37 Y/o, 5'4", 205lbs, 1three Y/o Son, Ready to Feel Like Me Again:) Fredrick, MD

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I have been thinking about a mommy makeover for...

I have been thinking about a mommy makeover for years but wanted to wait until after children. After 17 years of waiting, my husband and i have been blessed with our son. He is our miracle baby after 3 miscarriages and an emergency c section. God is good. He has been there for the good times and bad time. I'm thankful for it all because without God i would have none.
The time has finally arrived to have mommy makeover! !!! After years of planning, college complete, 40 plus pound weight lost, and the wonderful support of my husband im ready!!!!!!

Supplies for post op are ready.......

After going to several stores i was finally able to find a nice zip up workout jackets with a hood and lose comfortable workout sweat pants. Thank you JC PENNY!!!!!!! I really appreciate the list of items others have posted on realself to help me prepare. Their list has been a big help. All prescriptions have been filled and already packed in my suitcase so i can be assured not to forget them. I have two more days/ shifts to complete at work than I'm ready. My husband and i will be staying in a hotel (Marriott) the night before and after surgery since we live 2 hours and half away from the facility and i am scheduled to be there for surgery at 8:15am. My dr would like me to stay near the hospital right after surgery than i may go home the next morning. My husband insist being the one to care for me. I appreciate his support but the funny thing is he is the most none medical person im know. Lol. My husband will have his hands full with caring for our 3 year old and myself. I couldn't For a better support.

Total cost of surgery....

My mommy makeover cost 12, 600. The hospital facility fee is 3,105. Total of 15, 705. I have been saving for years and have paid all up front. I try to avoid credit cards if at all possible. One less thing i need to stress about is finances. ... Here are some pictures of comfy clothes i forgot to post that i was able to find purchase JC PENNY:) I brought my clothes one size larger to accommodate for swelling. I currently wear a large bottom and x large top. I'm not so hung up on numbers and can't say i wish to be a size 12, 14, etc ( currently size 16). I'm more concerned to be comfortable in my own skin minus the shaggieness:) Every one in my family is 200 lbs plus. We have broad shoulders thanks to my dad and a large frame. I love my curves. I'm more concerned with being healthy. My husband is the cook in the family since i have been going to college full time (going back for my third degree nursing B.S.N). he is vegetarian so the who family has healthier meals. This life style change has contributed to my weight lost and has been maintainable.

Only a couple of days away before mommy makeover! !!!!!!!

Hospital just called. They moved my surgical time up. Turns out I'm going be the first patient of the day which is great. The staff is less tired and more detailed focuses verses at the end of the day. Speaking from experience ( I'm a operating room nurse). I CAN'T WAIT! !!! I thought i might be nervous but i only feel excitement and can't wait tell the new me. I guess i would be more scared but after being a operating room nurse for 6 years and doing all surgeries (general, orthopedic, urology, OBGYN, vascular, etc) it's like another day at work except I'm the patient and have no control.

List of supplies

Here is a list of supplies that was provided by another realself member (BoogieKnights47). I found this list to be helpful:)

BoogieKnights47 posted in her review this super helpful list of what to get before your mommy makeover. Check it out:

• Prescribed pain medications
• Prescribed antibiotics
• Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications
• Prescribed anti-anxiety medications
• Over the counter (OTC) sleep medications or ask your surgeon for a prescription
• Prescribed medications the patient normally takes on a day to day or weekly basis
Supplements & Vitamins
• Arnica Montana
• Topical Arnica Montana
• Bromelain
• Vitamin C, or Vicon C

Miscellaneous Medications
• Mild stool softeners
• Antacids

Other Supplies
• Medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)
• Medication Time Schedule for when to administer medications
• Dressings, sponges, gauze,
• Triple antibiotic ointments
• Antibacterial soap
• Digital thermometer
• Silicone sheeting or other scar therapies
• Wetnaps
• Heating pad (or a large tube sock filled with uncooked rice. This can be microwaved and retains
heat very well.
• Moisturizer
• Kleenex

Grocery Store
• Bags of frozen peas
• Plain, low sodium crackers
• Bottled water
• Frozen dinners
• Low sodium soups (no Ramen)
• Jello-O
• Fresh fruit

Department Store, Online Store, or Other
• Compression Garments (medical quality only)
• Extra pillows (varying in firmness), body pillows, Husband/recliner pillow
• Digital camera with memory card
• Journal (or use your laptop)
• Movie rentals, DVR Recordings or downloads
• Books, magazines, audio books, Kindle downloads
• Empty plastic coffee tub with lid (for nausea)
• Batteries for remote
• Pajamas, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that button in the front
• Slippers or socks (with grip on the soles)
• Hand mirror
• Small flashlight for late night bathroom trips if you cannot get to the light switch easily. Sometimes
pain medications can also cause confusion upon awaking, and you don't want to walk into a wall.
• Nightlight, if you want to avoid the above and are able to sleep with a little light, a low level
nightlight may be better than having to fumble for, and hold, a flashlight.

My wish photos

I'm not expecting a miracle but here is my wish photos:)

Wish photos

Wish photo

Two days before mommy makeover! !!!!

I just finished working my last shift. Driving home from work and realizing my mommy makeover is less than 48 hours away!!!!!!! I woke up and realized i didn't win the 900 million powerball along with everyone else. It was fun to think about the" what if i won " even if it was for only one night. Lol lol lol. We are leaving tomorrow. I'm ready for our 2.5 hour drive to pour hotel. I have to report to the hospital at 6:30 am Tuesday morning, ready or not! !!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!! Mommy makeover! !!

My husband, son and i checked in our hotel around 2pm... traffic was terrible on the highway, two car accidents. .. instead of a 2.5 hr drive to hotel took 4 hours but we are here safe and sound and that's all that matters; ) The hospital is 6 mins down the road and i am to check in at 6:30am. I'm ready! !!!!! Here is the last night of my loose shaggy body!!!!! I'm hoping for the best:)

Surgery day!!!!!!! Pre op pictures

Pre hibiclins scrub done. Ready to leave hotel and head over to the hospital :)

Peo op pictures

Post-op, and 1.5 hours after surgery

Surgery is complete! !!! I passed out/light headed when they stood me up, twice. I had to stay am extra hour in recovery and receive LR 500 cc. We are back in the hotel. ..I was walking bed my bedroom to the bathroom and felt like i was going to pass out. I immediately walked to my bedroom and propped my legs up on pillows and my head down. I Didn't tell my husband (caregiver) because I didn't want to scare him. So i waited tell it pass and told him. I'm pushing fluids (Gatorade ) to replace my electrolytes.

My poor husband. I just found out why he has been do grumpy all morning and this evening. He came back to the hotel ( 3 minutes down the road from the hospital) with my son to wait for the time to pass. Than went to the front desk to ask where grocery store was. The front desk staff told him down the street around the bend, ect. He walked in cold in the wind with my fussy toddler. Turns out the grocery store wasn't just down the street it was way down the street and once he finally found it it was closed and under construction. Than a nurse called him when the surgery was complete in the operating room but failed to tell him the hour or so additional for recovery time (PACU) so he sat in the waiting room for an hour and & half. Now that we are back in the hotel, he just told me he is getting a head cold and is sick:( My poor husband has had a crappy day and I can't help him with our son right now:(

Recovering. .........

I look like hell but o well this ant a beauty contest. ..lol lol lol..... thumbs up for the beginning of a great recovery:)

Follow up. ...

We just got in our hotel and settle when Dr kress called. He gave me his personal cell number if anything should arise in the middle of the night. .... (now that is a caring doctor)... Tammy (works in Dr kress office) called an hour or so after Dr kress to check on me and give me her personal cell number also. I told them how i was doing and they answered all my questions to relieve any concerns i had. She was her usual sweet self. What a great team!!!!

No pain:)

We left the hospital today around 5pm. I was expecting the worse when i woke up and later as the evening went on but i have had NO PAIN just soreness since i woke up from surgery. I thought my pain would be terrible after reading so many blogs on realself. But we will see what tomorrow brings.

I have been peeing so much. I received 2.5 liters of LR so It's working its way out of my system. Thus far i have drinked 2 bottles of apple juice (20 oz total), one large cup of water, and two 20oz bottles of Gatorade ( getting ready to work on my third bottle). This girl is trying to stay hydrated. :)

Moving around after a mommy makeover :)

Since we left the hospital today around 5pm, i have been slowly moving around all by myself. I walked to the car. Walked back to our room in the hotel and been walking to and from the bathroom all by myself (hunched over). I'm not sure if this is normal but i have no pain just soreness. Feels more like the day after a heavy workout. My chest feels tight but no pain. i have a burning sensation in the middIe of my abdomen. I'm not concerned thou because i have read about this on so many other ladies blogs. The burning doesn't hurt i just notice it. I have been doing nothing but talking with friend and going back and forth tp the bathroom. Taking it easy. Doctors orders.

My husband has been very sweet and attentive. I couldn't open the to of my antibiotic bottle and other little things like that. Im guessing it takes awhile to get your strength back. I didn't realize how much of your pectoral muscle you use for so many little things.

Well i have to go. Bathroom is calling me again. ....lol...:)

Procedure for mommy makeover

I just realized i never posted what i had done. I had a breast lift with augmentation (smooth moderate classic silicone under the muscle) and tummy tuck.

Smooth classic moderate silicon 405 cc.

I forgot to add this to my prior post.

Question " bubbling sensation "

I have a question for all of you out there. I just had my mommy makeover yesterday with a tummy tuck, breast lift, augmentation (smooth moderate classic silicone 405cc), is it normal to have a bubbling sensation in my right breast ? I'm guessing this is my implant sliding down. It doesn't hurt but i can feel it. i have an appointment with Dr Kress this morning and i plan ask him but i was just Wondering. I have a lot more swelling this morning. I look like i have two large side boobs coming out and i had to loosen my binder so not to compromise circulation my belly button. The abdominal burning sensation is still there. I still have NO PAIN just a lot of soreness. Still moving slow back and forth to the bathroom and around the hotel room hunched over by myself. I just started right now having the same bubbling sensation in my left breast. Weird:)

Post op Day 1. :)

We just left the doctors office. He sAid everything looks great. I can't believe I'm already standing up straight and walking around on my own and going to the bathroom by myself. I didn't put my Binder on right. I had it to high and to tight. Dr. Kress and Tammy got me squared away:) we are driving back home now. We will be home in am hour. HOME SWEET HOME! !!!
I still have NO pain. . I told dr kress today that I'm in a special category. ..lol lol he said no your just a tuff bear. He even told me all the nurses In recovery room couldn't believe how well i was doing. ....

Post op picture day 1

Ready for lunch. ..yummmmm grapes and Gatorade :)

Post op day 1 pictures standing up.

I love what i am seeing.!!!!!! My girls are not hanging to my knees. I no longer have 38 D (are large C depending on the type of bra) long socks breast any longer. Yea!!!!!!!!! Lose belly skin be gone! !!!!!!!!
I think I'm not normal. From what i have read on so many other blogs everyone says mommy makeover is worse than c-section. Well I'm sorry ladies but i disagree. I had to have an emergency c section with my son and i have to say that was uncomfortable. I didn't take any pain medication for my c section when i got home because i do not like the feeling. It makes me feel all weird in the head. But i must say i felt ever step in my abdomine ect. I'm not complaining but just saying. After waiting 17 years, my miracle baby was worth it (i have a bad obgyn history).

This mommy make over is nothing compared to my emergency c -section. I'm just speaking for myself. Please everyone one do not take me as diminishing anyone else experience or pain. I'm just speaking for myself. My chest continues to be very tight and a lot soreness in my abdomen again like the day after a heavy workout. No big deal.

O i forgot to mention that Dr. Kress said he liposuction 8 lbs off me. WOW. No wonder my surgery took an extra hour. He was working hard. I had a total of 6 hour surgery verses 5 hours. I lost over 40 lbs before having my mommy makeover. I didn't realize i still had so much fat. I know Dr. Kress must have sleep well last night after all that work:) i have to run, the bathroom is calling my name again:) I feel great:)

Post op day 1 night

I still feel great. My husband and i are camping out on the L couch. The couch is taller than our bed and i slept on the couch for a couple of hours when we got home. My husband wanted to be close to me in case i needed anything so he is sleeping on the floor in my sleeping bag. He is still feeling a little sick but he is not complaining. I can tell he doesn't feel good because he is grumpy at times and that is not his norm. I hope what ever cold he has that it passes soon. He has been doing an amazing job keeping up with the house, animals, cooking, cleaning, and caring for our 3 year old. I'm feeling very blessed right now.

Dr. Kress and Tammy did call me this evening but i missed their call because i was asleep on the couch and had turn my phone off. He and tammy were concerned about my nipple circulation and swelling. I texted them back and said, "Sorry i missed your call. I feel a sleep. I just checked my nipples again and they are blanching well. They do not look any bigger. I have been doing ice on and off for 20 minutes at a time on the top of my chest and not directly on my nipples. They feel a little less tight. .. I'm feeling great. No pain. Just sore ...."

I have notice my energy level is down. I'm usual up and moving all over the place and multi tasking. I can get up and walk and do a fews things but than have to rest. My husband gets on me and tells me to stop and he takes over. Than i stop and sit down and realize i am a little winded and tried just from doing small little things. I keep getting up every hour to walk around to promote circulation and decrease clots. This whole process is very new me because I'm a high energy person and do not know the concept slow. I'm leaning thou. I'm trying to follow dr orders and rest. I noticed my output on my two drains that are placed below my bikini line has slowed down and the color is changing from red to a lighter yellowish brown color.

Over all thou I feel great and I'm so glad to be home:) i can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Post op day 2..

I woke up this morning at 5am my usual time. I had a peaceful restful night sleep. I got up and went to the bathroom by myself and only had 40 cc output from my drains with half yellow fliud and half red fluid. I have A LOT less soreness under my right arm axillary area. I feel like i have more energy this morning. I have no difficulty with my drains and forget that they are there for the most part. I only feel them when i first get up to walk. I changed my dressing this morning that's under my right drain insertion point (i have a lot of oozing there). I checked my nipples again and they are still blanching well. My implants do not feel like they are up by my throat this morning. Lol. They must have moved down a little. Today agenda landry (my husband will do) and sponge bath (no shower until drains are out, doctors orders). My pain is still a zero and my soreness is a 3 ( on a 0 to 10, 10 being the worse). Looking forward to the day:)

Post op day 2 afternoon.

Agendas met:) My favorite item today is"SUGAR FREE COUGH DROPS". My throat has been a little sore since i was intubated with the ET tube which is normal. Because of the dryness and soreness from the ET tube i have been coughing. This is the last thing you want do when you have had a tummy tuck. So i am highly recommending to add cough drops to your to get preparation list they have been a life saver:)

I have been resting on the couch with my 3 year old son while my husband went to town to do some arrands (grocery shop, take trash away, etc. ). An hour in watching my 3 year old i was exhausted. I had to keep getting up and down to meet my son demands (make him lunch, clean up, getting up to put more water in his sippy cup, get up again to put his favorite movie in, get up again to rewind the movie and put another movie in, get up again to help him out of his chair, get up again to take him to the bath room to wash his hands and on and on and on. I finally had to tell him mommy is tired and he had to wait tell daddy came home to meet the rest of his demands. Which lasted a total of one minute. 3 year olds are not known be the most patience people. When my husband came home, he took over and i resting on the couch.

After bath, dressing changed with the help of my husband, i feel asleep on the couch (have ad least seven pillows).

Post op day 2 evening

I'm Happy to say i did number two without any difficulty. Wow that's a load ofoff my mind. I gave my son his bath minus the lifting (my husband did that). Getting ready for our long trip back to Dr Kress office tomorrow for my follow appointment. I'm feel stronger this afternoon. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and look forward to see what Dr. Kress has to say about my progress:)

Post op day 3 morning (mommy makeover )

Wow what a beautiful pink sunrise. Looks like it's going be a great day:) I was in the bathroom an hour getting ready doing my hair, makeup, teeth, draining drains 50 cc output total (i have two drains), checking breast ( great nipple circulation ), taking vitamin and abx ect, had another number two without any difficulty (yea!!!!!!).

Well my left boob was still there this morning when i woke up. I thought it was going to pop, felt so tight due to swelling. Thought my friends might have to call me uni boob. ... lol I'm all ready to go to my follow up appt in Maryland. I'll let you know how it goes:)

Each day i feel stronger. I can stand longer and i feel a little less sore. Wound sites look like they are having less drainage. God is good:) here to another great blessed day:)

Follow up appt. Post op day 3. ..

I just left Dr Kress office. I received great news. Everything is healing well. Dr. Kress and Tammy changed all my dressings. When Tammy took my binder off i was very impressed with how flat my abdomin looked. But than Dr. Kress said i still had a lot of swelling and would be flatter. Wow, i was surprise and happy too hear that! !!! I think everything looks amazing.

He was concerned that I was doing to much and needed to slow down. He said he has two different spectrum of patients. Those that do not move at all due to the pain and those that do everything regardless of the pain and those are the people that he worries about the most. He reminded me i just had major surgery and needed to slow down. He said he new what kind of person i was from our first meeting. Lol lol

I told him and Tammy that i am able to sleep laying flat and that i thought that was better due to less wrinkles in my binder. He said that was fine but i think they were surprise that I'm able to lay flat. I was just more concerned that i was doing what I'm suppose to and not impeding the healing process for myself. I am moving around so much to prevent a DVT or PE. I think I'm beyond that point thou. My other major worry was an infection. Dr. Kress and Tammy relieved my concerns and said my incisionals sites are healing very well.

Dr. Kress also said i have soften up a lot in my chest. That would explain the decrease tightness in my chest.

I am so happy to receive great news and that my incisional sites are looking great.

I might be able to get my two drains out on Monday or Wednesday depending on my output. All and all looking great! !!!!!!!!

Post op day 3 pictures

Nerves reconnecting ouch!!!!!!

Its 1159pm and i woke up to this sensation in my left breast/nipple was on fire!!!!!!!! Evertime i moved my left arm i have this 10 of of 10 sensation. I didn't stop what i was doing. I breathed through it and keep going. I had to go to the rest room and i had to drain my drains. My husband was asleep on the floor next to me and i didn't want to wake him. I'm now settled back on the couch. Wow what sensation! !!!! I just tell myself this to shall pass. This feeling just means the nerves are healing. So discomfort is a good thing. I'm going back to sleep. Good night all. Zzzzzzzz

Post op day 4

I woke up not feeling the greatest. I still had a headache from the park yesterday due to someone was smoking (cigarette smoke always gives me an instead headache). I took Tylenol before i went to sleep ( i never get headaches). I though when i would wake up this morning it would be gone, no luck.

So i decided not to focus on my headaches and get on with my day. I went to the bathroom at 6 am for my morning routine ( comb hair, brush teeth, shave (felt like a women again), take prescribed meds, change dressing, new set of clothes, and sponge bath with assistance of my husband. After that two hour process my headache was gone:)

I'm not sure why, maybe yesterday activities where a little much for my body but i woke up so swollen. My chest had a tighter feeling again and i had swelling from my upset chest to mid thigh. Wow!!!

I have so much swelling I'm worried my incisional sites under my brest will separate.

Today's agenda is to listen to Dr. Kress and take it easy.

Does anyone know how to remove the sticky glue from the tape left on your skin from the bandage tape? ?? I have scrubbed with soap and water and alcohol with no change.

Here is how to remove sticky bandage dressing tape

My mom is a genius. I was unable to find a solution to remove sticky bandage dressing tape. I tried hot soap and water and alcohol without results. I told my mom about it and she said try baby oil. It came right off with baby oil! !!! THANK YOU MOM! !!!! Now i feel less gross.

I haven't seen my mom in over two weeks ( we have opposite work schedules and very busy lifes). She and dad surprised me today with a visit. Needless to say my husband, my son and i were over joyed to see them. I may be 37 but I'm never to old for my momma. She is one of the most strongest , smartest women i know.

Just seeing her raised my spirit:)

Post op day 5 Mommy Makeover

I woke up around 6 am to do my usual morning two hour routine (sponge bath,hair, shave, dressing change, take prescribed medications, empty drains, lotion (no deodorant or lotion near my incision sites), fresh clothes on, ect). I was able to complete my bath today without assistance! I'm loving these small victories. I'm getting stronger everyday; )

I am loving how my abdomen is looking. I chest looks like Frankenstein monster bride chest. Like a tight laced up football. Not pretty at all. I changed my dressings, check nipple circulation and continue on in the process. I know it will get better in time. Other than that i do not look at my breast (very ugly).

I have been following Dr.Kress's order to rest more. I work up this morning with no soreness at all! !!! Amazing the difference i feel when i listen to the doctor. Lol lol lol.

Post op day 6 Mommy Makeover

Morning routine complete. I feel great. No soreness! !!!! Starting to feel like me again!!!! My belly button looks more centered today due to less swelling. I really am loving the way my abdomen is looking!!!! My chest is feeling less tight!!! Incisional sites are draining less ( light clear drainage only). My chest still looks ugly to me. I know i will be much happier when my implants drop.

My drains are to come out this evening or Wednesday. Dr Kress said the output must be a quarter of my last output of 190 cc (total amount in 24 hours from both drains). My total amount yesterday was 120cc so i doubt they will be removed today which is ok with me. Better to wait than to develope a seroma. I called Dr Kress's office and left a message with my total output as directed. Waiting to hear back with a decision to remove drains today or Wednesday.

I can't believe the transformation of my body in such a short time (from post op day 1 to post op day 6). I'm starting to feel like the person i know that was locked inside is finally coming out.

I love myself when i was heavier. I loved my curves. However my body had another opinion. As a nurse my job is very physical. I would come home after a 12 hour shift and literally just ache all over (legs, knees, feet ect). I didn't want to have issues later on in my life and on this continuous path of over weight i knew i would start to have under lying disease process (DM,CAD,elevated lipids, ect). Its been a long journey (years with the supervision of my doctor ) but i have lost over 40 lbs and kepted it off. I would have moisture issues from the loss skin from my abdomen and my thighs. I'm so thankful after years of thinking about a mommy makeover that my shaggy body with loss skin in gone ! !!!!!!

I'm loving my new body. I love that i still have curves. I can't wait to get the ok to start to exercise again.

Post op day 7 Mommy Makeover

Woke up today feeling done with this whole healing process. I'm so ready to be out and about, taking with friends, visiting family, out in town doing arrands, being my usually self.

I know this is apart of the healing process but sitting and relaxing is for the birds. I'm still following Dr. Kress orders to slow down, so i have a better outcome

I have an follow up appointment tomorrow. Maybe my drains will be removed. Than i can take showers!!!!!!

I continue to love my abdomen more and more every day. Looking beautiful. My chest on the other hand looks so ugly i will not even take a picture. Does not look feminine to me all. My breast feel boxie like a male and my right nipple and breast look like a cone with an extra extra large swollen nipple protruding straight out (weird). I'm trusting in Dr. Kress and time that i will have the outcome that we discussed. Im not a patience person by any means. I know i have alot of swelling still. So I'm trying not to focus on it.

Yesterday i had the treads from my 4 x 4 stuck in my incisional site under my left breast. My dressing had dried in my yellow drainage. Evertime i tryied to remove it, the process would send my nerves into overdrive. Feeling like they where on fire!!!! 10 our of 10 discomfort! !!!!! I tried reinforcing the dressing and leave it be until i follow up with the doctor. Every time i moved my left arm i would feel this nerve discomfort. After several hours i had enough. I went to the bathroom and soaked all my dressings and slowly removed them ALL!!!!!!! Finally RELIEF! !!!! I know i probably shouldn't wet my incisional site but enough was enough! !!!!!! No more discomfort........ Thank you Jesus :)

I feel great. No pain. Feeling blessed with the over all healing process is going well. ...

Podt op day 8 Mommy Makeover

Draings are out!!!!!! First shower today!!!!! All dressing removed!!!! Feeling great:)

Post op day 10 Mommy Makeover . Incisional site opened :(

My incision under my left breswty has owned a little. I'm so worried about an infection:( i texted my doctor and his assistant Tammy last night since it was after office hours and they where already closed. Tammy returned my text asap. She is going show Dr.Kress my pictures i sent her last night to him this morning. I have really slowed down and listen what the doctor said. I really hope I'm just worrying to much. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. ..

Post op day 11 Mommy Makeover

Enjoying the blizzard. Feeling strong:)

Post op day 14 Mommy Makeover

Here is a update on my opened incisional site under my left breast. I now have hypergranulated cells/tissue at the incisional site!!! Yeah! !! Looking better every day.

I went shopping with a friend today at kohls in hopes of finding some compression garments. Spankec has a lot of great items but i didn't care for the crotchless bottoms. So I'm still looking.

It was so nice being out and about after being snowed in with 4 feet of snow. ...

Post op day 15 Mommy Makeover

I continue to have a lot of swelling. I met a good friend who lives 2 hours away for lunch ( we meet at a mid point). It was so good to catch up. Great food, great company equals a great day.

When i returned home i noticed my lower abdomen was swollen. I can push on one side and see a wave across my lower abdomen and this is with me wearing my abdominal binder as tight as possible all day:(

Dr. Kress said if he had to draw some fluid off my abdomen, he could do it in his office:( My follow up appt is Monday. So i will wait and see (continue to monitor ).

I think if I found a comfortable compression garment for my lower thighs that went up to my upper abdomen with the velco abdominal binder i received from Dr. Kress after surgery then the swelling would decrease a lot.

Post op day 16 Mommy Makeover

Seroma :( My follow up appointment has been moved up to tomorrow verses Monday February 1st due to the fluid that's needs be drawn off my lower abdomen . I can't wait:)

My incisional site under my left breast continues to look better each day:)

Post op day 17 Mommy Makeover

My follow up appointment with Dr. Kress and Tammy went very well this morning . I woke up this morning and had a lot less swelling. Dr. Kress said there was not much fluid to aspirate from my abdomen so i did not have to have any removed. I'm was happy to hear that. I'm still amazed how different my body is in the morning verses the late evening in regards to swelling.

He checked my incisional site under left breast and said it was healing well. All my staples were removed today (i had a few under my breasts). I am no longer to use baci ointment under my left breast. Instead i have been instructed to place xerofoam 4 x 4. All my my other incisional sites continue to look great and are healing well.

I went by Target on my way home and bought two very nice colorful comfortable sport bras:)

I continue to feel better/stronger each day:)

Post op day 20 Mommy Makeover

I took my 3 year old son to the park yesterday. We walked 2 miles beside the Shenandoah river. Temperature was in the 70's. What a beautiful day. Felt so good to streatch my legs. I'm continuing to heal well. College is starting back this Friday. As each day passes I'm feel like me again, only a better version. Lol! !!!!!

Post op day 21 Mommy Makeover

I completed everything on my agenda list today. I have all my books, syllabus, ect ready for class/college starting this week. I walked two miles beside the Shenandoah river in the park this evening. I love the cold winter air.

I cleaned out my room/closet. Got that all organized. Next is my 3 year old sons room. .. Time to declutter:)

im looking forward to what tomorrow will bring:)

I have been trying to upload current photos but am unable to do so. Sorry... i will try again another day. .

Post op day 21 Mommy Makeover

Post op day 27 Mommy Makeover

I had my follow up appointment today. I was released to return work. Yeah!!!!! My open incisional site under left breast is looking better since the last time Dr Kress saw it. I was happy to hear that:)

Dr kress said it would take another three weeks before my open incision heals completely. My next follow appointment is on 3 weeks so we will see.

Post op day 5 weeks and 3 days Mommy Makeover

I haven't posted in awhile:( I have been busy with returning to work full time and college. Here are some update pictures:) I'm feeling great, no pain, no soreness. I have energy! !!. Still have swelling:( My incision under my left breast is almost closed! !!!!

Post op 6 weeks and 6 days Mommy Makeover

Dr. Kress and Tammy have me great news todays, healing well, feeling great, high energy, minimum complications, open incision under left breast is completely closed! !!

Post op 5 months and 9days Mommy Makeover

I had my follow up visit with Dr. Kress and Tammy on 6/17/16 Friday. I'm happy to say everything is looking great. Im loving my results. My bikini line is a little cricket. But Dr. Kress is going to be correcting that in a couple weeks. I also have a little bit more on my left abdomen then right abdomen adipose which is going to be removed with the touch up in his office and a couple weeks. But so far I'm loving my results. It's a hundred percent better than when i stayed this journey. I'm loving it!!!. If I had to do it all over again I would!!!. Loving my body again!!!!!!

Post op 5 months

I forgot to add this. Dr. Kress and Tammy told me to start using this for scarring.
Frederick Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kress and his staff ( Tammy, charity, and Dorry) are amazing. I had a consult with two different plastic surgeons (one at UVA, Charlottesville, VA and Dr. Kress) and felt that Dr kress understood what i was looking for and had more than enough experience and expertise to provide me with great results. I have called the office many times with questions and each time they are so helpful and patience with easing all my worries and concerns. I love the fact that when i ask Dr. Kress a question he backs up his answers with facts/statistic. i really appreciate this since im a very analytical person. Dr. Kress and his staff made me feel like i was one of the family from the moment i walked into their office. After my first consult with Dr. Kress i knew he would be my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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