Fraxel Created Problems Where There Weren't Any

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Some pros - smaller pores, rolling scars appear...

Some pros - smaller pores, rolling scars appear less deep (but in no means are gone).

Please do not believe that this laser is risk free! I had my last one (out of 5) done over six months ago still desperately trying to help cystic acne scars on chin. Dr used a deep setting for those and a lesser setting for the rest of my face to eliminate some traces of hyperpigmentation (melasma). Now, I have a reddish brown mask that is not fading. What's worse is it's not even uniform. Along with the mask are white, blotchy patches. Below my eyes there is now a not-so uniform depressed, u shaped brown line where he started the laser with each pass.

Bottom line -- Fraxel II completely ruined the pigment of my face and now I'm forever doomed to wear heavy concealer from the moment I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed...ALWAYS. The subtle improvement in acne scarring was absolutely not worth a permanent mask. Nothing is.

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