3rd Laser Treatment on Neck Tattoo.. - Fresno, CA

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Well I have had this huge black tattoo on my neck...

Well I have had this huge black tattoo on my neck for 6 years and started getting laser treatments in 2012. On August 8th I got my 3rd treatment. I opted for the lidocaine shots cuz the pain is awful if you get a laser treatment on your neck. I'm a week out since my session and have no blisters or redness. My second treatment was a lot worse but also resulted in significant fading. This time around very little redness and swelling and very little fading. My next appt is September 19th and I will be requesting that they turn up the laser as I see no fading. Before I began treatments my tattoo was so black people thought it was fake.

2 weeks after 3rd laser treatment

Completely healed and no fading. Really disappointed. All the fading that has occurred happened after my 2nd laser treatment. I'm assuming the laser wasn't turned up high enough. I can't think of any other reason why I would get great fading with one treatment and not the other.

7 week's later

Still no fading

treatment 4

Well laser treatment number 4 is done and hurt a little but she cranked the laser up a little higher and I blistered like crazy but I'm (7.5) last time it was set to 5 joules. hoping to see lots of fading this time around! !! She set the laser to get blue ink cuz she sees blue in my supposedly black ink. Hoping for good results this time. Elsa is awesome. Blisters everywhere but she listened to my fears and is really trying to get me good results for the money.

4th laser treatment blisters

I'm soo excited to see how much this fades! ! Last time it blistered like this it faded tremendously. My blisters are huge!

black ink coming out of blisters?

So this morning a lot of my blisters popped in my sleep and it appears that there is literally black ink in my blister fluid. ....gross I know but any progress is good progress! I keep trying to Google exactly how the blistering directly affects fading but no luck so far,anybody know why this happens?

2 week's after 4th laser treatment

Well most of my scabs have fallen off and quite a bit of fading: ) a lot of the thick black lines are breaking up and the letters that were colored black are fading inside the letters. Pretty happy with results this time around. Anybody know how long the ink keeps being removed by your immune system after a treatment? I'll update again before my next appt. Which is scheduled for early December.

6 week's after 4th laser treatment

Well I'm all healed from my last laser treatment and have seen quite a bit of fading this time around. The lines are dotted and breaking up and the shading is so light it's almost gray now. It has gone from so black people thought it was fake to parts of it missing and it so light. ..I can't wait til it's gone! Taking things one treatment at a time though. I'm getting my next treatment early December. I'll update on how that goes. Seems like it's taking forever but I'm finally seeing results! !

fading update after 4th treatment and 12 weeks

I'm definitely impressed with the results I got. next treatment after the first of the year: )

12 week's after 4th laser treatment

still have seen more fading over the past few weeks: ) go I.g for my fifth treatment the first of the year ;)

well had my 5th laser treatment. ...

and it sucked. the girl that did it this time was rude,and New. lets just say I didn't like her. she set the laser wavelength to 755 when all that's left of my tattoo is like light gray color, then she cranked the damn laser up to 12 joules. ..yeah friggn 12!! my neck looks like hamburger meat but hopefully by the end of this healing phase I'll see some great fading. not sure why she changed the wavelength cuz the other nurse used the 1064 wavelength. .. she got mad when I asked why so I never got an answer. .I'll update again in a few weeks as soon as I can see some fading. :)
Elsa from Mystique Med Spa

Elsa is a sweet lady made me feel comfortable. (Lidocaine shots are your friend)

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