Fraxel Caused Orange Peel Texture

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I had 3 re:stores done in April, May and June of...

I had 3 re:stores done in April, May and June of 2010. The last treatment was at the highest setting 70 mj at level 8. The derm's PA did the treatment. She has being doing Fraxels for 5 years. The 1st was in normal settings at 40 mj at level 8 (no problems and great results) and the second at 60 mh and level 8 (great results but some darkness under eyes). I asked the PA if the laser caused it and she said I was probably tired. I went forward on the third treatment even though I had a feeling that I should not. On the last treatment, I broke out in cystic acne (never before) hyperpigmented with more broken caps along my cheeks and under my eyes which make me look as though I am healing from two black eyes. Two weeks later (six weeks almost to the day), my face completely deflated as though I had lost 15-20 lbs. I had jowls, marionette lines and my cheeks were gone!! Also, since my collagen and tissue had been destroyed by the laser. I was left with huge open pores and wrinkles!! As others report, it is confined to the areas of Fraxel - my neck is still smooth and youthful. Sad thing about this is I did it strictly as a vain procedure. I had no real issues except a few brown spots and a few fine lines beginning around the eyes.

I now understand that my natural collagen/skin tissue was intentionally destoyed so that it could be replaced with scar tissue!!!!

Fast forward to 10 months I have this obvious cobblestone/dimpling/orange peel pattern. It is not nearly as bad as 2 months post laser; however, the skin puckers between pin prick pores. My skin is extremely smooth to the touch but looks very red and uneven. My skin has become somewhat firmer but not back to normal. My broken capillaries are just as obvious as well as my hyperpigmention. I have gone all over to try to find help. A few offer "more lasers" and a few say "let it heal" and a few offer "products". This proves that no one really has an answer. I am considering a facelift to correct the loss of tissue damage but I am not sure the texture/pattern will ever resolve. I believe the hyperpigmentation will resolve in time even though it could take a very, very long time.

Bottom line: I honestly feel I look 5-8 years older.

If you are considering Fraxel, PLEASE think long and hard about the possible consequences. I don't believe that all possible side effects are listed in an informed consent. My life has been put on hold. No one should fear the sun.

If you have already had Fraxel and find yourself in an adverse reaction. I pray you find a speedy resolution.

I will be certain to come back and update should I find a resolution. I have started Obagi's Nu Derm. I have been on it for 2 months with minimal results. I have heard it would take up to a year to correct some of the damage. I wish I had been offered it before I considered Fraxel.

My children had spring break last week. Although...

My children had spring break last week. Although I was very, very careful (lots of sunscreen, Coolibar hat, umbrella and shade) my entire face has hyperpigmented. I am certain I have laser induced melasma. I am a Fitz 1.5 or 2 with no history of melasma.

If you are considering Fraxel, please consider the...

If you are considering Fraxel, please consider the reviews that are over 6 months or longer. It takes 6 months for the collagen to remodel. I too thought my skin looked great in the beginning.

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I don't know what happened. Was it the PA, the laser, settings, time of year, me....all the above?

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