Smart Lipo Triplex - Upper Lower Abs & Flanks- Franklin Lakes, NJ

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Today is day one of six to the countdown of my...

Today is day one of six to the countdown of my smart lipo triplex procedure with Dr. Fondacaro. I've been very nervous and searching the boards for information just to calm my nerves.

I'm very excited because I've been waiting for a procedure like this to take care of my problem areas: stomach, flanks and inner-thighs. I work out. I love yoga, I've trained at gyms with trainers, been on low carb diets and yet I can never quite get a flat stomach. I guess it's genetics.

My flanks and thighs tend to tone down some with exercise but not my stomach. That's why I'm choosing to do upper and lower abs first.

I hope that this experience and the results will have me continue on to having flanks and inner thighs done with Dr. Fondacaro.

Today is the day!

Can't believe I'm doing this. A little nervous but looking forward to it. Will write a review when I get back.

Just got back home from my procedure!!!

I'm glad to say my procedure went very well! It only took about 3.5 hours from the time the medication was administered to walking out the door.

1. I will not say that smart lipo is a completely painless process however the doctor gave me a nice cocktail of relaxants so I was calm and prepared.

2. The next step once you have eliminated the jitters is disrobing and the doctor marked the areas to be worked on. He then took pre-op photos. (Once I receive those from him I will post)

3. You are then laid on the op table where you experience tiny short pricks of novocaine (which I didn't feel) to dull the area for the next step which is the incision that allows the doctor to administer the lidocaine under the skin to all of the areas set to be treated.

4. The lidocaine is probably the most unpleasant part because your not expecting the feeling of a long needle moving under your skin, breaking up tissue and that feeling alone can be scary. It also pinches and burns but once the lidocaine begins to take action you don't feel a think. It's a very short time of discomfort.

5. Next process is, the laser which melts the fat. This part is easy breezy no discomfort nothing.

6. The suction however can be uncomfortable. Not intolerable mainly because when I let the doctor know I was feeling some pain he just moved to another area, or administered more lidocaine to the painful area and came back later. I asked him for more pain pills but didn't feel I needed it and he was right.

Once he was done with the procedure, he had me lay on my stomach to drain some of the anesthesia for about 15 mins. I feel asleep. He then stood me up to make sure there were no bumps or areas he missed. He saw two areas he wasn't happy with so as I was standing up he had me raise my arms and he address those two areas with the suction. It can be uncomfortable because the lidocaine begins to wear off but I dealt with it for the sake of making sure there were no lumps or bumps and it looked as good as the doctor saw fit.

As soon as the doctor sends me my pre-op photos and I go back in two weeks for post-opI will post photos!

Doctor Fondacaro is EXCELLENT! Definitely worth considering when doing this process. He will not steer you wrong!

Day 2

Sleeping through the night wasn't bad. I knocked out pretty early because of all the meds (sleep at 3pm up again at 8pm) I was able to make food, eat and move around just fine. I took only 2 Advil and was ok. I invested in bed pads and I'm glad I did. I experienced quite a bit of leakage even though the dressings, compression garment, sleep pants and shirt covering my front, sides and back. I'm not at all alarmed because I think the better the drainage the less the swelling will be in the long run. Drinking lots of water too. And taking Arnica Montna 30c 3x a day.

When I woke up last night I had to change the pad and when I woke up this morning I had to change the pad again. The doctor said after today I shouldn't have a drainage issue any more.

Soreness. I am definitely sore. I would equate it to having worked out too much and having very sore muscles but again, I'm really not taking any heavy duty pain meds either. 2 Advil usually gets rid of a headache for me so given that it makes this pain tolerable I would say overall the pain is moderate. (2 Advil every 4 hours)

During the procedure the doctor said I had some fibrous tissue which made getting through the fat tough at times. Not sure if it's because I work out a lot or if it's just the way my body is. I don't have children or any injuries but I assume it may make the healing process a little worse because of the need to be a little more aggressive to get through the tough spots.

I am having a friend come over and help me redress the bandages. Since I had Upper + Lower Abs and Flanks done at once, I have several bandages to change. Plus the garment I have has eye-hooks and zippers on both sides so it is a little challenging to put on by myself. Especially since I do have limited mobility.

Will post more photos soon.

I haven't come across any links that provided information about garments or bed pads so I'll add those too.

Bed Pads

During Procedure

Great Garment

Day 3 - Post op

Woke up today with some discomfort. Was more stiff and sore. I had the doctor call in pain meds just so I can sleep without discomfort and heal more quickly. Other than that I'm moving fine. Some trouble from sitting to standing and vice versa but I can tell I'm progressing well.

I took my compression garment and bandages off and all but two of 6 incisions have closed so I put bandaids on the ones that closed and gauze on the ones that were still draining. I will check them again tomorrow to see how they progress.

I'm also thinking about getting a second garment so that I can shower, wash the one I've been wearing with no downtime in-between. Seems like the smartest thing to do. Wish someone would have made that suggestion.

Appearance. So far my stomach looks very flat. I can tell there's swelling but I don't see any bruising yet.

Day 22

Had my post op appointment Monday (2 weeks from Surgury day exactly) and finally got my before and after photos. Changed my status to worth it. Still have swelling and some hard spots as well as numbness and itching but coming along. Doctor said all of it was totally normal and ok'd me to work out but taking it slow since. Not too much work on weight machines and not too much stretching. Don't want to interfere with the incisions healing. Mostly doing cardio. Some days I look more swollen than others. Can't wait for the two month mark!
Dr. Paul Fondacaro

Dr. Fondacaro is very pleasant, informative and personable. His staff takes their time to explain whats going to happen every step of the way. Joanna, who explained pre and post op as well as costs and expectations is the best and is very assuring and responsible about calling back when I leave messages about questions regarding my upcoming procedure.

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