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A little about me...I just turned 31, I'm 5'1...

A little about me...I just turned 31, I'm 5'1 116lb, I'm more of a lean muscular athletic type. I have 3 kids and I breastfed all of them for about a year. For all the ladies that have breastfed I'm sure you know what they can do to your breast. My husband is very supportive of my decision so I'm thankful for that.
I've always been a 34C and loved that size, even when working out I did lose some volume but not much. It wasn't until I started training hard for a figure competition. With all the heavy lifting and body fat getting low I basically lost everything...well almost everything.

I don't know what size I am currently because I don't wear regular bras and I'm in sports bras the majority of the day.

I've already had my consult with the Dr that I have chosen. I chose him because he was referred to me by a friend that used him and other competitors.
So after trying on some sizers I decided on 300cc...so I thought that's what I wanted. After talking to some friends and looking at some B&A's I changed my mind. Because I'm petite I'm almost certain that I want to go 350 or 375, but no bigger than that. I just want to look proportionate, not jump out at you.
I don't even look at my breast, because I don't I didn't realize one was bigger than the other. It wasn't until I started comparing other pics to mine...I was like "geez, never noticed that"

I scheduled it for January because I'm not in a rush and I just have too much stuff going on now and until the end of the year and it's just impossible. So I have my preop on Dec 7th and 4 weeks later I'll have my surgery. Until then I'll read more reviews and look at another 1000+ boobs...cause I think I've just about seen them ALL.

Well...I thought I knew what size I wanted to go...

Well...I thought I knew what size I wanted to go with, now I'm rethinking it. I'm thinking I may want to go with 400cc. I know it's not much difference from 350 to 400. I was talking with my husband one night and he made some good points that got me thinking again. It's a lot of money and I don't want them to look like what I can achieve now in a bra that I already have...does that make sense? I still don't want them overly large but I do want them larger than what I have now...obviously! I want to get my money's worth.

So my pre-op is tomorrow, it was Friday but my...

So my pre-op is tomorrow, it was Friday but my husband is off tomorrow so I'd like him to go with me. I'm getting a bunch of questions together, I have some in my head that I'll be writing out tonight but what are some "must asked" or "I wish I should have asked" questions that you thought of after you left your consult? Much appreciated ladies!

I had my preop today and it went very well. I got...

I had my preop today and it went very well. I got all my prescriptions, forms signed, questions answered, size picked out and all the other good stuff. With all that said I'm going with 375 HP unders. I am a little disappointed because I wanted to go a tad bigger because I've read everywhere to go bigger than expected. Because I'm so narrow there is only so much that could fit without everything spilling out to the side, which is not what I want. My bwd is 11.2 & 11.4, so with Mod+ I couldn't go above a certain cc's, so he said if you want to go larger lets switch the profiles to get to your desired size. He said he COULD put 425's (or any other size) but of course I would have a greater risk of bottoming out and possibly other complications. I don't want to take the chance so I'm settling with 375. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that ill be happy with that size.
It's crazy to me because I see other girls with the same bwd getting larger...but I guess they were informed of the risks and chose to go that route. I just hope I'm happy, and if not then maybe later on down the road I'll go a little larger. Anything is better than what I have now I guess. So I have 4 weeks, which will probably fly with the holidays and everything. I'll update if anything else comes up.

I am actually getting really excited now! I found...

I am actually getting really excited now! I found myself smiling today. It's not that I was never excited, it just hit me that I am actually going to have boobs tomorrow!
I just want to thank everyone that has read my blog, offered advice and words of encouragement. Reading your journey on what to expect has realt prepared me, I realy really appreciate....I truly do.
So surgery is scheduled for 8am and I'm dropping the kids off at my moms tonight. Hubby will be with me until Monday, I have meals prepared, cleaning sone and laundry will be finished tonight. We have a sitting room in our bedroom with his & her recliners and a small TV so I think I'm set on the sleeping arrangements. I probably won't sleep much, I have insomnia really bad so that on top of the nerves is going to make an interesting night. I hope there are some good movies on. But I'm supposed to take a muscle relaxer so I may sleep a little.
Just wanted to give a little update and say thank you for all your help. I'll update when I can.
I just wanted to update

Well ladies, it's all done and over with and I am...

Well ladies, it's all done and over with and I am home relaxing! Boy I'll tell ya, I was in so much pain when I got home. It wasn't unbearable but it was really uncomfortable. It feels like they are engorged and someone is sitting on my chest. Surgery was at 8am and we got home (I think) around 11ish. I've been in and out of sleep since I got home so I don't remember anything after they put the IV in me. My husband told me I was talking to my mother on our way back home but I don't remember. He also told me I kept asking the same questions over and over again, he kept saying you asked me that already. When I got home I got in my recliner and fell asleep. I kept waking up which I thought was hours later but it was only about 30 minutes. I kept asking to take pain meds but it was too soon. I was finally able to take one around 5. Now, I did get exparel which suppose to delay the pain for up to 72 hours. Don't know if its working or not because I don't know how it's suppose to feel otherwise. The only discomfort I have right now is tightness, so I'm guessing that's good. Not in any pain right now, just sleepy. I go for my first post op tomorrow morning. I don't have a strap, bandages around them or anything like that, he told me I could shower tomorrow and wear a bra. I have a lot of zip front sports bra so I'll be wearing those. Other than that I think I'm doing good. I'll probably put some pics up tomorrow. Thank you ladies for reading and well wishes.

I went for my first post op visit today and...

I went for my first post op visit today and everything is good so far. He took the tape and bandages off. The nurse showed me the massages to do and boy that was HELL! My hubby is helping me massage and I'm doing them as well. She told me by day 3 I needed to do them more aggressively. I'm hoping the swelling goes down a bit because one of the massages is seriously going to bring me to tears. But I gotta do it!
So I lied...I do have a strap, she gave it to me today. It's not uncomfortable and she said to wear it as much as I can stand it. I can wear a bra which I'll probably only wear if I'm heading out somewhere.
The only pain I'm having is in my back. Sleeping in an upright position is no fun! No amount of pillows can make it comfortable. I slept in my bed last night but I think I'll stay in my recliner. Other than that I'm doing good.
A suggestion that may help others. Thankfully my hubby is here to give me my meds because there is no way that I would be able to open those bottles. So what I would suggest is putting the medicine bottle and pills in a ziplock back or something that you can be labeled and easy to open. I tried to open the bottle and there was just no way...couldn't do it.
Well, that's all I got for now. I'll update if anything changes.

So it's been 5 days since my surgery and it has...

So it's been 5 days since my surgery and it has been quite easy thus far. The only discomfort that I've had was right when I got home and maybe the next two days. Even o on those days I wasn't in real pain, just tightness and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. They are still high and tight but with the massages I was instructed to do they are softening up more and more everyday. I stopped taking pain meds on Sunday, never had a problem with bloat or constipation and I only slept in my recliner one night. That killed my back so I couldn't take that for very long. I've been sleeping on my back, a few days at an incline and last night I just lay flat.
A few things that I think that has helped my recovery go smoothly, I am a very active person. I workout a lot and eat really healthy. Even the doctor said being healthy should help with recovery. Pain meds...I highly suggest putting them in a ziplock back for easy opening. When having to push down and turn you have to use your pecs muscles and by them being tight it is very uncomfortable.
I only needed help getting up (in and out of the bed and recliner) on day 1, by me having a strong core and abs it has helped me be able to lift myself up without pushing down on something to help me get up. A suggestion when in the bed...my husband and I have a really thick heavy blanket at the end of our bed and it helps our comfortable to not shift. So, by having that heavy anchor you can use your blanket to lift yourself up if no one is around for help...and if you can use your arms.
Massages: what I was instructed to do was use right hand to left breast and vice versa, place fingers underneath breast and push inwards until you can feel your rib, hold for a few seconds and release. Place fingers on the outside of your breast and press the implant inward. The the inside cleavage the same way and place your fingers on the top part of your breast and press downwards. Every doctor is different but that's what I was instructed to do. I do it 3 times on each side 3X a day. I've been doing those massages since day 1, I was I structured to do it more aggressively by day 3 and I thought there was no way I could do it because when the nurse did it it hurt like hell. But by day 3 I got it down with no discomfort. I started diving on day 4, no real discomfort, I just don't over rotate my arms, I keep my hands at the bottom of the wheel.
I did go to Target today and did a bit of walking. I noticed when I think I'm ok I'm actually not. I have to remember it was surgery and I'm not superwoman...yet ; )
That's what I've observed so far. I go for my 1 week followup on Friday, I'll post updated pics then.
Sorry if any typos, I'm on my iPad.

I had my 1 week post op appt this morning and...

I had my 1 week post op appt this morning and everything is going good. He said I am healing good and I'm cleared to workout. I do upper body except for chest and back, another 4 more weeks and I can be back to my normal training. I can raise my arms completely over my head so I take it I can do shoulders but go light. He told me to start stretching my arms and still push the implant downward so it can set in place. I no longer have to wear the strap...YES!!! They are still high and my muscles are still tight, but all in all I love them and would do it again in a heartbeat.Thank you ladies for all the support.

My swelling has gone down which means they are...

My swelling has gone down which means they are getting smaller. It's cool because I know they will fill out once they fluff. I am still massaging which actually feels good. I am basically in sports bras and bralettes during the day. I tried to go braless but they actually move a lot and my nipples rub against my shirt and irritates it a little. I am surprised at how soft and jiggly they are already.
I went to the gym today...by me being a weights kind of girl it sucked I couldn't go as heavy as I wanted. Still got a good workout in though. I can't do chest and back yet but I could do everything else. The only thing that bothered me a little was lateral raises. I can raise my arms over my head and out to my sides perfectly fine but with the added weight it felt like something was pulling so I had to stop. I have lower body tomorrow so I shouldn't have any problems. I will post a pic in my bralette later. Thanks again ladies for all of your support.

So I tried on one of my old VS bras today (I...

So I tried on one of my old VS bras today (I didn't feel like wearing a sports bra) and it fits but I'm spilling out of it just a little. It's comfy and it keeps the girls in tact. This bra is a 34C so I'm thinking I'll be a D just like my doctor said.
Too many ladies worry about cup sizes and that should be the least of your concerns. When I put clothes on it doesn't even look like I've had anything done. I'll upload a picture of me in a fitted sweater later, I have to get my hubby to take it for me. They can be easily hidden or dressed up to where I can look like Dolly. Maybe not that big but you get where I'm going. Cup size didn't matter to me, I just wanted to be proportionate and fuller. So any ladies that have upcoming surgeries and are worried about a cup size, put that aside and go for the look that best fits you.

Well ladies I have reached the one month mark and...

Well ladies I have reached the one month mark and I'm happy to say everything is going good. My last post op went well, my right breast is still a little high but with the massages and pushing them down he said that'll help. He said usually the more dominant side tends to have the thicker pec muscle and takes a little longer to settle in.
Gym workouts are still going good. He gave me the ok to do chest and back but nothing over 10lbs. Everything else is still good to do. He also told me to stretch my arms more which I've been doing in between sets of my workouts.
I still wish I was able to go a little bit bigger, but overall I'm happy.
I've been wearing some of my VS Pink no wire bras, Danskin cami sports bras and Hanes 2pack sports bras that I got from Walmart. Still waiting a little bit before I go out and splurge on real bras.
As you can see in the pics they are easily hidden with clothes on. With a sports bra they may appear to be big but they really aren't. They definitely balance me out. Thank you ladies for all the love and support. xoxo

3 month update and everything is going well. I had...

3 month update and everything is going well. I had my checkup last week and he said everything is looking good, settled, and this would be my final result. I love them BUT I wish they we're bigger and higher. In my pics you can see that they hang because my natural breast were a decent size but with no tissue. So in the future I will be going bigger and possibly an internal lift. So ultimately I am happy but not 100%...probably 90%. They are far better looking than they were before though. I can lift them and have some awesome cleavage and side boob (which I love) with the right bra.
I haven't bought any regular bras but I do have some low cut V-cut sports bras that make them look awesome. I'm guessing I will probably be a 34D. So I can definitely make them look a lot bigger than what they are.
Best decision and I don't regret it at all, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Hope this reviews helps and if you are indecisive just got for it. Thank you ladies for all your support. I truly appreciate it, wouldn't know what to do without all of you. I'll still be around following you ladies and updating when and if anything changes.

Everything is well! Just updating to show one of...

Everything is well! Just updating to show one of the bras I got. I'm a 34D, so I got 3 of that size and a really pretty 32DD. All from VS
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