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I have found a doc and my appointment for...

I have found a doc and my appointment for consultation is may 29 oh back track this will be my second one the first doc was great but I can not afford his prices at this time and I want my new look to be settled by the years end so in my search I have come across this option I have looked at his credentials and all looks well I'm just not to sure how long he has been doing this and if that should be a big concern or not because in doing my research I see to become certified they have to have practiced for two years and also on the website he only list about 5 before and after pictures Im just a little apprehensive about going under the knife knowing these factors I don't know help me ladies should I be worried??????????

Less than 30. Days

I go in 7/17/13 I decide to goo 400cc I don't want to be to small either the doc is an hour away from me I wanted him to go under the bust line but he says through the areola is the way he wants to go he gave me his reasons why well lets just say I was not on board at first but I called back and decided to go along with him

These where from my first consult 450

15 days

I have just 15 days till I go in does anyone have any suggestions as far as things I should do or buy for that day or the days to come so far I have made plans for my mom to come with me to the surgery and she is going to stay with me for a few days as well I plan on going out and getting the "DASKIN NOW " sports bra still not sure what size to get just know its the one with the zipper in the front sold at Walmart $11.00 if there is anything else I should be getting ladies please let me know

One week from today I will be so happy hahaha

They have yet to send my orders for my blood work OR the mail is jacked up as normal I'm just worried it won't come in time for me to get it done and the results be back in time going to call today to see if they have even sent it out :(

Ok so I got my blood work

So I had an another appointment at my kaiser and because my time away from work is so little I called the office to see if they could fax over my orders and yes they could so i got that done Rx where sent over today as well and I picked up my pre wash can't think of the name right now anyway got that now I have to go out and get a sports bra urge so mad Walmart did not have the one a lot of ladies on this site recommended so oh well the nurse recommended I go look in koles plus I have some koles cash to spend anyway lol

Post-op photos

These where taken the day of before surgery bra size 36 A push up which I did not fill

A bad start

I got there 20 mins. Late traffic was real bad then I ate a little something on the way down and that delayed my time going in so I had to wait my mom and I went shopping till it was time for me to return I went in and they explained to what would happen next she gave me my oral meds and my things I needed to Change into when she came back in she hooked up my IV with the antibiotic next the doc came in a made his final marks on my chest then we walked over to the OR to get stated after getting on the bed I only remember telling the staff thank you I remember them wheeling me out and a faint glimpse of my aunt being there but other that I don't remember much they even said I threw up. I don't remember that at all and I kept saying the #28 why I do not know sleep was horrible I was in the bed then on the sofa sitting up laying flat tried to get on my side none of it really works but sitting up

The next morning

Still in pain wanted to lay there but I had to go back for follow up I got there early and they took me right in they un wrapped my bandages said they looked ok then wrapped me back up and put the extra band across the top to help push them down still I'm pain just not as much as day one. My A.C. Went out every time I got too hot I would get nausea so my husband went out and got a box fan. For me and I been ok sleeping was a little better to minus getting up to pee the antibiotic is drying me out

Yesterday was better minus the bandages bunching up

My mom took me out to eat brunch the we headed to my aunts and I stayed there for most of the day mom re wrapped my bandages so they could lay smoothly got to see them and my bruises for the first time my pain level has been up and down and I slept a lot better last night

Stayed in all day

I was a lazy Lima bean yesterday I stayed in bed most of the day watching old movies and resting my only down fall for the day was after I ate
Dinner witch was leftover shrimp Alfredo my mom made and I had befor well this time I broke out in hives so I took to Benadryl so last night I slept real good .....but in having this reaction I call first thing this morning and asked could I now switch to the sports bra appose to the ace bandages and they said yes woohoo !!!! Be glad when the bruises go away :(

July 22- july23 morning

Yesterday I felt dizzy all day for the most part I had a spell of Nashua after lunch which made me hot so back to bed I went some of the swelling has gone down but the are still sitting high and I'm having a lot of muscle spasms and that band is driving me nuts because when the spasms start and they feel as tho their tightening up it hurts so much the bruises are starting to go away this morning I must have been really tired because I slept till 10 and as normal for me breast are real tight

waiting for my left side to get in place

I know it has been a while since I have made a post but I was not happy with them for a while and did not wqnt to bad talk my Dr and and feel silly later for speaking to soon but I was sent a email because someone was considering him and wanted my opinion so I felt I could come from a better place today first let me say I'm so sick of that bra band I could scream next is my left breast is being so stubborn about coming down I just want to cry and I have....... Dr Palmer made a pockets under the breast to help them get in place well he made my right pocket bigger so that implant came down quickly I'm not a doctor but it's my personal opinion if he would have made the pocket on the left a little bigger as well it would have come down by now and present a little better still have nerve issues but it not continuous it more so in colder climates. I went through a phase where I did not like them and I think it was making me very depressed but I better now looking forward to the months ahead to see more improvements

up date photos

Fredericksburg General Surgeon

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