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I had Fraxel Repair 12 days ago August , 08, ...

I had Fraxel Repair 12 days ago August , 08,  the results are making me feel very happier everyday.

I have suffered from had acne scarring, discoloration on my cheeks, that bothered me a lot. At 45 and lots of sun tanning in my younger years. This new technology sounded very helpful to just have to go through one treatment for dramatic results and I did  lot of research then found an excellent doctor..

It hurt and you cringe on every pass, a lot more than the restore laser,  nothing you cant manage after numbing cream, pain pills and local shots in the face, thank goodness it only takes about 30 minutes max, then its over. The recovery takes time, you have a monster face, red and swollen, vingear washes felt good cold from the fridge, aquaphor no like and sticky. It is having the patience to see your face change daily and get better over a twelve week period and well beyond. YES, its worth it all. This laser goes really deep, my cheeks were done strong. I feel and see a sense of good healing happening below my skin. I am using the special creams now and moisturing a lot..I am keeping it moist and babying my face.

I am starting to look normal and pretty again, the results are a fresh look, even skin tone, scars reduced pretty dramatically, smooth fresh face. Eyes more open, they look great. For me another week or so using my creams my skin will feel much better and healed. Using skinmedica products and cellex c later.  I am seeing everyday a fresh different look and improvement in my skin, a nice tight feel to my skin. At 45, to have this premptive strike on aging was an exciting to do.

First two weeks after treatment your in the house, you want to peek outside a little after that point, but sun is an issue and you get dry and need cream on your face. These next weeks being really careful with outdoors while healing, hats, suncreen, avoidance . The experience was positive, had to do it for myself, I had a A+++ doctor, I felt he knew, was experienced and understood the Reliant Fraxel and what it can do., his staff is a great group of girls. 


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