21 Year Old Mastopexy in Germany

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Hello! I apologize for my Englisch in advance...

Hello! I apologize for my Englisch in advance since I am a ukrainian Girl living in Germany. I was a quite reader of all The reviews ( And I swear i read them. all) but now i decided to Write my Own Little rewiev.

I had tubular breasts since pubertry And suffert also from my Champignon Big aureolas. After years of begging And waiting my mom finally agreed to Pay The Operation And to help me.
I am studying medicine right now And I was thinking that I know everything about this surgery I knew every single drug used And every Single step performed. But I swear The only thing I did. Not know about was The Pain.

I am 2 days post OP now And I can hardly move. I still have 4 redox drainagees hanging around And hurting And itching. The Night After The surgery was horrible really really horrible. I was vomiting And could Not stand up to go to The toilet And The nurse was Not fast enough so it resultet in vomit all over me and I just felt so so Bad And miserable. I was getting novalgin And paracetamol as painkillers I think only novalgin is The really helpfull thing. I even have issues now typing this rewiev because I feel so weak And my Arms hurt. I read so much reviews wand I had The feeling that The painlevel described was Not That Bad. Are You guys serious? The places wehre The drainagees go out of my boobs hurt SO BAD. Today my mom will Drive me to The doctor and maybe they will be removed. Does that hurt?
I uploaded a few before photos and some of what I could See wehen i am lying in bed. I cant really walk around or stand up because gravidy is pulling them. and it reallyo hurts so Bad :/

Day 4 And I am Feeling much much better!

Hey :) yesterday they removed 2 of The drains and it did. Not hurt at all! Im feeling way better compared to days 1,2&3 And I am finally doing some things on my Own. ( theeth brushing or a ponytail I Even changed my shirt on my Own)
Here You can See some photos! What do You think?

Photos Day 4

I am so happy!!!

Hello everyone! Today is Day 11 After my surgery And yesterday the doctor took my bandages off and removed some of the ( damn it I forgot how You call the thing which you use to do the stitches :/ ) i hVe self absorbant ones and he only removed the ends around my aureolas.
the thing is, that i am studying abroad since the medical places at german universities are very limited. and tomorrow I will have to fly back and to stay there about 14 days to write my exams. Thats why it is not possible for me to come in 5 days to remove the loops underneath my breasts and my doctor showed my how to remove them on my own. I M a bit nervous since i never romeved stitches before but okay, ill try :/ also a small part of the inverted T I mean the horizontal line opened up. just about 0,3 cm wide I guess. I taped it with steristrips and I hope it will get better by its own. what do you guys think?
also there is a bit of black on my aureola as you can see, but i dont think that this is a necrosis.

i do nit have any pain anymore and I have to admit, that i nearly forgot every pain I had when I saw the result. Arent they lovely compared to the before pictures?

Almost forgot all the pain :)

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates but i have been really really busy the last weeks. I had to write some exams and despite that I had to remove the loops of the stitches by myself since i am studying abroad. But that went pretty nice, it was not that diffucult ;)
I am really happy not to have augmentation since the shape is perfect for me. I have the upper fullness I disired and a round shape. I think they will settle in another month or two but i am hoping it wont be very noticable since I really love this roundness :)
If You have any questions feel free to ask me :)

Hello everyone :)

These are the updated pictures I took right now. The red stripe underneath my breasts are caused by my sports bra, because Inlike it to be tight. ( feels like a lot of support and I like that at the moment)
At the point where the "T" is, and the horizontal and vertical stitches are meeting, you can see, that I used some tape. Its because i had a small wound there and I used Betaisodona ( do u use that too in de usa?) on it. Betaisodona consists of iodine and if I wouldnt tape it, my bra would be yellow ;)
Apart from that I am a very happy person. The scars are so tiny I even assume that they wont be visible at all one day. The bruising is getting way better as You can see Im not three colored anymore ;)
Greetings from Germany ( the world champions of Fussball :) hahaha )

update :)

hey everyone!

i am sorry to not have updated my page earlier but I really had a lot of stuff to manage. My boobs healed very well but I still feel pain sometimes and I can palpate some bruisings under my skin. They should be resorbed soon but the process is pretty slow. I cant discribe how much this surgery has changed my life. I am wearing every Tshirt or top with confidence and Im not hiding anymore. But I still have to admit that I compare myself to women on the internet and from time to time I feel that I am not competely happy... It might be beacause I am still overweight or maybe because of my nipples I dont know but I still feel that they all look way better. okay sounds a bit weird :/ anyway I would suggest anybody to undergo this type of surgery because it meakes You a happier person.
I am starting now to use some virgin coconut oil on my breasts and its really amazing the horizontal scars are fading complitely as you can see :))

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