47 Year Old, Post Weight Loss... Getting facelift, upper/lower bleph, brow lift Frederick, MD

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Hoping to look as happy and young as I feel after...

Hoping to look as happy and young as I feel after weight loss. I've recently lost 80 pounds and now look even more tired and angry in my face.
My eyes seem heavy and my mouth always seems mad. I'm hooping for a more pleasant appearance. My husband isn't very supportive of the cost so I'm hoping to find some support and shared experiences here.

Before pics....scary

Bags, sad, tired, and angry looking.

Less than 24 hours to surgery!

Thanks for all the well wishes and advice so far. It has been so helpful. I went and got a hair cut and partial highlights yesterday and a little eyebrow waxing. Thanks to advice from others that I wouldn't be able to for 6 weeks post. I took some more pics...not great but a little better than the early morning no makeup ones. Might be a better comparison after the surgery.

1-2 days post

Can't see well enough to type so I willfill I details later. Gotverysick after surgery.. Through up multiple times which did not help the healing.

3days Post

Feel much better overall but not as good as I thought I would. Still can't see clearly. Am goin to the doctors tomorrow morning. Way more swelling than I anticipated. Can the swelling impact good results.... Like neck? I'll post pics from phone. Any idea if the redness on my neck is normal? I always worry about infection. Now I'm also a bit worried about my eyesight.ive tried to clear all ointment out. I hope it's only due to swelling temporarily. Also, my ears are three times there size, 100% numb. Normal?

Update pics

Also wanted to say my doctor was amazing. He came into the office on Saturday, his day off because I was having a problem with one of my eyes.

Day 4 post op

Some more pics for day 4. I keep waiting to turn the corner with the swelling. Maybe tomorrow.. Besides the blurry eyrsight, the ears that feel like hockey pucks attached to my head concerns me. I know it takes awhile to get feeling back...just hope the ears are normal. I'm excited about thinking I can see what the results look like.just worried about causing permanent problems in the pursuit.
Thanks for all the support out there. I also have to give my husband thanks...he has been a real help. He might not have 100% agreed with spending money on this procedure but he's been nothing but helpful since I came home.

Day 5 post

Felt better this morning but crashed around noon. Too active I guess. Eyes are still blurry and difficult to close. Eyes itch a lot if I try and read or watch tv. Neck still swollen and very bruised. Not complaining but want others to know what to possibly expect since everyone heals differently. Going back to doctors tomorrow.


Had a major issue with brow tissue not thriving. Now I'm missing a chunk of scalp. Not sure if it will gro w back or not. Beginning to feel regretful.


8 days post pics

Trying to get through the next week. Worried about going back to work and looking a bit freakish. Hopefully the next 8 days will see some miraculous recovery. Fingers crossed.

9 days Post...concerns and looking for advice or similar experiences

It's been 9 days since surgery and I know I still have a ways to go with healing. But here are some of my concerns that I would welcome any feedback on.
1. Skin necrosis...section of skin on my right temple that PS had to cut away due to blood flow I think. Large inch by 1/2 inch triangle gap that will hopefully grow back in.
2. Other temple, anchor suture leaving large divot in head and corresponding bulge. (Picture does not show it well)
3. Both eyes very dry, itchy, can't keep open long without burning. Vision not quite normal (even when no ointment is being used) almost feels like corneas are being squeezed or misshapen and not quite focusing.
4. Left eye opens more than right...won't quite close for sleep (causing more eye irritation) can't quite wink etc. right eye seems almost too closed in.
5. Very red rash/irritation on neck behind ear. One side much more than other.
Feels constantly warm to the touch.
6. Scarring. Just worried about all the scars showing...forehead, eyes (outside corners mostly), sides, ears.
I love that I can see a glimpse of what I was hoping for, just hope these other concerns don't take all that away. My biggest fears are negative impact to my eyesight and the skin necrosis. Any shared experiences or related outcomes ( good or bad) would be appreciated. I go back to work in one week and am worried.


Pics from concerns

Progression photo....eyes

Top left is before.... Bottom right is today.... 11 days post no makeup. Big difference I think...not so angry looking.

Getting better day by day - 19 days post

No makeup, after shower. Still swollen, and bruised but getting better. Lots of numbness still, but slowly getting better. Just takes time.

1 month post comments

I appreciate all the feedback... Both positive and negative... I believe it's all honest and that is the strength of this platform. I've had some improvements in areas such as the top of my head that didn't thrive. My eyes are still a major concern...especially the lower left eyelid which has no elasticity and does not come back to toe eye itself. My issue is I do not know which "issues" might be a result of poor medical skills and which are healing issues my body is contributing. At this point I'm giving my surgeon the benefit of the doubt but am waiting to see how he responds to helping me resolve these issues. I will admit that sadly at over 4 weeks post I am self conscious and insecure about my appearance which is of course the exact opposite reAson one invests in these procedures. Again, I appreciate all comments because I'm seeking the experience from this community to help guide my response to this situation.

I'm going to post some images for updates and will see my doctor on Monday. Any advice feedback to go to my doctor with appreciated...especially if similar complications have been experienced. Thanks.

Pictures 1 month post

Feedback and advice appreciated

Pictures 1 month post

the site is not letting me post pictures

Pics...I hope

Trying again

More pics

Posting some of the positives as well. Need to not hyper focus on just the negatives.

Close up of scars

Just FYI

Many thanks

Just want to thank everyone for their support, advice and shared experience. This platform really has been a tremendous resource and fountain of support. If I seem to dwell and post too much on the negatives it's only because I want to help others know what might, and I stress might be potential issues to deal with. I believe I've had some issues that most people don't have to handle so I'm not trying to scare anyone away from these procedures. When I get my issues resolved, I'm sure I am going to be very happy to have opted for these procedures. I also want to express that my PS has given me no reason to believe that he is not going to help me resolve these issues. He has been very supportive so far.

Head gash healing remarkably fast now...


Saw doctor today

I had a follow up appt with my PS this morning. I'm feeling better about my progress after talking with him. He answered all of my questions and concerns...many of which we still need to wait and see. But the important thing is that some improvements are being made between visits. And if needed there are follow up actions that can be taken to correct if things don't heal on their own. I'm confident in his care. Feeling much better today and trying to learn more patience.
Frederick Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful and patient so far. Dr. A is a perfectionist and takes the extra time to get the job done right. He is also extremely caring and compassionate. I can't say enough good things about him.

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