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Im 25 5'3 and 152lbs. A mom of 2 beautiful girls....

Im 25 5'3 and 152lbs. A mom of 2 beautiful girls. After breastfeeding my youngest my boobs have started to looked deflated. Before pregnancy #1 I was a 32b. After #2 I am now a 34b-36a depending on the bra. I have always wanted breast implants. Eversince I was 18. I went to Dr Palmers office. His staff were excellent, really nice and respectful. When I went in the doctor measured me and he decided on 375cc saline. I was happy with that size until I went home and tried on rice sizers and determined that size was too small. Well to me they were small. So I then increased the size to 400cc's and they looked small still. I then made 450cc rice sizers and I really like the projection. I'm going back in to see if its possible for me to get 425-450cc saline implants under the muscle.

Appointment with PS wednesday

So excited I see my PS Wednesday to discuss the size increase from 375 to 425 or 450cc saline. I also made a consultation appointment with another facility for a second opinion. Can't go wrong with that. Hopefully I will get a good response from either offices

Yay only 1 more day

Yayy only one more day to see my PS. I wonder what the doctor is going to say? I hope i can go with the between 425 and 450. I really do hope i can fit 430 under here. lol. Im nervous and excited at the same time

Size has been made

So the revisit consult went great. We decided I would be getting between 425 and 450cc saline. I'm so excited. I do pray if my finances goes good at the end of the month I will be able to get this done sooner. Lol the wait is killing me.

The Waiting game is killing me

This waiting game is killing me. All the research and buying allthe products i need are driving me crazy. What did some of you ladies do to by the time of the waiting game. even though February is right around the corner, i am praying im able to move this date to January. The sooner the better. it would be great to start off the new year with new boob.

Correction fro previous message

Me and my excited typing i meant to place that as a question and i also meant to put new boobs. lol noone wants one boob.

So i may be changing my date

Im pretty excited to know i may be able to change my surgery date to sooner. I will know for sure by the end of the month. I have never wanted a month to end so fast. Im getting impatient with waiting. This is something i dreamed about, well one of the things i have dreamed about and its finally about to come true. I love my fiance for his support. I think if he disapproved of this decision i would not get it. He means so much to me thats why his opinion is as important as mines. Its going to be weird explaining how mommia boobs "mysteriously" got bigger. Lol

Mondors Cords

I have been doing some research on those mondors cords, and to be honest thats what i am afraid i will get. has any of you ladies done anything to help prevent getting these prior to surgery?

So it looks like the date is staying at February 3rd

So it looks like the date is staying at February 3rd. Due to me blowing my back left tire and how ridiculously expensive it is to replace a Cadillac rim, i have to keep my original date which is 2/3/2014. Kind of bummed but these things happen for a reason. At least it gives me more time to be with my family and more time to continue getting everything i need before the surgery. So i paid some more money towards my procedure yesterday which i am really happy about. I have to got here and pick up my lap paperwork so i can get that done and prescriptions as well. Even though i have literally 30 days left until the new me arrives my nerves are not that bad anymore. I go back to school on the 6th so that should keep me pretty occupied. So here is the list i have so far:
comfortable pillow
Cute animal shaped iced packs (amazon shipping)
Arnica cream (amazon shipping)
Prescriptions (I have 2 herniated disc with sciatica so i already have narcotics :-D)
Sports Bra's ( have 3 already but picking up the Danskin front hook bra today)
Tiger Balm ( amazon shipping)
Silicone strips ( amazon shipping)

I love amazon. Majority of everything i needed was on there. I swear by amazon. lol Hopefully if i get some sort of miracle in the form of money between now and my surgery date i would be able to move the date. But since i am finally 30 days away i feel like i can wait. Going to take a trip back to my home town, NYC by the end of the month just because the fiance has never been. Anyway, until we meet again realself family i will keep you all posted.

So i have changed my PS due to me not being woowed over his work

So I have changed my PS. Not only have I already knew he was not board certified I was weighing the pros and cons of getting work done from a doctor like that and I have realized I would be paying way more money on a revision with someone who is certified. For all of that I can go with some one who is certified. Also from viewing his work it has not woowed me in any way. Now from speaking to someone on realself, her doctor did an amazing job on her boob job. Her name is SillyStella. Her doctor did an outstanding job to the point where I have decided to go to that office location and get mines done. The name of the place is called Cosmetique Surgery Center. Its located in Miami. I don't mind traveling in any way especially if its for a doctor who knows what he is doing. Im still leaving my date for February 3rd.

Counting down the days, WOOW i have 25 days left

I can not believe its already down to 25 days. My fiancé has never flown on a plane before so im pretty happy to be able to experience his first time on one together. I have not bought my plane tickets yet, but buying those are not going to be any issues, nor is booking the hotel room. I want him to be able to enjoy himself before we fly out, so I am going to hopefully schedule a flight that is late night. My Pre Op is on the 3rd. Surgery is on the 4th and Post op is on the 6th then we are leaving Miami. Its going to be a bitter sweet moment to leave. I know the weather around this time is going to be great. The receptionist at Cosmetique Maria, one word describes her...AMAZING. Eventhough I have not put down the deposit money she has booked the surgery date for me. I would recommend anyone if they was to get their breast augmentation done, to go Cosmetique. They work with you through whatever situation I mean whatever situation you are going through. She picks up whenever I call. have not had any issues what so ever. The doctor is pretty friendly from what I hear about him and his work is AMAZING. I have not started packing yet. Everything is so surreal to me now. Im just ready for the first step to be over, which is actually getting the procedure done. And thank you ladies for all of the support, to be honest if it was not for my fiancé love and support and you ladies here on realself, I would not have known what to expect during recovery time, what to purchase, and how to make the waiting game go by. I appreciate the positive feed back from everyone. Makes me feel extremely proud I have a group of friends, well virtual friends who I can speak to about my feelings about getting this procedure and I receive nothing but positivity. Sorry im going on a rant. Just excited to have a support circle.

Counting down the days only 16 left

So excited. Only 16 more days until the new me happens. I am so grateful one of my bucket list items are happening. If it was not for my family and my friends on realself i would have not had the courage to face this opportunity, and actually go through with it. I have already finished my post op list. I also booked the hotel. We have decided to drive down to Miami. Its only 14 hrs away from where i live so that is a plus. Its also a whole lot cheaper since we realized our family is busy that week. So our girls are going to be coming along with us. i need tips on how to break the news to my 5 and 3 year old mommy got a new set of boobs, lol. Its going to be so weird. They are both in the question asking stage, especially my 3 yr old. Has anyone experienced this Realself ladies? If so tips would be great on how to answer this question. My 5 year old is counting down the days with me so she is just as excited as i am. I have already paid my deposit. Its too bad i cant pay for the surgery in full. I had to give a deposit of 1K. Which is not bad at all. I have read on here some women were complaining that the Corals Gable surgery center was asking for 1,000 deposit. I am not complaining about that at all. This is not something no one wakes up out of the blue and decides to get their boobs done on the spot. This is major surgery and i commend Cosmetique for asking for that amount of a deposit. It shows im serious about this surgery or i will be throwing away $1000 which i can not afford to do. Im just trying to keep myself busy which has been working.

Only 8 days left. The days being in single digits is too surreal to me

I cant believe i have only 8 more days until i actually am in Boobieland. lol. I like that word. I read one of the realself ladies say it in her blog and i could never let that word go. Thank you ladies for your experience and opinions for my situations i may face. Everything is already packed. Minivan is already booked. Just waiting on the days to go by. I have been working out faithfully since thanks giving, yes i did work out after thanksgiving it was hard but i did it. Im noticing my mid section has been toning up nicely and of course my boobs have been shrinking. I have also been noticing as the date draws near my underwire bras have been poking me alot more and just feel annoying. Has that happened to any of you ladies? The days before the BA everything about your pre op boobs are some what annoying?. Its weird, my fiance thinks im crazy and its in my head lol. Well ladies nothing to really post except my baby infant turned 9 months. Im so proud of her!!. Hopefully next time you ladies hear from me i will be on my way to the beautiful weather in Miami. Enough of this winter weather crap.

Bye Bye paded bras!!!

Cant believe in a week i will be saying goodbye officially to my padded bras and welcoming sports bras. Everything is happening so fast. I see what you ladies mean by the days before the big day time flies by

SO EXCITED!!!!! Tomorrow i leave for Miami...

I am so excited. Tomorrow at 8 pm we will be heading to Miami for my boobs. I only have 3 more days then i will finally have my boobs. I am so excited. These last few days i have been keeping myself busy and it has been paying off. This may be TMI, but have any of your realself ladies experienced lactating a little more than normal during these last few days? Yes i have taken a pregnancy test and its negative, Its just weird. Every morning for that last week i have been waking up to a bra semi saturated with breast milk. Im just so overjoyed my BA is happening. My pre op is the same day i arrive in Miami so i am pretty excited. My time was changed from 5pm to 2 pm. My surgery time i have not been given yet. Im praying i am Dr. Husaker's first case on the 4th. My next check in with you all realself family is when i get on the road to Miami. YAYY


Im beyond excited. Tomorrow is the day i get my boobs!!! I had my pre op today and paid the remaining balance for my boobies. We discussed i wanted to be between a full D and a small DD. Dr. Hunsaker i must say is an excellent doctor. He is very thorough with his reasoning and his answers to my questions. He had convinced me the crease incision we are going with. I have to be there at 2pm. I am so excited. I will update everyone when i check in

Yess i have boobies

Sorry ladies for not updating. You ladies werent lying about the first 24 -48 hrs are brutal. I feel a whole lot better today.So here is the run down:
Surgery was scheduled for 2pm. I arrived there at 230 due to the dam pharmacy not reopening until 2pm. I was immediately taken back got my IV put in. Answered more questions then it was off to lala land. Woke up in alot i mean ALOT of pain. This feeling does not feel like being engorged. He gave me another shot of demeral then it was back to the hotel. The first 2 nights were horrible. Couldnt do anything alone. Today is a much much better day. He didnt tell me how many cc i got but i will surely ask him

Feels weird, bubbles

Has any of you ladies with saline implants experiece a rumbling feeling? Like if air is trapped and trying to escape? I have not heard the sloshing sound but i wont be surprised if i do. Overall i am loving my results day by day. The morning boob is so annoying but after i get moving around take my muscle relaxer, it goes away. Im buying the strap today the implants are still pretty high

i apologize for being MIA, 14 days post op and feel amazing

Im sorry ladies for being MIA. I must say i love my breast. Dr. Hunsaker his an amazing job. But i must say sneezing is really painful. It is the worst feeling ever. Today makes it 14 days since my procedure and i feel great, i have not been sized yet but i do wear a size either 38 or an XL in sports bras. So i found out what size my implants are,THEY ARE HIGH PROFILE 560cc overfilled to 1000cc!!!!!! Holy crap thats big!!!! But they dont look that big at all. I was so shocked,but something was telling me i got in the 500cc amount. I went back to work on the 10th and i covered up pretty good not that many people noticed. I will post pictures in a few minutes, my tablet does not want to be nice and upload my pics lol

Also forgot

I forgot to ask,i noticed i feel a chaffering feeling where my side boob and my upper arm rub together. It feels really tender, have any of you ladies experienced this? It feels pretty annoying sometimes, even with long sleeve shirts on. Is there anything i can do to make that feeling go away? I have tried thick creams to soften the area, it has worked some but not all that great. Lol im tempted to use my daughters diaper rash cream lol.

Finally able to add pictures

Sorry I took long. Here are the pictures I promised

18 days post op and they are dropping nicely

Hey dolls i have missed speaking with you all. So i guess i have had the worst luck when it comes to health, a week after being home i got sick, then right after coming off of being sick i get the stomach virus, im like ughhh can i get a break. Im a whole lot better now which is great but these things do still make me get out of breath. Does any of you ladies who have large implants during you recovery days get winded often? Im glad i have been able to side sleep, and the morning boob is barely noticable. Im able to sneeze without pain which is great. I do feel tightness between the boobs but thats about it. I will post some pictures of my progress. Oh and i have not been measured yet, im not going to VS to get measured because they dont support making special bras for patients who are or have battled breast cancer and i think thats a horrible decision, those women didnt ask for that disease. Sorry for goin on a rant but i cant stand companies that dont support every kind o person sick or healthy. Oh one last tip,i have been using orajel or my numbing cream for this nipple pain. It feels weird. Periodically throughout the day it feels like someone is pinching me and its not pleasant, so using orajel extra strength i like it in the liquid form works wonders. I will try to post updates more often i just have been so out of it with these unfortunate events.

Tuesday makes 6 weeks post op, feel great

I do apologize ladies for not updating. I can say i feel excellent. I am in love with my new girls. So alot has changed. For one, my girls bounce. Im so happy they finally do. Laying on my stomach was weird at first but now im getting used to it. The nipple pain has gone away completely, im just waiting on the full feeling to come back. thank god and the heavens, i have not had any mondors cord issues. Theyre dropping beautifully. So i did go and get sized, the woman told me i am officially between size 38DD and DDD. That sounds so huge, and to think i wanted to be between a full D and small DD, wishful thinking. Im glad i have them this size. I think i would have had boobie greed. But with this size i have zero boobie greed, which i am so happy for. If anything i get random thoughts of if i went to big. The heaviness feeling has gone away 90%. I feel great. Like a new person. The first month has went by really fast. Im at work so of course i can not post any pictures. When i take my breakfast break i will post pictures. They now feel like they're part of my body. My fiance is in love with them just as much as i am. They do feel firm to the touch but i like that. No one touches me but my fiance anyway and he has no issues with it. The random nerve pains i no longer have. I have not taken any pain meds for my boobs in almost 3 weeks so i am pretty proud of that. Im still wearing bandeau and sports bras. They feel super comfy. I bought a bra that was size 38DD and i like it but it has an under wire and it felt sooo weird. I am so glad i do not have to wear ubnderwire or padded push up bras anymore. Have any of you ladies looked at your old pictures of the pre BA boobs and kind of missed them? i kind of do until i try on a shirt or dress and that thought flies out of the window. lol. To all you ladies on the pre op side, hang in there the wait is annoying but so worth it. Its a great investment. I am still waiting on my implant cards to come in, i have been so busy i have not been able to follow up on the status. Almost forgot, so i went back to new york city to see my family and both my father and step mom thought my boobs came from my 10 month old. Until i actually told them lol. They did not even think i got my boobs done so that is a huge plus. Saline boobs can look natural also. I have been doing lower extremity exercises and to my surprise i do not feel any different. I have not tried any exercises that require jumping. Tonight i am going to try jumping rope. will post updated pictures soon. Oh did you ladies have the urge to get your nipples pierced after the boob job? i have had this urge ever since i have had them.

7 weeks tomorrow yay

Tomorrow makes 7 weeks post op and i feel great. Nothing new to say except i have developed a bit of stretch marks on the top of my boobs but i had them breast feeding so i cant escape stretch marks lol. Yay my baby made 11 months today. Time has flown. Im so happy for my new realself friends who just had their surgeries and are on the road to recovery. Im still wearing bandeau bras and sports bras, well i dont even wear those anymore. Just the bandeau bras because theyre so comfortable and soft. I have no more pain, unless i stretch my back which it does feel pretty tight n wierd. I can officially say these babies feel like they are a part of me. No more of the heaviness and tight feeling thank heavens because that was annoying. Yes my boobies are so squishy and soft. My right one is softer than my left but its getting there. As long as i keep up with the massages which i am proud of myself because i have. Oh and i would recommend that bra i have on to my new boobie ladies. Its sooo comfortable. I bought them at walmart 3 in a pack for $11 bucks. Not bad at all. Oh and yes i am getting my nipples pierced wednesday. Im so scared but i feel supersexy with these boobs why not add some jewelry to make them look even more sexy. I will keep you ladies posted.

I think i may have gotten sucked in to wanting a BBL... lol

I have been looking on realself at pictures of patients with BBL and im not going to lie, has me pretty envious. I love my boobs and i dont have boobie greed, i have BOOTY GREED. smh. Its not like i dont have a booty i do i just want more projection. But i also plan on wanting to have another baby at the end of this year, and i know for a fact pregnancy has given me too much BOOTY lol. I think i am just being greedy. But i will think about it when i am 100% done with having children.

cant believe i am already 2 months post op

Woow where has the time gone. Its been a little over 2 months and i love them. They feel like theyre have been a part of my life forever. They are so squeezy and bouncy like theyre real breast. Sorry i cant update long im getting ready for bed.

YAY 3 months, the time has flown

YAY i made it to the 3 month mark!!!. nothing has changed, well as far as the boobs goes nothing has changed. I have been experiencing a tightness feeling a little more than usual lately. I also have been thinking heavily about getting my boobs reduced, but i dont want the boobie greed feeling to come over me. Even though they feel like a part of me, alot and i mean ALOT of daily activities i did when i had itty bitty boobs i have some getting used to with these things lol. Oh i did want to share with you ladies, so i have emailed Dr Australia Baez for my BBL. I think i am going to go with it and get it. Of course after i enjoy this summer lol. I am at work so unfortunately i am not able to take pictures. I feel exercise is not giving me the booty i once had. having my infant gave me the best booty lol. But i am waiting on her response. From the reviews i have read about her she is excellent and she cares about your health overall which is a huge plus. Im really scared to go through with this because she is also located in the Dominican Republic. I dont speak a lick of Spanish for one and i will be traveling alone. But i have faith in God i will be ok. I was thinking of the october time frame. Well i am not going to chat for too long. Just wanted to update you ladies on my status. Oh and i do plan on making a 6 month appointment with Dr. Hunsaker so he can get a chance to see his work. Hope you ladies are doing swell.

Side note

Ok i feel my boobs have gotten smaller because the bandeau bras i have bought fit me a lot better. I still have yet to wear a regular bra. When have you ladies started to feel comfortable wearing a regular bra?

Yay first real bra

So i finally found a real bra i like, i got it at walmart. And i must say these things look awesome in this bra. Its a T shirt bra. Found it for $3.98, cant go wrong with that. I did go down in size though which i am not mad at all about. The bra is a size 38D so i guess i am a size D now. I still get the aching feeling if i am holding my daughter too long or if i am carrying stuff to long but i do know i am still 8n the healing phase. I really love these girls, how are my realself girlies doing? I so cant wait to see these babies in a bathing suit which is going to be real soon lol

wow i am almost 4 months post op.

Just a quick update ladies. These boobies makes everything look great. I was so scared that they would not look even but i see i am just beimg sup conscious for no reason. Oh i wanted to share with you ladies yes i am getting a brazilian butt lift in february of next year. Im going to write a review on it soon. Yes paying for my sexy my kids took from me lol

Hey ladies im back, sorry for being MIA made it past the 4 month mark

Hello ladies i am so sorry for being MIA. I never really realized how much planning and research has to go into getting a BBL and TT outside the country. I will be so glad when this procedure is over with so i can be on to the flat side already. I am so in love with my girls. Everyone really thinks theyre 100% mine. And im loving every bit of it. Lol. I am noticing more and more attention from these girls which i have paid 100% no mind to. It was bound to start happening regardless. I have zero rippling. Theyre still really soft. I really do not have to do the massages as often as i did in the beginning weeks. I still have to massage them when i first wake up then sometimes before my day is over but that is really it. The area under my left armpit is still numb surprisingly. That area under my right armpit is a bit sensitive because the nerves are still healing there but its nothing too unbearable or uncomfortable. I did go to kings dominion on the 24th and every roller coaster i rode all i could think of is one of my boobs popping and me loosing my investments lol. But nothing like that happened. They did get really stiff towards the ending of he day but overall they felt great. Im happy to be out of the painful healing stage. Now i am really enjoying these babies. I hope you ladies are all doing great and well. Good luck to the ladies on the pre op side and happy healing for you ladies on the post op side

5 Months ho yea

Hey ladies. Im at work now so i cant post any pictures. I am excited i am almost at the halfway mark. I am 5 months, well the fourth of july made 5 months. I hope everyone had a great and safe fourth of july. I did. The only thing i have been experiencing is sometimes when i wake up i do feel that morning stiff feeling but the difference is when i begin to massage them sometimes i feel a burning or a tightness. It does scare me but goes away after like 5 minutes. Its very weird. My mind has been stuck on this BBL. Oh and i also noticed when i do go to the pool it feels like they do float. LOL I thought that was only in movies. I will try to remember to post pictures when i get home from work. Good luck to you ladies waiting for this surgery. Its a great investment and good luck with your recovery for the ladies who already made it to boobieland.

Oh yes 6 months feels so great

Yay I made it to the 6 month mark. Well on the 4th I was 6 months. Still in love with them, but have contemplated if I should reduce them by a cup size. But that's also the paranoia of them being too big in my head trying to get the best of me. Other days I feel theyre amazing. I do notice when I am come my nipples hurt like badly. It feels like someone is pinching them still. Any vets that are post op 6 months or more did this happen to you also? Other than that nothing really big to report. Still planning my BBL with Dr. Hasan. Im too excited about that. Happy healing to new boobieland rs girls.

Forgot to update, 7 months strong but dont feel like it.

Hello ladies. So sorry for not updating. I have been so wrapped up with choosing my doctor for my BBL i have forgot i have a blog to update. Shout out to my girl esummergirl who is having her upcoming surgery with Dr. Hunsaker on the 18th. Nothing big to report. Have been tired as ever but that's life right. I can not believe i am already 7 months post op. My girls feel like they're a part of me and have been for life. The more i see myself in the mirror the more i am disgusted by my backside. These boobs really did shrink my bum big time and i hate it. I mean its still there but im like dam it was very big before the enhancement lol. I guess it went into hiding because a new addition has everyone's attention. No longer my bum the center of attention. I spent the day with my girls yesterday thanks to oversleeping and missing class. They enjoyed it but it felt like it was 101 degrees which i loved if there was a beach near by or a pool that was open for us to cool off in. Im going to start working out my arms and legs. I have read a few reviews where girls would develop cellulite on their thighs after the BBL procedure and i am not one who gets cellulite quick. No way to start now. Hope all you ladies are enjoying the back to school free time. I do miss my girls when they are gone though. Still think sometimes my girls are bigger than a D cup. wearing underwire bras are the devil lol. And so is the cold. Which is so glad to be approaching us. One thing i have noticed is if i wear an underwire bra, after a few hours it feels like im squeezing the implants up and holding them there until i feel a burning sensation. It sucks. If i could go commando every day all day without my nips wanting to be head lighting because its cold in my office i would gladly do so but cant. I will try to update on here and provide photos more often but life has picked up for me ever more so its a bit hard. As always i enjoy reading everyones reviews. Oh and thank you all for commenting and answering my questions i have been posting through out my journey for these boobs. If it was not for the realself community i would have got my BA done by a doctor that i was not wowed by and would have been very miserable but the realself ladies have saved the day. Have a good Sunday everyone. Oh yea, FOOTBALL SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!!! OH YEA!!!

I apologize for being MIA

I really feel bad i have been neglecting this review. My girls are almost a year old. Time has flown so fast. They are still sitting pretty. No major complications. I do still feel pain in my right bob if i wear something too constricting. Also if i wear a sports bra or a tank top that is too tight, after a while i will feel this burning ache. Not too bad but it also does not feel good either. LOL. I tried on the sports bra i wore when i first got the girls done and that thing does not fit at all. I will post pictures of it when i get home. Its a huge difference from the first 3 months to 11 months later. Hope you ladies all had a great holiday. can not believe we are already in 2015. Good luck to you ladies on the pre op side and happy healing to you ladies who just got your new boobs.


Sorry ladies I have been promising pictures for so long. Here they are. Enjoy
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is an excellent doctor. He knows exactly what he is doing. His bedside manner is excellent, i dont know what other people on here are saying he is rude and not personable, they are lying. He is excellent all around and his staff is the best. I love my breast, no unevenness what so ever. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a breast augmentation. His facility was definitely worth the traveling for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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