Fraxel Dual, So I Did It

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After reading what everybody posted here in the...

After reading what everybody posted here in the past few months, I decided to try Fraxel. I usually don't write reviews online but I want to share more on the recovery phase since I couldn't find enough related information before I did mine.

I am Asian (I don't know the skin tone scale, but I am leaning towards pale than yellow), I got the treatment mostly for skin resurfacing/ texturing and sun damage spots removal on the face.

Like everybody else I got the numbing cream, waited for 45 mins or so for it to take effect and took pain killers before the treatment.

In general, I tolerate pain pretty well (I have had tattoos before and didn't think it hurt as bad as everyone described it). I wore those metal contact lenses and had the full face done in no time. It hurt but it's not intolerable. like rows of tiny needles run over your face. Then the doctor increased the intensity to treat the skin resurfacing, it's like the second round on advance level. This second round HURT. I mean I could tolerate it, I didn't scream or anything, but my tear gland couldn't. Tears just came out of my eyes uncontrollably.

I think depending which beam the doctor used on you, it did hurt right after the treatment for me coz my doctor used both beam on my entire face. It felt like something is severely burning on your skin. My nurse was wonderful and put cooling gel on my face then ice packs. These helped the pain immediately after the treatment. The pain eventually went away after 15-25mins.

A couple of hours after the treatment, the tingling feeling continued (not the pain). My face was a bit swollen already, but not like my eyes were swollen shut. I put ice packs and moisturized my face like every 30 mins because my skin seemed to have absorbed all of the moisturizer I put on within 30 mins.

1st day after the treatment, I woke up unable to recognize my face. It swelled up so badly! My eye lids were all swollen to the point I thought I'd better sleep all day. I don't understand how some online sources say you can go back to work the next day, may be they have only had it done on the cheeks and on low intensity level. I can say if you have had both beam done on your face, and very near to your eye areas: Take 3-4 days off. Worries add lines, not worth it having to worry how in the world you can go back to work while looking like Tyson after his boxing championship match.

Day 2, still VERY swollen. I have applied ice packs every 2 hours the day before, slept on 3 pillows, low sodium diet. Sorry, my face just refused every effort I made. I was still very red and swollen. Track marks are there, but I didn't worry much about it. They looked like dead skin and looked like they were going to come off. By night time, bronzing starts to spread to my full face. Ice packs and intense moisturizing continued.

Day 3, finally my face not as swollen and some part of the bronzing started to itch. I saw it as a good sign because if it itch, that means your skin is healing. By night time, I started to peel a very tiny bit and it started to get REALLY itchy, especially near the hairline.

Day 4, Today is the day which had me write this review because I want to reiterate how important it is to properly care for your skin AFTER the treatment. This is because probably due to the itch, I scratched my nose in my sleep unknowingly and in the morning on day 4, I found some dead skin came off of my nose but also some tiny red spots like it bled a little. The other parts of my face peeled on its own and it's freckles-free, spot-free, perfect beautiful glowing skin. So, DO NOT pick on the bronzing/ dead skin/ what not. Let it come off on its own. Even when you wash your face, ALWAYS pat dry, don't wipe. Now the skin on my nose is a bit rough, something looks like what others call it the "orange skin". I still have some more treatments to go, I will ask my doctor about it but meanwhile, I want to type this up on time to remind everybody on this.

Ok will update more on day 4-6.

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