pro-fraxel laser Worth It but You Have to Wait to See Results

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In all my reading i have not found any photos that...

in all my reading i have not found any photos that show you the "real healing" that must take place.i had bruising swelling redness that lasted seven days i am still hoping that what i am seeing nowthe result of some swelling and will subside.i'm still praying the result will be better than what i am seeing.i won't be able to tell for sure if the new weird wrinkle sag of skin that developled under my eyes is from botoxing my crows feet and there fore not allowing my skin movement or if the fraxel damaged the area and thus made it more lax.i am living with regret and wake up each morning hoping to see that it has gone away and the old me back.

It has been serval months now since i had my...

it has been serval months now since i had my treatmeant i like the results and as always i need to learn be paitient


i have had Restylane filler put under my eyes 3 times now.the First two times it was fine but this last one has me obsessing. I am experiencing bruising and swelling like i have never had before.I'm ice packing it and using witch hazel for the bruising.Hope to see less swelling in the AM before i go back to work.I will not get this treatment ever again.I wanted another pro-fraxel or some other laser type treatment but my Dr.kept saying no that it wasn't a treatment i needed and always offered filler.I don't understand his logic since he gave me pro-fraxel in 2009.
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