34 Years old having smartlipo on my lower abdomen - Franklin Lakes, NJ

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Hi I'm 34 years old and I have 3 children and...

Hi I'm 34 years old and I have 3 children and since I had my 2 year old daughter I haven't been able to lose my potruding belly. I have lost so much weight but my belly never goes down. I am very self conscious about it and I hate it when people ask me if I am pregnant all the time. I found a Great deal on Groupon For smartlipo with Dr. Park Avenue. I was a bit hesitant about having lipo with a coupon but decided to go for a consultation. Dr. Fondacaro was great. He made me feel comfortable and explained the whole procedure To me. I never felt as if he was trying to sell me anything.

day after smartlipo, can't wait to bath and see my belly

Well today is day after and I'm feeling a little sore on my midsection. Once I take my shower I will post today's pic.

Ok it's day one day after smartlipo

I didn't feel any pain whatsoever yesterday during or after the procedure. I did feel very drowsy and out of it. Today I feel sore and swollen. Almost as if I've done lots of sit ups. I just took 2 tylenol. I hope my abs go down some more. So far I'm happy not having that pregnant looking belly.

steps of the procedure (lower abdomen smartlipo)

My appointment was on Friday at 9:00am I got there at 8:45am. When I got there he was very nice very friendly and sat down with me and my friend to go through the procedure. He asked me again what I wanted done and explained to me that once you have smartlipo on the lower abdomen and gain a big amount of weight that my upper abdomen will protrude a little.  My weight fluctuates from 4-7 pounds which is not bad but I would have to try to keep myself from gaining too much and start a workout routine or at least stay healthy. I then signed a consent form. Once Dr. Fondacaro went through the whole procedure with me he then gave me a nice cocktail of relaxants so I was calm and prepared. After taking my cocktail of pills I got very drowsy and the doctor asked me to use the rest room before he began. Dr. Fondacaro marked the areas to be worked on which was the lower abdomen.  He then took pre-op photos. You are then laid on the op table where you experience tiny short pricks of novocaine (which I didn't feel) to dull the area for the next step which is the incision that allows the doctor to administer the lidocaine under the skin to all of the areas set to be treated. I didn't feel any pain throughout the whole thing. Remember Dr. Fondacaro trains plastic surgeons on how to perform smartlipo so he has good skills. I was up throughout the whole procedure. My friend was allow to stay in the room with me and the Doc was having conversations explaining the steps to us and she was able to video taped it. I really had a pleasant experience with Dr. Fondacaro. When he was done with the procedure, He then stood me up to make sure there were no bumps or areas he missed. I loved my experience and hopefully I'll love my results too.

lower abdomen smartlipo clip

lower abdomen SmartLipo video

one week after lower abdomen smartlipo

I took these pictures yesterday a week exactly from having lower abdomen SmartLipo. I notice a difference already even though I'm still swollen. I wear my girdle everyday all day. I wear Spanx to bed. I massage the treated area daily with Arnica cream after I shower and I feel it helps the appearance of my skin. I still have some bruising and it feels a bit uncomfortable without a girdle on. I'm happy I had this done. I definitely feel more confident now and my shirts fit me better. Even my breasts look better ;-)

My girdles

5 weeks since my lower abdomen smartlipo

Today is 5 weeks since my lower abdomen smartlipo. At 2 weeks I stopped wearing my girdle for a couple of days because it was Labor day and I was going to the beach enjoying what was left of summer. During that time I noticed lots of lumps and hardness. I started worrying my lower abdomen looked pretty bad very lumpy, hardness and it hurt. As soon as I put the girdle on my abdomen started looking and feeling better. I went to my 3 week follow up appointment and my lower abs looked great.  Dr. Fondacaro told me that I still had swelling and lots of harness. He asked me to continue wearing my girdle. I have to go back to him on October for a follow up. Last week I called the Dr. because I started to notice my left side looked flatter. My right side still feels swollen and a little sore. I was told that I was still swollen and it will go down in time but he will take a look at me. I hope it's just a healing ridge let's see. I take pics every week so I'm gonna post a couple and the ones I just took now at 5 weeks.

my updated pictures

sorry I haven't posted any before I've been really busy with work now but here they are.

Dr. Fondacaro emailed me my before pics

One year later review

It's been a year since my lower abdomen smartlipo and I'm happy with my results. There was a time that I started gaining weight and noticed my upper abdomen bigger then my lower abdomen luckily I lost those extra pounds and look better now. I'm glad I had this done.

18 months later

Jersey City Physician

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