Tummy tuck- Jul 17, 2014

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I have 12 year and 10 year old kids, gained 60lbs...

I have 12 year and 10 year old kids, gained 60lbs on my first pregnancy. I am 5'1" and currently weighing 130 lbs . I excercise regularly. I had liposuction 10 years ago but I have a loose skin on my tummy so I decided to have it done and paid my way to this new journey. My frame is medium even though my height is lacking so I need to exercise to tone everything but my abdomen is so flabby.

4 days to go

I'm not so worried and excited due to work and stress from hubby's getting a new job or not so I'm not so focused on this surgery

More pics

Took more pics in am

Getting ready

I finally able to get some hibicleans soap and chlorhexedine wipes to use before and after surgery.

Last u jam exercise

Last exercise to the gym before going to work and prior surgery. I'm sure to miss it for 6 weeks

Tomorrow is the day

I ate pastry for breakfast after work to have a good sleep to get ready this afternoon for the surgery tomorrow. I know I have to watch what I eat starting tomorrow since I can't exercise . That's the downfall on my part.

My big day

Honestly I'm not dealing this emotionally yet. Or I'm so ready emotionally. I know it would be painful but that's expected for a big cut. I'm just excited of the end result

More pics prior

More pics to compare later post op


More pics to compare later.


Transported to my room loaded with pain medicine. I might as we'll be comfortable tonight and suffer tomorrow. Let the recovery beging

1st bathroom trip

bathroom trip was a success. I asked for morphine prior to get up and still painful. The stream wasn't continuous but it feels good sitting up. It seem like I could stand straight but the nurse prohibits me in doing it. My plan for Percocet is to take it every 4 hours and morphin prior to getting up. My pain tolerance is height and I could tell you the muscle tightening is painful. I don't even feel the incisional

Muscle pain

I've been taking morephine every 2 hours and Percocet every 4 hours and the pain is still sore. The coughing can give me an intense pain. I've been using incentive spirometer after morphin is taken

Getting up

I was able to get up on my own. Pain subsided this morning except when coughing. Urinating is easier this time. Waiting for the doctor for the dressing change and I'm going on. I manage to change my clothes and put my panty. Yay. But coughing still very painful and I'm doing good for my IS

Survived the day

I survived my fists day st home with the help of my family. I take Percocet every 4 hours and increase the dose to 2 tablets. Surprisingly I'm not that sleepy and I managed to go in and out of recliner with the help of my family. I feel gas pain and took gas x hoping to relieve the symptom soon

3am post op day 2

Woke up with back discomfort from sleeping in a reclining chair. So far the gas pain doesn't bother me yet as I woke up maybe later.i tried in bed last night but it was to painful so I was stuck in a chair. It takes 2 people to help me get in in out of chair without pain. I always have to remember the v position. Always bend to the hips and everything makes it easier. I pout my alarm every 4 hours to take pain meds. I plan to decrease it to 1 Percocet today. I'll update you more of the pain. The drain doesn't bother me. I pinned it to the Cg and tubings been tucked to the panty and I wear beautiful summer dresses. I've been taking arnica in between my pain pills and the vita medical products to help speed my recovery. Hoping it will work. My spin tolerance is height but this procedure knocks me down. I walked around the house as soon as I get up to go Restroom . Hoping for a better day today

Jo drain

This is how I attached my drain

1am 3 day post op

Woke up with moderate pain and easier to get in an dot of recliner. I misstate bed but still too painful to do it. Hoping for a better day when I wake up this morning


I opened the dressing this am instead of tomorrow.I'm happy with the healing.


As expected I went thru it. I've been taking cool ace and gas x 3 x a day to anticipate it but still the first one was hard to come out. I'm ready with fleets enema that helped me go thru it. It wasn't easy but a success. Been moving around more last Percocet I took 1 tablet at 2 am and taking arnica in between. Im so happy to have a family that is very supportive

Pain in the evening

This is the 3rd day that I feel awful in the evening . I'm well rested and only do walking inside the house. I'm well amen care by my family but still painful towards themed of the day. I've read a lot of posting and almost everyone blames to overworking. In my case not so it's really tiring and painful towards the end do the day so don't blame yourself ladies, it's just how the body react to healing I guess

4th day

Woe up at 1 am with severe gas pain. Took Percocet and gas-x and managed to go back to sleep. Wake up feeling better. I'll redress my bb and wil post pic. I'm getting bored in the house. My draining subsided significantly yesterday and mostly serous so hoping at least 1 would come output on my Thursday appt


I'm feeling it every time I'm in Pain but it goes away when everything is ok. I'm getting tired of walking, sleeping and eating


I opened and cleaned my bb and opted for wipes instead of shower

5th day

Woke up at 3am and comparing to my early awakenings, I felt so much better this time. Hope it continuos all day long. I had only 2 Percocet and 1 Motrin yesterday. I've been taking arnica but it seems like it doesn't really help with pain.it seems like my back was almost straight when I walked to the BR and I was able o lay down on bed with a HOB with some pillow but it's harder yo get in and out. I'll try longer to stay in bed today. I still used my cheap recliner most of the time.
No fleet enema uses yesterday. I used twice the other day


In my own experience. I don't consider tummy tuck as a dangerous procedure because we are healthy going to the OR room maybe if it's just happen just minor complications which anesthesiologist are good at handling it. Remember it the surgeon that do the surgery but everything else is managed by anesthesiologist. You are in good hands while on surgery you worry after that is my advice to everyone going to have it. Enjoy the last days prior to having pain...that's what I did. I worked til the last days. Partied with friends and took out my kids to where they want to go. I was so ready going to the or and even I anticipated the pain still you gonna go thru it and get a good support from family. Teach your kids after to provide yo with water and to help you get in and out of the recliner. I used chair recliner the first night which tajes 2-3 people to feel no pain doing the movement until my husband suggested the reclining chair for outdoor/ camping and I could go in and out by myself of with minimal help when I'm in pain


I didn't take pain medicine yet but I drained my energy from constipation... I used 3 fleet enemy this morning. Gonna have a trip to Cisco to buy more fleet and try not to take Percocet anymore. I'll stick to 1 Tylenol and 1 Advil today plus arnica in between. I'll up date the pain tomorrow. My back is about 90 percent straight without pain medicine

1st time to go out

Getting ready to shop 1st time post surgery

Been up all day

So far it's a success with one Motrin and 1 Tylenol so far and it's 635 pm. I don't feel tired and been up all day with in between rest. Had constipation again and used 3 fleets enema in one setting this morning and I took a lot of fiber and drinking water plus cool ace and I had 3 x today but I anticipated a battle next am again so went to costco and get more fleets

Up with little discomfort

Midnight and up with little discomfort, since my hubby is asleep and have only Percocet at reached I took it. Next time I'll put Tylenol at reached area


Pain is more controlled and I'm on a better spirit


I've been doing chlorhexidine wipes and dry shampoo everyday and I took a real shower standing without a chair. No difficulty. My husband had to do standby and gave me what I asked so I don't need to grab things. I took Tylenol 1 tablet to avoid breakthrough pain

6th day evening update.

I only took 1 Tylenol before showering and if my stomach felt tight I took arnica tablet that seems to help a bit cuz I'm not too hunched. My stomach seems more swollen towards the evening cuz it feels more tight. So I do more walking around the house in the morning and a short trip to store. I might take some Valium tonight to keep my muscle relax or Percocet 1 tablet, I'll decide after my antibiotic is taken. My post op appt will be tomorrow. I don't mind having my tube for few more days rather than dealing leakage from the incision. But my rt drain only drains 10 cc/ day after a week and the left still 40 so I want to keep the left. I'm weird but rather than dealing with sermons later

1st post op visit

Everything looks good per MD. But drained not remove until Agustin 4th on my next visit. No pain meds taken last night except the arnica and even today. Moves like an old lady still with slow and minimal hunchback . No more constipation since I stopped Percocet. I get tired so easily

Better everyday

I feel better everyday but the swelling keeps me awake at night oh we'll I have 5 more weeks to go before going back to work. My drainage still draining the same amount as 4 days ago so I guess keeping it makes it better. MD said he'll revise the scar if needed someday on the drain sites

Slept in bed

Last night I slept on the bed . A friend of mine is coming to San Francisco and meeting her tonight for a dinner somewhere in sf


I'm Completely walking upright now. still very swollen due to my salt intake and coudn't really have a lot of clothes to wear due to my drains to betaken out August 4th

2nd Sunday post surgery

No pain meds taken but I noticed my left outer thigh is been numb. I dont know if its normal. I've been moving more but no long walking, I get tired easily or I'm enjoying being lazy. I'll catch up when My wound is totally healed..then I would limit my caloric intake to get back to my prefered weight

Been up all day

Went to Santa Cruz boardwalk with the family and I tolerated it without pain meds and able to walk straight most of the time and icing faster. I still have my drains

2 weeks

Nothing changed. I still have drains but it easier to move around now. I still use CG makes everything easier for any movements.


Today I decided to try spanx all day and at sleep. I've been lifting weights with 4lbs only. Never tried to run only walking with pace lower than my normal walking . I'm going back to work by the end of next week. I do a strenous job. So I need to start doing more exercises.

The 4's were given cuz I didn't really used the service. I didn't call/ email him after surgery.

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