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Hey there realselfers! Just wanted to post a few...

Hey there realselfers! Just wanted to post a few "before" pics as I have loved looking through everyone else's. My TT is scheduled for Monday 2/1 and I am so excited, scared of course but super excited nonetheless!! I have wanted this for so long, never expected it would be my grown daughter to gift me with such an amazing opportunity! I am so blessed! Anyway will keep you all posted. This site is so helpful and I am really happy I found it!

Today is the day!

Not much to post here because I am just a ball of nerves and excitement! In two hours I'll be a part of the club! Yayy!!

Delay :(

As some of you may know I posted in the forum about my procedure being delayed but I wanted to update here for those who may come across my page while browsing Dr. Palmers reviews. I'll try to keep it short :)
18 Jan consulted with Dr. Palmer. I liked him instantly because he seemed witty, confident and high energy. I looked through pics of his work and was pleased with what I saw so I decided to go ahead and book my surgery for 1 Feb!
On the 26th I called and spoke with the office administrator Ryan. I wanted to know when he would be mailing my prescriptions. Ryan asked if there was any way I would be able to come pick them up because we he just had a massive snowstorm in the area and mail service may be unreliable and we did not want to risk a delay with my surgery coming so quickly. I totally understood and agreed to go pick them up. The drive to the office from my home is an hour and 45 minutes but I went anyway because I wanted to avoid any glitches in the process. I have 4 children and a husband who travels for business so it took some very intricate planning on my part to ensure everything would be taken care of while I recovered.
Anyway I got my Rxs and left with Ryan and myself saying "see you Monday!" So now the countdown was really on!!
Sunday the 31st of January I made all final preparations including taking the 2 prescriptions I was supposed to take the evening before surgery and then nestled in bed to get some rest before my big day!
1 Feb Monday I arrived at the clinic after having fasted as directed the night prior. I walked in and was, of course, warmly greeted and asked why I was there?!! I replied that I was there for my surgery. The sweet lady behind the counter, who I believe is their Esthetician (not positive), told me to just have a seat and Ryan would be in shortly, however I could definitely see the confusion on her face. At this point I started getting anxious as I realized there was another lady in the waiting room who was clearly there for surgery (she was openly discussing it on the phone). Anyway a few minutes later Ryan did call me back and had no choice but to tell me there had been a mixup, that he takes full responsibility for. He had failed to secure the appointment in the computer. He apologized profusely and genuinely. I was obviously upset (but not crazy, I'm just not like that. Human error is an inevitable fact of life). Let me say though that I really appreciated Ryan's honesty and humility and found that to be very professional in what many would consider an unprofessional situation. In the end I had no choice but to reschedule for Wednesday 3 Feb :( yes it's only two days difference but as any other working parent knows, blocking serious time out like this for ourselves requires serious planning and needless to say I've had to do a lot of juggling just to make up for these two days!
So now I am down to less than 24 hours yay!! I actually just received a call from his nurse to go over a few things and confirm my time for tomorrow! Needless to say I am beyond excited :)
I know a lot of ladies on the forum have told me that it would be appropriate to ask for something for my inconvenience, perhaps something equivalent to what their office charges for a patient to reschedule (500 dollars). I'm not sure yet what I'll do in regards to that. With any luck I won't have to ask, some people actually do the right thing without being asked, which in my opinion speaks volumes. Owell we will see and I will update that in a future post.
Anyway thanks for reading that novel! I love reading everyone's experiences and reviews so I want to continue to share mine!

I'm Here!

Just arrived at Surgical Arts of Virginia to see Dr. Palmer! I am so excited!! See you ladies on the other side :)

It's getting real now!!

I survived!!

Just wanted to post a couple post op pics literally while still on the table!

The pics that didn't attach to the update above :)

Finally updating!!

I am almost three weeks post op from my full TT with muscle repair! I've been crazy busy so haven't had time until now to update.
Anyway first regarding the issue I had of my surgeon mixing up my days and having to reschedule me the day of surgery. It could have been handled better and all they offered for my troubles was a free microdermabrasion which is an 85 dollar value. I did not press the issue at all though because I didn't want to jade him before going in and now I like the results so much I intend to use him for other things!!
Second. My 1 week post op visit went fine. I was extremely swollen that day (literally 20 lbs excess) and totally miserable. They couldn't remove my drain that day because ther was still significant drainage. When I left that day I was feeling very down and completely miserable! I definitely was experiencing the post surgical blues and had second thoughts but going into it I knew I already had a propensity towards depression so I prepared myself the best I could. Four days after that appointment having had zero drainage for three days I removed my own drain!! Looking back that was pretty irresponsible but I just couldn't take it anymore. Removing it was completely painless.
I spent the next couple of day just fighting off the blues and trying to regain some normalcy.
I had to go back to work full time at 2 weeks post op (I am a hairstylist). The first three days were rough and I was so swollen I couldn't fit in any of my clothes. After those three days I had two days off and that really gave me a chance to recoup.
I returned to work today and am feeling fantastic. The blues have subsided for the most part and my activity level feels close to normal. Swelling has reduced significantly. I am thrilled with my results ;)!
Recovery was actually much easier than I anticipated!

It's been 7 months!

Just wanted to update really quickly with a few pics and tell all the ladies who are about to go through this procedure or have just gone through it, "good luck and stay strong". It was most certainly a roller coaster of happiness and regret. Now 7 months out I wouldn't change it for anything. It very much changed my self esteem and was definitely a spring board to further my fitness goals. Take advantage of it, go slow the results take time. I still swell if I have too much salt but that is the only lingering side effect.
Amy ladies who might like to chat feel free to find me on Facebook or Instagram by searching Tory Canales and I'll do my best to reply (4 kids and work) lol.

One year post TY

Hello everyone! Just posting some 1 year post op pics! I always searched for pics to see what was possible in the long term post TT. The surgery made a huge difference but I've put in a lot of work as well. Crazy how my most hated body part became my favorite!
Fredericksburg General Surgeon

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair done 2/2016. I have wanted this procedure for so long. My tummy was a disaster after having carried four huge babies. Dr. Palmer has an incredible eye for aesthetics. He did an amazing job on my tummy tuck and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. I already have other appointments to address further issues I'd like to deal with. He is a two hour drive from me but completely worth it!

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