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I received CO2 Re:pair, Tuesday, July 1st.  I...

I received CO2 Re:pair, Tuesday, July 1st.  I had read many results from bloggers that claim the procedure really hurt, and they had problems with the procedure.  My procedure went very well.  I had little to no pain during the actual procedure.  Right now I've got a green light from my doctor on improvement, but I’m only in day two.  I am taking pictures each day and will post them at day 10 in order to see better results.  I, of course, understand the risk still involved in the healing process and know to be careful of infections, communicate well with your caregiver, DO NOT RUB, and follow the doctor's orders as instructed.  I'm hoping to avoid my own horror story.  I’ll keep my progress posted and if I do have problems I'll post them as well,  Keeping my fingers crossed--so far it's good.

I am now into my 72 hours of CO2 Re:pair and am...

I am now into my 72 hours of CO2 Re:pair and am still swollen and red.  The first 24 hours are the hardest.  2 hour vinegar soaks around the clock and you look scary--very red, bloody, and seeping.  The 48 hour point you start to look somewhat better.  Less blood, still swollen and extremely reddish/brown color across the treated area. At 48 hours you still do vinegar soaks but at every 3-4 hours around the clock.  Swelling goes down and you stop seeping and become browner and skin gets a tighter, grainy feel to it.  Now at 72 hours, I'm still swollen, red, but starting to peel slightly.  My skin looks more normal--less brown.  I am itching in some places, but vinegar soaks take care of that.  I'm careful to monitor normal itching from yeast infection itching or an infection setting in.  I experienced blurred vision up to today--it is caused by all the goop in your eyes as well as the swelling.  My eyes have been the worst and longest to heal. Still swollen and tender. My nose area caked up and crusted.  Also, my nose got a lot of white heads on it and I'm waiting for that to go away.  It's too early to see results.  Fingers crossed I still recover without complications.

Some tips:  Make sure you keep the area you are cleaning your face in clean--keep your hands clean--you will touch your face by accident. I learned it is a habit to touch your face--especially when you start to itch. Take the meds your doctor prescribed you.  Make sure you do your soaks as directed--don't get lazy or miss one.  Sleep with your head raised and be prepared to not be able to see well for the first few days. I'm just getting my vision back and it comes and goes as the swelling moves around my eye area.  You will be tired.

Dr. Finder, San Antonio

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