Destroyed my Skin!

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My first Fraxel must have been set at a low...

My first Fraxel must have been set at a low setting, and I was happy with the results. The second Fraxel must've been set quite a bit higher, was VERY painful and I swelled up immediately causing me much concern. I thought my skin was going to burst! The second Fraxel destroyed the surface texture and muscle tone under my skin, and I look older than when I went in! When I brought pictures back to prove it, the Dr. questioned when the photo were taken (they were taken one week before.) The second Fraxel created a nasolabial fold I didn't have before, created new wrinkles and crepiness around my mouth (especially on my upper lip,) and drooped my cheeks creating jowls (a friend told me it looked like I had a stroke!) I think even my pores looked worse--the crepiness making them look like little "slits." I have no idea how I can repair this damage. Another dermatologist suggested another Fraxel (NO!) Has anyone else had this happen? Suggestions for repair much appreciated!

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