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I tried fraxel to soften the fine lines around my...

I tried fraxel to soften the fine lines around my lips and to improve the "orange peel" texture on my chin, as well as to help fade an age spot on my cheek. In the past I have used "Avage" cream to fade the brown spots and it does work. I thought that the laser might be more permanent. The doctor reccomends four treatment spaced a month apart. Based on that recomendation, and his claims that I would see some improvement after the first treatment, (it seems I should see 25% of the improvement after the first treatment if four treatments are required), I'm disapointed so far. I do not have problems with acne, but my skin broke out terribly all over my face, and worse on my forehead. As those bumps have receded, an itchy pink rash has taken their place. I can't see any positive improvements so far. It seems weird to pay so much money for only negative results. I'm still hoping, though, that I will see some positive results in the coming days. I have a call in to my doctor to see what can be done about this itchy unattractive rash....we"ll see what happens. I spent about $1200.00 to treat face neck and hands. I have not yet had my hands done because they didn't want to put to much lidocaine gel on me all at once. I'm hoping for better results on my hands. I probably won't continue the treatments for such minimal results. Maybe in the future, if the price comes down, I wil be willing to try again, but now I'm not willing to risk $5,000.00 on a painful treatment with plenty of negative results and so far NO positive ones.
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