Mini Face Lift with Facia Plication - Fredericksburg, VA

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I remember my mom for years saying she wanted a...

I remember my mom for years saying she wanted a face lift and thinking I would never do that. Of course, that was before I started looking older than I feel and now I total "get it". Just wish she was here to tell her.

I am having the mini on Wednesday and am feeling nervous and excited. I have told 3 people - a close friend who is driving me back and forth, another close friend and my daughter.

I started the Arnica (per doctor's instructions) and have filled all prescriptions. Got a neck pillow so I have some support while sitting and have saved season 2 and 3 of Downton Abbey so I have something to do LOL

So happy I had this done...

I am amazed at how wonderful I feel at 5 months out. The recovery was a little tough at first because I didn't really comprehend how much work was done and the length of time for recovery.

The doctor's before and after pictures still amaze me when I look at the difference. This is one of the best things I have done for myself and would do it all over again.
Fredericksburg Plastic Surgeon

I love this doctor... He did breast reconstruction surgery on my 16 years ago and is an excellent surgeon and super nice guy.

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