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The cost is a con, and you will be very red and...

The cost is a con, and you will be very red and swollen that will dissipate after a few days, and the results are progressive...patience is a must with any treatment. But for me personally the pros outweigh the negatives, I've had 4 so far and have seen an excellent improvement, I have three more to go. I don't think this treatment is for everyone, because your own body chemistry can effect the results you will have. Don't be discouraged, keep looking and you'll find a treatment that is right for you. Find a GOOD doctor that will LISTEN to what you want and what you expect from the treatments, don't be fooled by empty promises find someone that backs up the clams they make about treatment you might be considering. I went through 3 plastic surgeons until I found one I liked and would do what I wanted, but you also need to listen to the doctor and figure out a plan together to get the results you want. You might have to combine different treatments together to get better results. Also, very important, "cosmetic surgeons" and "plastic surgeons" are two different things, I would suggest if you are having anything done to your face find a doctor that specializes in that area. 9/28 UPDATE Well, I just had my 5th one done 4 days ago, still healing, but it looks good. Two more to go, I think it is a worthwhile treatment, but I think I'm getting good results because the treatment levels are up high, I started out at 35, I'm up to 60 now. I'll keep you posted :) Good luck to all~
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