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I had heard about coolsculpting a few months ago...

I had heard about coolsculpting a few months ago and had decided to ramp up my workouts and clean up my diet before making the decision to try it. At my age and with hormonal issues, my belly fat (which I never had till I was over 50) would not budge, so I bit the bullet and went to have three areas treated (upper abs and love handles). It was funny for me to learn in the consult that the squishier the fat is, the more likely there will be a better outcome.

The only pain during the procedure was when they put the applicator on. It was a huge pinch, but it passed in under a minute, and once the cooling started, the procedure was quite comfortable. I do have to say I had swelling which is almost gone as of today (day 5). The bruising was also minor and is almost gone.

I'll keep updating here as I see results, but the technician and nurse practitioner said they expect an excellent outcome.

Tomorrw will be 2 weeks since I had my upper abs...

Tomorrw will be 2 weeks since I had my upper abs and love handles done. I was told not to really expect seeing any results until at least the third week, but I have to say that the changes I am seeing already are dramatic. It took 8 days for the swelling to be gone and the discomfort (which was quite severe) to go away, but every day I have noticed my bulges decreasing. This morning, the upper ab area is almost completely flat and I have no spare tire look.

My first follow up with the doc is on 9/10, and at that point I will have them give me copies of my before and 2 month photos and will post them. I hope that will give some hope to the 'not so skinny with just a little bulge' crowd to consider trying this.

Last Friday was my 4 week mark since I had my...

Last Friday was my 4 week mark since I had my upper abs and flanks done. I was totally unprepared to see this much change in this short period of time, since I was told most of the results would be seen between 2 and 4 months post procedure. I can barely pinch any fat in the area, and I was not one with just a tiny roll that needed to go. When I look at myself sideways in the mirror, my upper abs are FLAT!

When I go for my first follow up in Sept I'm gonna have the lower abs done that same day since I am so thrilled with the results so far!

I had my 2 month follow up today and I could not...

I had my 2 month follow up today and I could not be happier. I knew I was seeing changes but to actually have new pictures taken and have measurements done really showed me it is not my imagination. I have lost almost 3" in my upper ab/love handle area since I had it done and should continue to see more changes. The doctor's office is going to email me the before plus the first after pics they took today, but I was stunned when I saw them. Sure I am still a fattie, but I had never gained in my tummy until I hit 50, so this is huge.

I went ahead and had lower abs done today, and am prepared for the discomfort I might have from the first experience. I can deal with 10 days of owies....

Pics coming, and hopefully they will encourage more like me who thought only skinny people with a little extra bump could benefit from this.

I finally have a couple pictures to post. Compared...

I finally have a couple pictures to post. Compared to most people I see who have this done, I am quite a fattie, but particularly wanted to post to encourage those of us menopausal women who suddenly pack tons of fat onto the middle to consider this procedure. I lost about 3" as of my 8 week follow up, and the practitioners said that is amazing and I should probably lose 2 or so more over the next 2-4 months. I did get my lower abs done the same day as the follow up for upper abs.

Despite the discomfort I had with the first coolsculpting session, when I started seeing results, I figured I could deal with a couple of weeks of discomfort/pain, but I have to say that the lower abs have not been a problem except some bruising and mild soreness and this is day 8.

I don't want people to think I'm a lazy fat ass...I was in great shape was far as body shape until my hormones changed. I play competition level racquetball 4x a week and lift weights, and if anything undereat and still got here. Being old and fat sure is an advantage when playing racquetball since I am underestimated :)

I have been reading others' updates and wanted to...

I have been reading others' updates and wanted to share that after initially great results, 6 months and now 9 months later my belly roll is right back to where it was pre Coolsculpting.

When I was in for my 3 month follow and was so excited at the 3" loss, I asked if they could treat my lower abs the same day, which they did. While I was having the treatment, the nurse practitioner told me the Zeltique rep initially referred to the treatment as 'one and done' then months later told them it often had to be repeated...

Incidentally, I still maintain a very active lifestyle, eat healthy, lift weights, play racquetball often, and have not gained weight...yet that roll came back and the lower abs never left. Pooh!
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I felt these practitioners were very professional, very pleasant to be around, and encouraged me to get back in touch with them if I have any questions or concerns. They are the only provider of this service near me, but I was lucky to find a good group.

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