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Hey guys, I have never felt comfortable with my...

Hey guys,

I have never felt comfortable with my body, especially not in a bikini. It is not that I do not like my boobs, they just become invisible in clothes and this is really depressing. I just don't feel sexy.
It depresses me, because I still feel really young and people tell me that I am pretty, but I cannot accept my body - therefore, I cannot enjoy that I am nice looking.

For once I want to feel good at the beach!

I have scheduled my OP on May 11 - I have already paid a deposit of 500 Euro. The procedure will cost around 6600 Euro.
In order to be sure about the surgeon, I met with three different doctors. Now I am super happy with my decision and I cannot wait to have surgery.

However, I need to see the doctor again, because I am not sure about the cc, although I know that one should not obsess over the size...

In my first consultation we agreed on 200 - 240 cc in order to achieve a B (he did not tell be the cc in de beginning, first he gave me a bra and some implants to see how I feel with a shirt on).
Now I am thinking that maybe, 240 is not enough...
But I really want to have a natural look. No one should ever notice that I had my boobs done. ;)

I will put some pics of my boobs online and some wish boobs and I would appreciate your input.

Btw, I would like to go for the inframammary incision and have natrelle gel implants.

Wish me luck! :)

Sizing :)

Hi everyone! Today I filled a thin sock with rice in order to get a feeling for how my boobs could look like after surgery.
I took pictures with 200g, 230g, 250g and then 300g of rice - I am not sure if the cc's correlate. However, it gives me an idea.

200g is too small, 250g still fits my B bra, however, 300g is definitely in the C area.
300g feels a little to big for me.

At the end of the day, I will let my surgeon make the decision during surgery. It is important that the result looks natural and that the implants are not too big, because I want to avoid health issue or rippling in future.

Btw, I am 1,62m and around 54kg.

Let me know what you think about sizes!

12 days to go!

... And I am so excited and cannot wait.
I met with my Doctor again in order to talk about size and shape. I brought my notebook and showed him wish pics. He was so great. I really like him and I feel in very good hands. He told me that my wish boobs are quite narrow and that this might not be possible for me since my nipples are quite far apart (and for other reasons). We agreed that he will make the decision during surgery - it will be between 220 and 260cc.
I hope 260 will fit - however, I trust him and I think he really understood what I am looking for.

8 days after surgery I will be on my way to Paris... I really hope that I will be able to enjoy the vacation...

I will keep you updated!

Btw... I gained 2,5 kg ober the last 4 month or so... argh! But I am eating cleaner now and work out more, therefore I don't care too much.

8 days to go

I found a new wish pic! I will definitely bring this pic to my surgery. Would you say this is a B cup? I would love to have boobs like that... Wish me luck...

2 more sleeps...

Hey girls,

I have got my wish pic collection complete! I will bring 5 pics: the black and white, the pic where the nipples are pixelated, the girl with the pink panties and the two sideboob pics attached to this post.

For me shape is still very important. I hope my Doc will be able to bring me closer to my wish boobs. I like the shape of my breast right now... I hope it is going to work out!

Something else: I have food for the next few days but other than that I bought nothing... Is there something I really should buy which I won't get from my Doc?

I feel like I should be prepared better...

Woke up with nausea today... :(

Good morning! I woke up at 5 am because a felt really sick. At first I was not sure if I was hungry or if there were other reasons for feeling sick. I made tea but later I had to throw up a little bit. Now I feel better and I think I can go back to bed. I also called two pharmacies and asked whether I can take Vomex now - more than 24 hours before surgery. I took a Vomex pill. This is so annoying. I cannot be sick! Please! I want this so much! I cannot be sick!

It is done!

I just wanted to let you know that I am officially no A cup anymore!

Please excuse my English - I am still very tired.

The team and the doctor are great. You feel in really good hands.

I was in pain when I woke up - it was horrible and I was trembling for 30 minutes - awful!
I asked for strong painkillers and when they gave me the stuff intravenously I feld the relieve immediately! Unfortunately, I had to throw up a couple of times, because I was so dizzy.
They had to give me something against the dizziness - afterwards I was able to go to toilet. ;)

I am fine now but ai have to eat more! Will do tha now.

Btw: I got 265 cc


I've got the blues...

Hey girls,

I am at home - so glad! I cannot believe that I really did this... I am scared. More scared than before surgery. My cat is annoying because he wants to cuddle but I can't- he is too heavy. Everything is so heavy. When I woke up today I felt nauseous again - but without the throwing up part. I managed to eat a little bit and it helps but my stupid cat just stand on my rip. Yikes!

I hope my spirits will be lifted soon, because now I feel kinda bad and sad and depressed.

I will upload a pic of my guarantee card for the implants - maybe one of you can explain me more on what exactly I got. Thank you!

First Glimpse

Some pics. I am not allowed to shower yet. Please excuse all the dirt from surgery.

Do not underestimate the pain!

What would I do without my husband? I woke up every 2-3 hours and he brought me everything I needed.
My left side seems to get better, my right side hurts more. Is that normal?
I have weird boob dreams, where the boobs look super strange.

I pray to never have boob surgery again. Cannot understand how people have revision, because of size. Anyways, I know I complain too much. I am not like that usually but it's because my spirits are not in the best place.

Good things: yesterday I was able to go to toilet alone, I slept 9 hours last night. (woke up every 2-3 hours), my left side is not too bad, I was able to eat a whole croissant this morning, less nausea :)

I will shower later with the help of my husband and provide you with pics.

Sorry for abusing this review for my complaining - but this is how I feel.

It is getting better

Hey everyone,

I took some pics before and after I showered for the first time. It felt sooo good!

Yesterday the pain was ok. Tonight the pain got worse, however, all in all I slept more than the night before. Furthermore, I don't feel nauseous anymore or at least only for a couple of minutes per day.

I am not allowed to remove the tape yet. I think my doctor wants the boobies to go down as soon as possible. Maybe I stressed the natural look too much, because the pressure is quite uncomfortable.

My right one is a little bit brused but I guess it is normal.

I think I like my results. Yap, I feel better!

Everyday less pain

I am so glad that the pain gets better everyday and every night.

Finally, I am getting to the point that I am excited and enjoying my results, although I am still not much in the mood to try bikinis and stuff.

On Monday I will see the doctor - it will be exactly one week post op. I wonder, if he will remove the stiches and the annoying tape.

Furthermore, I have a couple of questions:
Am I allowed to massage my boobs?
Can I put something warm on my chest muscle? Icing is great but I wish I could have some relief for the sore muscles?
How tight do I have to wear this band?

I am still taking Ibuprofen - especially at night, because as soon as I wake up (2-3 times per night) I suffer from morning boob.

I will show you more pics as soon as there is something new to show. Maybe there is less swelling now and maybe they get a little softer already...

Cya! :)

Picture update

I love the size! It is exactly what I wanted!

And I finally feel alive again!

Hello from Paris

Hey everyone!
I arrived in Paris yesterday and I thought about giving you guys a short update.

First of all, I went to the doc on Monday and everything is fine. Monday was the first day I was actually able to do stuff (going to the vet, car service and so on). I had so much more strength. It was also the first time I drove and it was good.

About the questions I had: I am allowed to massage my boobs but without moving the pockets of the implants as they are textured and need to heal differently than smooth inplants.
I am not allowed to apply warmth. Only cooling. :(
I don't need to wear the band super tight all day. It is okay to change here and there, if it is too exhausting. Actually I hate this thing and maybe I am not wearing
it as tight as I should. :(

About my scars. The doctor will not remove the "stiches" - they just put a little glue on it. In two weeks the "stiches" will be "plunged" and then dissolve within 3 month. With this method the doctor wants to make sure that the scar stays as thin as there is no change of pressure on the scar.

I am still gaining weight and my body is full of water. This is annoying. But I am in Paris now and I won't spoil my vacation with trying to loose weight. I will not overeat though and try to avoid carbs on the evening. But the desserts in Paris are amazing!

One other thing. I would love to see more long time reviews with textured implants. How do they drop? How firm will they stay and so on...? Are there any reviews? Thank you!

I am still taking Ibuprofen at night and in the morning, because it is still painful to wake up.

I will show you more pics soon but until Sunday I need to keep those tapes on my boobs... Until then it doesn't make sense to show more.

Cya soon!

Back home

Hey girl,

I am so tired. Therefore, I will just show you some pics of today without much text.
I have much more energy and almost no pain.

Today I was allowed to finally remove the tape - and I must say, they do look a bit creepy and up high. Hopefully they will drop!
Textured implant do drop, right?

So the frist pics where take right after I removed the tape. Hence, the skin is super irritated.

I will write more soon!

They are dropping a little

Hey girls,

I am super happy with the results so far! I think they are dropping... What do you think?
Don't be alarmed by my skin - it is still very irritated from when I had to remove the tapes. It basically also removed a thin layer of skin. I put Bepanten cream on it and it is much better already!

I cannot lift my arms yet. One week ago I forgot that I wasn't allowed to do that and lifted my left arm. I immediately felt a sharp pain in the upper left edge of the muscle close to the armpit. I still have this pain sometimes when I put clothes on. All in all I feel pretty good. My ribs hurt a little and I believe that there is some swelling too. There is still some swelling basically everywhere - but it is already so much better.
Even morning boob gets better. There is some soreness and stiffnes. It's always the first time when I get up, which hurts most but afterwards it's getting better quickly.

I hope I can start exercising soon.

My Doctor is Doctor Kania from NovoLinea Klinik Frankfurt and I will write a full review soon. I can already say that I am so gald I chose him!

So happy!

Hey everyone,

I am so happy! I was at the beach today and for the first time ever I felt comfortable and normal and sexy and just really great! Although I gained at least 3kg... It didn't really bothered me - of course I want to lose the extra weight but it doesn't really affect how I feel about myself.

So glad I did this... It's very rewarding somehow.

I will show you some scar pics from three weeks and a bit post op. Today they look even better. So happy about this too.

There is almost no pain - only if I raise my arms too high or if I ly on them. And I have to be careful to get up when I am lying on my bed. I plan to start cycling to work on Monday again (one way is 45 min in a fast pace). Finally... Exercising!


One month post op

Hey everyone,

I am still super happy.
Took some pics today... They look a little weird - in my opinion they look much better and a bit bigger in reality.

I am so happy with the size!

Still happy!

Hey everyone!

I am now over two month post op and I feel really good besides of the torn muscle fibre in my armpit, which still hurts and keeps me from doing things like wall climbing.
They are still healing and I can feel that especially when I am swimming or stretching.
Lying on my back they still feel very hard. However, they feel okay when I am standing upright. They definitely need to drop more and the scars are pretty red.
My friends tell me that I look super natural and that I chose a good size. I think that I agree with them with respect to the size. I got so used to it and they even look small to me - yet I never wanted really big boobs, so I am fine with that!
I bought my first bra at H&M, which fits well. It is a non-padded EU 75 B or US 34 B.
I feel so much more comfortable in my bikini now. It was so worth it. I just hope that they will drop more, become much softer and that I am without any restrictions.

New dress

BigMini made me realize that the size of the boobs - or at least how they - depends very much on how the picture was taken. There I diced to show some other angles of my boobs. This is a new dress which I just bought. It's black so unfortunately you cannot really see much. I don't wear a bra as my back is not covered by the dress.

3 month post op

Quality of the pictures is super bad. But I wanted to show them to you anyway. They are dropping and healing in their own pace. They are still not super soft but at least softer than before. I love not wearing a bra. I am pretty sure I need another 3 month to be healed completely. It's a matter of patience. ;)

Got measured!

Hey guys,

I am 4 month post op today and I treated myself with three new bras from the German brand "Hunkemöller". They measured me 70C for bras without bra wires and 70D with wires. I am kinda surprised but happy!

Pics will follow soon!

Pictures! New bras! 4 month post op!

After how many weeks have you been allowed to wear bras with wires? Is it recommended to go without bra? I love to be without bra.

This dress... :)

I bought this dress a couple of years ago in Munich. I figured I should at least own one German traditional dress. Today I found it again and had to try it emmideately. Sorry but it's not ironed at all. I just put it on for fun because even without bra it squeezes and pushes the boobs together a lot.
I enjoy my boobies!
Dr. Norbert Kania

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