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Weighing in at almost 350 my pressure was...

Weighing in at almost 350 my pressure was unstable, and I was tapping on diabetes door. My legs ached all the time and my energy level sucked. Uncontrollable periods my health was becoming a mess. Being slapped on a second pressure medicine, including a cholesterol medicine I became depressed. Yet, I became angry, because I didn't want to be on all these meds. Both my GYN and internal medicine docs agreed it was my weight. This was the final straw! I couldn't live like this anymore, and medical concerns bothered me, as well as my doctor's. I was going to strike out, or have a heart atttack if I didn't get this weight off. I feel it when I slept. Sleep apnea was included to my list...so my decision became final in November of 2014 and my journey began. Seeing a nutritionist, understanding my flaws in eating I was able to pinpoint I was drinking my calories. Once I did away with the fruit juices. I dropped 10 pounds easy. Moving me closer to my 5% of my weight goal. In total I lost 16 pounds and let me tell you, I fought to keep off before my surgery. There was a 4 month pause before my surgery due to my job, but I did it! I had my surgery on August 3rd, I'm 2 weeks post op and on stage 2 of my eating. Only on purees. I lost 18lbs one week after surgery. Weighing in at 318, last Monday. As of yesterday I weigh 306! I'm telling I never thought I would see the day when my numbers would go down. I always get stuck around mid twenties, but to be in the low numbers almost in the two hundreds is unbelievable! I'm just shedding pounds. My new stomach is still a lot to get use to. I haven't adjusted to my new cut off point yet. Drinking too much:) I love water. But to over eat is not kool. I had a teaspoon too much, and felt miserable. With that experience I tip toe now:) Look, it's trial and era, and I'm not reall looking forward to food food, but I know I need it to move forward. It's all still sinking in, but I'm up to my new journey. I embrace the road ahead of me. Leaving behind all the negativity. I own this moment, no one or thing will steal it. I just have to take it easy, and remember this is a big deal. Don't allow anyone to minimize it! I'm returning to work on Monday, 28 pounds lighter:)Also, I had herna repair while under, he took care of me in one swoop. Can't wait to hit the gym and start Zumba!!! Stay tuned!!

Pounds are coming off, and Down 3 meds!!

I'm weighing in at 303lbs. As of 8/22/15. I'm off my two pressure medicines and high cholesterol meds!!! I'm still on purees and I'm still struggling a little with my cut off point. It's a mental thing and a retraining of the mind and eating process. Went two cookouts this weekend, and i literally wanted to cry. I stood my ground, sipped my water and ate the inside filling of one devil egg:) that was as close to puree as i could get. I'll be better prepared next time. Carrying my protein shakes and applesauce. By this time next year I'll be able to have half of a turkey burger:)

Monday is second Post op, moving to Phase 3 solids

Monday will be my second post op appointment, I'm quite sure I'm moving onto solids. Not looking forward to it because my stomach still doesn't like food totally. I actually chewed a small piece of roasted chicken until it was puree consistency. It went down ok, but chewing your food 30 times is a lot to get use to. I will update on my next phase and my new weigh in!

Phase 3, I'm on solids!

Weighing in at 302lbs. 30 pounds in total. I was experiencing some stomach issues because of my menstrual cycle. ..blah ..but other than that, the doc says I'm doing great! My incisions from the surgery have almost disappeared. He said i must have super healing powers. ..that's Jesus healing me inside out:) Not really looking forward to solids with my stomach acting crappie, but I'm all cleared to exercise fully!Zumba here i come!!! I'm ready


I'm tip toeing around food, I'm tasting one thing at a time. Sticking to my guns and listening to my doctor I'm chewing everything to a pulp. And eating slowly. I've been dying for a salad ..couldn't eat but a little tomato and egg. Literally 2 nibbles not even a bite and I was done. No breads, no rice, is something else. But hey I'm coming down. One day at a time, there is no race. I keep telling myself keep your eyes on the prize. Gotta keep pushing :)

I'm out of the 300's!!!

Weighing in at 299lbs. I'm out the 300's I'm feeling so motivated! Worked out for 40 minutes today, just on the treadmill. Feeling great!!! Thank you Lord!!

My taste buds have changed, and getting second looks

My taste buds have changed and my stomach is still battling with me. I can tolerate grits, cream of wheat and fruit. However, the things i love that i can eat don't love me back. So i continue to drop weight and my nutritionist says I'm among the normal with my diet and eating behavior. I'm fighting to get in protein and the mental game of this is so frustrating. I'm getting second looks from my coworkers because they see the difference. They don't know what has happened but i have definitely gotten compliments. The attention i dont like, but to see my butt go down is crazy and sad altogether. I've lugged her around for years so i will not get depressed. I love the room in my clothes and how i can move around without gasping for air. My kids are loving the change, while i figure out what to eat...lol.. God is good and I'm doing fine. Down to 296.2lbs. This is an amazing journey and i have front row seats:)

In total I have lost 60 pounds, clothing don't fit

My journey is going as planned the pounds are coming off and my life is becoming increasingly healthier. I'm 2 months into recovery and Im getting stopped at work saying whatever you're doing, you're looking great. I take the compliments but the struggle is real. Still trying to figure out what and how to eat maybe my biggest challenge yet. I talked to my doc and he says the hernia repair makes it a little more constricting for food to go down therefore, I'm feeling the discomfort of food going down when it is not chewed well. I've increased my protein a lot and I'm walking a lot! My periods continue to to be troublesome but I'm still fighting through it. I ate chocolate for the first time because i craved it, lol...it's that time ...i ate three mini bites and it wad over. Sometimes to circum to urges isn't a bad thing just don't make it a habit. I love food but it doesn't love me back. I get so frustrated but i can see the end result and that carries me over. Well I'm thinning and slimming down, my doc wants me to weigh in at 282 next visit. I'm a meet the challenge and just do it! Wish me luck ! Talk to you soon!

279lbs. And Counting!!!

I haven't been on here in a while, I'm so busy
with life and trying to stay focused. I had to come and drop in my latest weigh in. I'm at 279 and I'm totally not even trying, when i say that i mean the weight is just coming off. I do what I'm suppose to do, and the weight is disappearing. People are amazed! And i just remain focused. I'm eating way better than before but still learning my limitations. My stomach reminds me all the time she is in control. I went to a funeral this weekend and all eyes were on me. I hate this attention. ..I'm such a private person when it comes to me, however i share the good news about my increasing health willingly because I feel good. Some folks pry too much and too long. I'm trying to be a good stooey when it comes to the stares, but i smile and continue to do me. Breakfast is still my hardest meal of the day and I'm getting more water in finally! 3 months almost since the surgery and in total I've dropped altogether from the beginning of the journey 60 plus pounds.! Who knew it would move so fast. Taking it all in, one day at a time. Thanking God for all his Mercy and Grace! Pics coming soon. Be good to yourselves my people, remember one day at a time:)

I finally figured out my goal weight! !

I never had a weight in mind i just wanted to be healthy. Now that I'm weighing 272lbs today, i know that my goal is 200 -210. I'm finally getting excited about the new me. Life is good Thank you Lord!

I've lost almost 80lbs!! Ready to let go of my fat!

I'm down to 266lbs. I'm headed to the 250 lb mark, may be then I'll finally let go of my fat:) Being attached to my heaviness i won't allow myself to see all the weight I've lost. I'm eating real food, with the moderators. I've eaten a little more sugar than usual because of the holidays but nothing a brisk walk can't get rid of. I'm starting this toning regiment soon, I just have to get ready. My body is definitely changed. I'm ready to let go of the old me ...and my fat.

Finally seeing the changes

Haven't been on here in a while, life just seems to be happening. Body changes and other changes. I'm in the gym toning and working on me. Having an allergic reaction to what I don't know. I believe it's part of the changes my body is experiencing. Not dating yet staying focused. Loving my new size XL !!! No triple X anymore ????. Trying to stay focused. Feels weird ... But I can now cross my legs I feel like a lady! Hating my skin but I'm dealing with it all!! Thank you Lord for my life. 8 months in and I'm doing great! Slowing down on losing because I'm in the gym turning the fat into muscle they say it's a good thing. I have 20 more pounds to my goal weight. Hold on here I come!!

Closing in on my anniversary date!!

I'm getting closer and closer to my goal. With every snack and meal I'm counting literally down the calories and pounds. So I promised I would post pictures of before and after so I have dug up the old me and will share the work in progress me. I'm still getting use to this new me, and looking at myself in the mirror is a new thing for me. I'm very pleased with my weight lost, I just wish I could take it back a couple of months ago were the pounds were falling off??. Starting to plateau soon but I'm very pleased to say I love the new me!

So I'm next, gall bladder surgery????

I knew it was too good to be true! I saw the postings about it and thought to myself not me!! Well after a night in the ER last week, it was determined that my gall stones were being aggravated by the rapid weight loss. My surgeon decided not remove them because of concerns while I was under. Now I'm here ... Sad and feeling the fear of surgery all over again. For me it was a conquering of fears and pushing my way through. Now, I have no choice. It's my life and health on the line. I haven't come up on a year of my surgery yet, I'm not feeling much like celebrating. Hiding inside my own thoughts I'm circling the question of why me? So here we go folks, send me your thoughts, experiences, what to do's and successful directions. I'm just not feeling this at all. Oh yeah, I've lost 111lbs in total and I should be happy... Yes, I am grateful but in Awww at the same time. ????????

229lbs. 15 more to go!

August 3rd will be my anniversary !! Then September 8th, I'll be back under for my gall bladder surgery. That's me trying to be proactive about my life... Lol .. Give me a year then time to say I did it. Next level.

Gall Bladder Surgery

So today is my day! And I'm not happy about any of it. I knew eventually it would come to this... But nevertheless I'm here. Just when I get the nerve to do it, they have me sitting because of delays. If you could only understand that I feel defeated because the one time I go under the knife to do something major they come back and have to go in again. My weight loss is picking back up because I was at stall due to stress. Now I'm losing again because I've gotten rid of my main stress factor, thank you Lord! All I have to say today is I'm not happy and my patience are running low, so when this surgery is over I will be done with doctors for a while. Your health has to be taken in your own hands.

Anniversary August 3rd .. 1 year!!

One year and I'm down 118 pounds!! I'm healthier and feeling better than I ever have. My life has changed for ever, I'm still getting use to this body. When I look in the mirror I see who people are staring at. 5 dress sizes down and I'm looking to do my first shopping.

This journey has not been an easy one. When stress is met with surgery you will stall in weight loss. It was really discouraging but I pushed through. Now weighing in at 224lbs. I'm pleased and almost at my goal weight. My doctor changed my goal to 200 but I think I want to see me at that first. I don't want to look like a bobble head lol...

Well that's all I have for now. Still healing from gall bladder surgery which I'm doing fine!!! Thank you Lord!!


Because of the stress I was experiencing at my new job, my weight stalled and I became stuck at 230-235. I became very unhappy and depressed about my job and where my life was taking me. I finally decided that my health is way more important than a job that was challenging my health I worked so hard on to improve. I left that job, I have a new one and start in 2 weeks. I'm excited and screaming thank you Jesus for your mercy and grace. I'm sleeping again which is regulating my eating. Stress makes over eat or eat too often. Now that I've moved into the twenties I'm determined to keep going to get to my goal 215! My nutritionist says once this happens I can start toning again. My arms did not make the cut but it's ok, I was a big girl so I knew I would have access skin. So the work is there for me to do. I have not started dating yet because the internal mind set cannot meet with outside interference yet until I meet my goals and are happy with the transformation of who I'm coming into being. I hope that makes since, that this time around it's really all about me!!
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