~Finally Got the Nerve to Schedule SmartLipo Laser for Neck Area!~ Franklin Lakes, NJ

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I am 52 years old and in great physical shape as I...

I am 52 years old and in great physical shape as I exercise regularly (haha & watch what I eat most of the time)but as I am getting older I am developing a fat pocket with a bit of jowling under my neck! Not a classic "turkey neck" but on my way to that..lol! I have a roundish face with plenty of volume so I tried 6 sessions of the Tri-polar RF treatment with minimal results before I decided to try this. Four years ago I had a session of Ulthera on the neck area which was about the same price as this procedure with also minimal results~That being said I felt I needed to take bit more aggressive approach & a laser is just that! I watched a lot of U-Tube videos (yikes) of the procedure and looked at many before & afters on the web. I do not know anyone personally who has had this done but I know someone who has had laser lipo on their abdomen with excellent results! Before I went for the Consultation with the Dr I decided upon I went to a consulatation at the plastic surgery center where I had done the Tripolar sessions and he immediately suggested I needed to have a traditional necklift which would run $9000-11,000 which was NOT an option for me at this point! I came h to this site and also a few others looking for reviews about alternative treatments and discovered the Laser Lipo. I have seen it advertised with Terms such as "SmartLipo MPX" & "Precision TX", "Sidelaze" and after doing a bit more research learned that CYNOSUREs later generation laser is the Triplex and that procedure is done in a 3 stage process as well (basically:1064-hemoglobin (reduces bruising)1320-water-1440-(fat melting) & skin tightening.)There are allegedly different handpieces & cannulas for the lasers & the ones that are used in this process are very small which allows the surgeon to get into the area less invasively and move around with more ease in a smaller area. This is why this procedure is done with no "stiches" just incisions (which I am told will heal quickly on their own.) The surgeon also uses a thermaguide which tells them the temperature of the area where laser is so burns are much less a possibility! (Believe me, I participated in a study many years ago with the Accent laser treatment for cellulite and it wasn't a very comfortable experience so I became a bit wary of "laser'..lol!) This will be done in office and the surgeon I have chosen says that I will be under local anesthesia (shots) and they will be giving me a "cocktail" of a valium & hydrocodone (aka:vicodin) before hand to relax me? I have never taken pain killers other than Tylenol before so I am a bit nervous about THAT (lol) I so easily get nauseous ~gosh I hope I do not Gak on the doctor beforehand:(( (I will keep you posted on that factoid as well...promise!..... SO!~ The reason I am posting this PRE-procedure is so that anyone interested can get a feeling for the actual recovery process and the after effects. This procedure is supposed to continue with skin improvement and tightening months afterwards since the collagen producers has been super stimulated:) I could not find a review that gave a specific step by step of the days directly after but I have been told that there is very little down time? I do not like to go out of the house with my bruises showing so my downtime is generally longer than most I would guess! I have had botox & Juvederm injections in the past & I BRUISE like mad so I will be sure to post my individual results,..lol! I have been told I will have to wear a compression garment on neck area for at least two days but a week wouldn't hurt;)) Also-no alcohol-blood thinners-Vit E supplements~ I have begun taking bromelain & arnica orally & have purchased a comfrey-arnica salve for after bruising so we shall see...Overall very nervous & excited & hoping this will be the procedure that will give me the results I want without having to go for an all out incision & suture based surgery:))
Dr Paul Fondacaro

The CONSULTATION: Easy location to get to and plenty of parking!~ It is a "storefront type office so also not obvious where you are going when you visit office (IF that type of thing bothers you!) Very comfortable and nicely laid out waiting area~I had to wait a little extra beyond my scheduled appointment time due to the fact that there was an emergency with one of the receptionists but the Office Manager who was performing multiple tasks was very polite & accommodating~The Dr. came in & immediately made me feel very comfortable. He is a very personable and easy to communicate with Dr. which is a big plus for me! Seems like he will have excellent "procedure-room" manner. After assessing that I was indeed a good candidate for this he went over his credentials with me and explained the procedure in detail also showed me a few before and after photos of his work which is always good. Of course Board certified & of course has done this procedure for many years! I will post an after procedure update and before & after photos:)

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