Just Finished First of 5 Treatments for Acne Scars

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For those people who are contemplating Fraxel...

For those people who are contemplating Fraxel laser treatments for acne scars: I am 58, have had pit and rolling scars for over 30 years and finally decided to spend the money and take a chance. The technologies didn't look hopeful to me prior to now.
I went to a board certified MD with an excellent reputation which I highly recommend doing rather than going to "spas" with untrained people.
First treatment was 4 days ago. Pain? Extremely little, identical to a solid tooth cleaning. The only true pain was the injection of 4-5 shots of novacaine so that the MD could do an additional process called ablation (that along with the Fraxel and some acid drops that he dabbed on some scars). Other than the slight pain of the novacain needles, the rest of the procedure was fine.
Reactions: day of treatment- swelling of my cheeks and chin and a strong wind burn look. The cream novacain that they put on first takes about 4 hours to dissipate. You put alot of ice packs on your face, sleep with your head elevated and stay away from alcohol to minimize and reduce the swelling. Day two- I put on some makeup to cover the redness and went to lunch with a friend who says he didn't notice anything at all. I put occasional ice packs on that day too and worked from home
Day three- not much swelling, still a partial windburn look but now the bruising from the novacain/ablation procedure shows up as small spots. They don't cover up with makeup well but there are only a few and I told my collegues and family to expect me to look a little weird for a couple of days
Day 4- not much redness left, swelling is pretty much gone and because of that, I can clearly see the little novacaine injection holes which have scabbed over and the bruise marks. Again, no big deal and makeup covers these fairly well. My face is extremely dry today and yesterday and I am using a ton of moisturizer with sunscreen and am avoiding the sun. They told me to expect to peel and I'm waiting for that!
Overall, I think I am going to be happy with the results. Maybe I am crazy but some lesser scarring on my cheeks and chin are already gone completely in a couple of spots! I will try and remember to come back and give an update after the next 4 treatments.

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Because he took the time to look me in the eye to talk to me, gave me decent literature, and had excellent reviews by my regular dermatologist

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