big improvement. But I'm 4 weeks out and my front profile has not evened out yet.

More Pictures

Here are more pictures of my 4 week side view, I'm really loving my side profile and the scar underneath my chin is excellent, but I can say that the swelling in the face is a beast, ill update pictures at 6 weeks
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