6 week appointment. Feeling amazing!

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I am a 31 year old married mother of two. 5'4"...

I am a 31 year old married mother of two.
5'4" and 114 lbs. 

I have barely an A cup right now, but I'm not concerned about cup size, I just want something to jiggle! I won't be getting more than 150 CC's but I can't decide if I want silicone or saline.

I need advice from all you ladies out there that have both.
I have barely any breast tissue and very little body fat, so my doc definitely is pushing me toward silicone. I'm just very health conscious and worried about long-term complications from possible leakage. I've heard very concerning things about silicone.
Please help!

Okay, I think I have decided that Silicone may be...

Okay, I think I have decided that Silicone may be the way to go. I go back in forth in my mind but I think the silicone would feel much better and less chance of rippling.
What brand and shape would be best, do you think?

2 months and anxiously counting! My husband...

2 months and anxiously counting!
My husband leaves July 11 for a 10 day work trip, so I am having my surgery the 12th and trying to keep this a total surprise for him. We've talked about me getting implants in the past, but he has no idea that I've had the consultation and begun this process. I'm sure he still thinks we're years away from me doing this.
This is really the hardest secret ever!!!
But, I think it'll be worth it to see his reaction. :)
So, two months from tomorrow!!!

My latest question for you all is... is there anything I can be doing now to prepare my body for this? Supplements or exercises or skin creams that have helped your recovery and preparation for surgery? Or what should I avoid?

So, it's exactly two months away now. I'm sort of...

So, it's exactly two months away now. I'm sort of regretting scheduling my surgery so late in the summer since I won't get to enjoy wearing a bikini much this year. But, this is the best I could do with my husband being gone. Our 12th wedding anniversary is the beginning of August, so it seems like perfect timing. I'm just so anxious!!!

8 weeks!

Nothing new to report other than the fact that my husband has been working out and I realized that his boobs are officially bigger than mine. ???? Can't wait until that's no longer the case. 8 weeks from today!!!

Getting anxious!

7 weeks!

Only 7 more weeks to go!
I got all the pre-op paperwork from my doc and I have EKG and general pre-surgery check-up scheduled for the 18th, since that's what my PS requires to get the OK for surgery. That makes me feel good.
I will also have my final pre-op consult with her that day as well.
I asked what type of implant she's ordering and they weren't too forthcoming with that info. I sent her the above pic of what I hope to look for, and she said vaguely that's what she's ordering. So, I'm guessing the round shape, but don't know anything about moderate, or high profile, etc.
I don't think my size implant actually comes in high profile, though, so I'm guessing it's moderate.
Should I insist to know at my pre-op or just trust her to make the right choice?

He found out! :(

Well, I had to change my profile because my husband stumbled upon an email from my PS and found out the whole surprise!
Oh well, I'm horrible at keeping secrets from him anyways and was getting really nervous.
He said it would have been a really shocking surprise, but he's glad he knows now.
He said, like so many men I've read about, that he's just worried people will think that he wanted me to do it for him. He was very adamant that I make this decision for me. Of course, it's 50% for me and 50% for him in my mind. We've been married 12 years, and I know he loves me regardless of what my body looks like. But, I'll feel better about myself and I know he'll love them! So, I told him that it's just like me making him keep a beard. He likes it, but he grows it out because I love it!!
Anyway, it does make things a little less complicated with transferring money and doc appointments, now that he knows.
I'm just a little disappointed that I wouldn't do a big reveal! :)

Under 200 cc's ladies!!! Please help!!

Okay, I'm officially 6 weeks away from surgery and have my pre-op in two weeks. So, I HAVE to make a final size decision before I go in for my appointment. I would really appreciate if there are any of you out there that have gotten less than 200 cc implants that would be willing to share pics of your results. I'm having a hard time finding pics online of anyone close to my build that got less than 200 cc's. I tried on the 200 cc sizers at my first consultation and they felt huge, so I know I don't want that.
Please help if you can!!!!!

32 days!

I'm getting super excited now, just a little over 4 weeks from my surgery date!
I am prepping for my pre-op appointments and I'm paying my surgeon tomorrow. I'm definitely rethinking the size a bit since my husband seems to want me to go a little larger, haha! But, I still want to stay below 200cc, just don't know how far below that at this point.

Does this look right?

This is a lady with similar stats to mine and 175cc submuscular. I'm thinking that looks bigger than others I've seen. Does this look accurate to you all?

Gummy bears, anyone?

I had my pre-op visit with my PS yesterday and she showed me the difference in the Sientra implants and the other silicone implants. She said next time she gets hers re-done, she's going with the Sientra. I know they've only been on the market for a couple of years, so that makes me a little hesitant. Anyone else have them?

2 weeks!

I'm officially two weeks out from the big day! I can't believe I'm actually doing this.
I'm so ready, though. Especially in the last months since I've unintentionally lost weight, and it definitely made my boobs shrink even more!
The only thing that is causing me concern at this point is that I haven't really told my best friend. She's been my best friend for 17 years and we've always agreed on just about everything. But, when I mentioned a few months ago that I might be doing this, her reaction was less than supportive. I know she loves me and I'm sure I'm making this a bigger deal in my head. But, the closer the date gets the more pressure I feel to tell her but when I'm around her I just can't!!! Anyone else have trouble with this?

I did it!!!

I'm home laying in my bed just 4 hours after surgery and I'm so excited!! Feeling good. Surgery went "perfect" as my doc said. I was SUPER nervous this morning and just kept singing worship songs to myself. But, it's over now and I'm planning on laying in bed for the next 36 hrs. ;)

Second day of recovery

I had my surgery yesterday at 7:40 am and was home by 11:00. My implants were super high in my chest and very tight. I haven't had to use the narcotic pain meds though. I can manage pretty well with just tylenol. I'm a slightly less tight today, but still riding high and sensitive to touch. I took my wraps off to readjust and got a look at my boobs. Right now the implants are so high, they're not even dropping low enough to sit behind my nipples. I really hope that corrects quickly cause it looks REALLY weird.
I ended up with 190 cc silicone unders through the crease. I go for my post-op checkup on Tuesday and my PS will take off my incision tape then.
All in all I feel good! Uncomfortable mostly and a bit impatient for these babies to drop.
Did anyone use hydrocortisone on their incisions after the tape was removed? I heard that really speeds up healing.


I forgot to mention, however that I'm having some side effects of the surgery. Heartburn being the first one. Also, I have a light rash on my stomach that I'm thinking is from the antibiotics. And, I have bubbles under my skin around my implants and rib cage. I'm super bloated. I'm guessing this is all normal. Anyone else with similar symptoms?

feeling good!

I woke up feeling better today. Hardly any pain except for some back spasms from being so stiff the last couple of days. My implants are starting to drop and bit and that's a relief. The left is dropping faster though. My doc called me to check on me, which I thought was so sweet!
The bloating has gone down as well, so I'm almost back to normal!
I'll add photos later.

5 days post-op

Went to my post op appointment yesterday and got the surgical tape removed from my incisions. They're a little sore but healing well. Every day my implants are softening a little and dropping very slowly. The left is lower than the right, but I knew it might be since I'm right handed. I feel almost completely back to normal except for the fluid all over my body. That's one side effect I didn't know about. I have fluid under my skin in my abdomen and thighs. So weird feeling!
Otherwise I'm great! Didn't take any of the prescription pain meds, only ibuprofen, so I think that's helped.
I'm super happy with my boobs so far. They're a little bigger than I thought they'd be, so I'm sure my husband will love that. ;) He'll be home Sunday, but it sure has been hard doing this without him.


Just wanted to say that today I have been just staring at my boobs and I'm SO happy with everything! Even though they're still a bit high and tight, they're gorgeous!!
I can't wait for my husband to see them!!
I got my implant ID card and they're Sientra 190cc Moderate profile gel.
They're perfect!!


2 weeks!

It has been two weeks today since my surgery. I officially went back to work today, a perk of being self employed. I also just wanted to take some time off and be with my kids before school starts back. My husband came home for three days this week, and he loves my boobs! He said right away that they're the perfect size for me and look so natural. I couldn't keep him off me! :)
They still get sore and are a bit tight. My left is definitely softening and dropping faster. My incisions are sore but healing well.
I did go by VS yesterday out of curiosity and tried a few bras on. I didn't get professionally fitted, but the one that fit best to me was the 32 C!! I never ever thought I'd say that!
My question for you augmentation alums is, do your implants move around a lot. Like when you lay down or maybe your husband lays on you, do they move drastically to the sides?

32 C!

3 weeks post op!

Well, today was my birthday, and the three week anniversary of my new boobs.
My in-laws took our kids so that my husband and I could take advantage of the tax-free weekend and buy some pretty things for me.
I can't tell you how much fun it was to try on things for my husband and see his reaction. For the first time in my life, I was able to walk into Victoria's Secret with him and not feel self conscious or like I didn't belong there.
We're both just so happy with my results so far.
I definitely feel like they've softened more this week and dropped further into a good place.
I just REALLY wish I could work out!!!!
One other thing that popped up this week is that on my left breast at the incision, it seems that I have a muscle that is pulling at the incision site. It hurts if I raise my arm and stretch too far. Anyone else have this issue? I'll post a photo. Any advice?

Muscle straining

4 weeks PO

So, as of yesterday it has been 4 weeks since my BA surgery. I feel totally normal and comfortable now. Aside from my incisions still being a little red, and the mondor's cord still a little visible when I stretch, I am totally recovered.
So....... when can I start running cause this is KILLING me!!!!!
I wanna work out so bad!

6 week appointment

I went for my 6 week post-op appointment with my PS yesterday. It was great! She said everything looks perfect, and I agree. ;)
My incisions are still slightly red, but totally healed and I have absolutely no pain. The mondor's cord is almost totally gone.
The only time I am aware that they're even there is when my husband lays on top of me and I can feel them move a bit. Other than that, it's awesome!
I have run a little, but no big workouts yet. I think I'll still wait a while for that, and just get back into cardio.

6 months PO

It's been a little over months now and I honestly forget that they're not my real boobs. Aside from feeling a little strange when I use my pec muscles too much, I feel totally normal. It's exactly what I wanted at this point in my life. I even did a boudoir shoot for my husband for Christmas and I never would have done that before. I never felt sexy enough. This has been a great experience for me and I'm truly thankful.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

She has been so awesome! Very encouraging and sweet. She even called to check on me tonight and see if I had questions. Love her!!

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