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I have 2 is 5 and my youngest is 3...

I have 2 is 5 and my youngest is 3. I told my husband, "It is either I get another kid or I am getting my tummy tuck!" His response, "Kids are more expensive!" So here I am getting my body back to what it was until my gorgeous children stretched it.

I gained about 50 pounds with each kid. I was 117 lbs before to 162 lbs and now I am 122 lbs. My goal is NOT to loose weight. It is to actually buy jeans and feel comfortable to wear them without a hoodie hiding my flab!

My PS said I am a great candidate for this procedure. He stated that liposuction is unnecessary, that I have excess skin and my children torn my abdominal muscles top to bottom, so a Full Tummy Tuck is needed.

I had my Pre-Op on Monday and it finally hit that I am FINALLY getting this done. I asked my husband, "Are you sure you don't want to have another kid?" but his answer has not changed.

I am getting really anxious. It is now in less...

I am getting really anxious. It is now in less than a week, Yikes! I finished all my Christmas shopping because the PS stated that I am not going to be able to do anything after the surgery. Well as I went shopping I had to get myself an outfit to show off my "new" stomach. Of course it isn't anything scandalist, but I bought leggings, boots, and a cute shirt. I can't wait to wear it and not worry about the HUGE pouch that is seen now because of my excess junk lol!

Well this is the last week of work...and I can't...

Well this is the last week of work...and I can't believe that the day is almost here. I went out again today to get more leggings in hopes that I will be going to Christmas parties. The PS said I went be able to shower until my drains are out, so if I do go to these parties I will be a disaster. The expected date to get the drains out is on the 26th.

So made arrangements and know now what I will be...

So made arrangements and know now what I will be doing on the day of surgery. I think making plans for my kids and making sure my husband can help is more stressful than anything. I am getting excited. I am wondering, "Am I even going to sleep on Thursday night?"
Funny thing happened to me today. A student of mine asked, "Are you ready to die on Friday." I was shocked. I fears wondering how he even knew about my tummy tuck. I just calmly said, "What?!?" He said, "You know...Doomsday." I was SO relieved. That was kinda scary lol(;

I decided to stop seeing my trainer at the end of...

I decided to stop seeing my trainer at the end of November so I can see her two times a week when I get the okay to work out again. I am wondering how it is getting back in the gym after the TT? Did anyone have trouble starting working out after 6 weeks post op?

I went to my PS office today for a...

I went to my PS office today for a Microdermabrasion and it was nice to see my PS again. I feel so much more at ease. It was funny to hear him say, "See you on Friday." I found out today how the belly button is "made" during a tummy tuck. I had NO idea. I thought that was pretty interesting. I also saw how BIG the drains are. Everyone kept saying that they were small, but to me they are HUGE. I have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and now knowing that I will have to drain them when I go to the washroom is kind of freaking me out big time! I just wish I had this done already because as my surgery gets closer and closer I am finding things about this procedure that I had no clue about. Friday come already(;

Well I went to my surgery around 6:30 am and left...

Well I went to my surgery around 6:30 am and left around noon. I am totally fine. I got up to get in the wheel chair, already got up to use the bathroom (you have to roll on your side to get out of the recliner), BUT I am having a real hard time sitting down. This isn't bad at all. I think I am so ready for my Christmas parties. Yippie!

Yesterday I slept the day away. I had a hard time...

Yesterday I slept the day away. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open for longer than 15 minutes. Now though I am up moving. My kids have no clue what is going on, I am hiding my drains in my hoodie and they think that I just have an ouchie on my stomach. This is great! My mom and dad took care of me for 2 days, that way my kids didn't have to see me. They visited each day and again they couldn't tell what was going on. So far it has been a great experience. I found out today that I can take a shower but am worried to see what is underneath my garment. I am not good with blood and cuts....I guess we will see.

Well tomorrow is the day I get my drains taken...

Well tomorrow is the day I get my drains taken out! I will actually see my results. I am kind of a wiss when it comes to blood, so I haven't taken off my under garment and have sponged bath everyday. I am eager to see what it looks like...I promise to post some pictures. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and another day of recovery or a day closer to your surgery day(;

Went to my PS and got my drains taken out! I...

Went to my PS and got my drains taken out! I believe most of my pain, which I didn't have much, was from my drains. I told him that sleeping in bed was uncomfortable for me. He said that is from the stitches and the drains. Boy was he right! I took a shoer and I feel free(; my garment is in the wash and I feel less secure with it not on me. I have to wear it 8 hours a day until I see him next Wednesday. He said everything looked great. Posted some pictures. I think that there is a HUGE difference. He did say I am very swollen and that there is nothing I can't o but rest it off. I can deal with that.
I called my mom after seeing the PS and started crying. I can't believe that I can put a tshirt on and NOT see my belly in it. My boobs are finally bigger than my tummy bump. I am happy yet sad since my tummy always reminded me of my kids. I hope that this feeling will go away, but I have had this tummy for 5 years and it reminds me of the experience of pregnancy.

Well was out of the house all day today. Lets just...

Well was out of the house all day today. Lets just say I am now regretting it. We went to Fuddruckers (a restaurant) and I am questioning if me being so mobile or the salt and that juicy hamburger is the one to blame for me feeling like this. I feel as if my garment is about to bust open on me, as if I am suffocating with it on. I feel a burning sensation and at the same time pains. I took some Tyelnol, but I must say this is the worst day I have experienced this far. I would take my garment off but I know I will swell up like a balloon. When I washed it yesterday it was holy hell getting it back on because I swelled during that time. My husband had to even help me get it on, and he kept saying that I had to dry it on heat. He didn't believe me. I hope everyone else experienced this.
I searched for help online and it seems that most of this is normal, but boy is there alot of people out there who still has swollen tummies after a year post op!! Are they serious?!? I better not be one of them. I feel so bad because we get this procedure done not only to look better but it is huge for our self esteem. I can't imagine to be stuck like this for over a year. If I knew that I would never get it done. I pray that this is not the usual. I have NEVER read anything like this before and of course now that I am googling "swelling" and "burning sensation" I see all of these horrible articles out there.
Lets hope today is a better day. I plan on resting tomorrow. We bought a ferret for our house (just what we need) and now I have to watch it with the 2 birds and 2 hunting dogs. Uuurrrggghhhh...

So yesterday my parents came by and we all had a...

So yesterday my parents came by and we all had a great time. I kept laughing watching my kids play with my dad, and boy oh boy am I regretting it. I have all these pains in my tummy....right where my abs are. I know it was hard to laugh and sneezing is impossible, but I had no clue I would be in such pain today. It is ridiculous to know that you can't laugh. I understand to rest, but where was "no coughing, laughing, or sneezing". I think that needs to be written somewhere as cautions after a tummy tuck!
On another note my swelling went down a lot. It must have been those yummy fries from Fuddruckers. I am wondering why our tummy feels so bloated now. Is that the swelling?
I am allowed to take off my garment as long as I wear it for 8 hours a day. I don't know about you a ladies but I am miserable to leave it off for a minute. I haven't asked my husband once to help me up since surgery, until I had my garment off, which was 7 days after surgery. It makes me concerned that I am never going to want this garment off of me(;
Hope everyone is doing well. New Years is right around the corner and I am pretty sure I will be staying in lol(;

Feeling really good today! Ready to go do some...

Feeling really good today! Ready to go do some grocery shopping and some holiday returns. Put on some clothes and thought WOW I look the same before having kids. Now I am starting to be nit picky about other parts of me. I added photos of me in my outfit....

Well shopping was a treat. Lets just say the walk...

Well shopping was a treat. Lets just say the walk in the mall seemed as if the mall got bigger, and the wait in the lines seemed to take forever. I was in there for an hour! After that we all went to ToysRus, of course for the kids, and then grocery shopping. By the time we got On my way! I was dinner time. Made dinner, ate, turned on a movie, and next thing I know is it is 7pm. Ummmm I passed out! I guess that was a lot on my body. I felt great and didn't feel tired, but my body said otherwise. This morning I am pretty sore. I can't believe how walking and being on your feet really do have a huge impact on us! Well I am going out again today, but this time we are seeing a movie, so I will be sitting lol(; Happy New Years everyone. This is to all of us who will be showing off our "new" bods lol(;

So today I started to realize that my stomach is...

So today I started to realize that my stomach is still REALLY BIG! Yes, I know that there is NO over hang and I definitely don't look as if I am 5 months pregnant, but my circumference is HUGE. I don't know if it is swelling or fat?!? Can you tell the difference? I am going to load a picture of what I am trying to explain. I mean my boobs are out as far as my stomach. Is that normal? I see my PS tomorrow and I pray I hear something good from him.

Well when I saw the PS today, I didn't even let...

Well when I saw the PS today, I didn't even let him speak before I hurried and asked him, "Is this fat or swelling?" So it seems it's swelling. He pointed out my contour of my shape of my stomach (the little I have right now) and said you can see from that area, what I have is swelling. He also said that I am one of his tinier patients. I took that as a complement, but I am not that tiny! He did suggest getting a smaller undergarment, so they ordered me a small (I have a medium now). I also got the silicone cream to put on my scar. I also asked about working out....he said not for a month! He said that walking is great, but nothing where the heartbeat is going up too high. I did ask him if it woud make a difference in my swelling if I relaxed more than be on my feet since someone mentioned it to me, but he said it doesn't make a huge difference. I feel so so so much better. I am definitely bigger and round, but if it is swelling and it will subside then I can live with that(; I see him in 2 weeks and hopefully then I will get the ok to start working out at the gym.

So I feel pretty normal now. I am still wearing my...

So I feel pretty normal now. I am still wearing my garment but I am pretty much acting like myself before. No one is making any comments about my tummy, so I don't know if that is good or bad. I wish someone would say, "Wow what did you do...your stomach looks so thin." I am not hearing it yet. I really would like to hear it from someone who sees me often, and someone who doesn't know that I had this surgery.
I read in someone else's review that pineapples have an ingredient that acts as an inflammatory, and some PS recommends their patients to take it to help swelling. I went out to buy it today and well of course, Wal-Mart doesn't have it. I think it is time to go to GNC. Anyone else use this and really see a difference?

So I went and bought bromelian (pineapple extract)...

So I went and bought bromelian (pineapple extract) pills from GNC yesterday. These pills are HUGE. I guess we will see if it will work lol. I feel great today. Able to laugh and cough with no problem. Also can bend over, get up quickly, and walk normal. I am happy that I am healing so fast because tomorrow I am back to teaching! I don't need all my students asking me questions if I wasn't able to stand straight...that would be a nightmare. I uploaded more photos which shows that my previous picture was just swelling. I am feeling much more confident knowing that I have just swelling and not tummy fat. Why are we so critical on ourselves? Hope everyone else is recovering smoothly.

Well felt pretty good and excited to go back to...

Well felt pretty good and excited to go back to work. Sad to see NO one said anything about my belly. It makes me wonder....really there is no difference? I must have hidden it very good because there is no way in hell they can't see the huge bump missing.
By 4 hours in my day I felt like I was going to burst through my under garment. I felt bloated and swollen. I went into the bathroom to get a quick peek and saw that I had a red blotch above and a little below my incision from the way I was leaning against my chair. As a teacher, we don't sit. We are constantly on our feet, but I found a way to write on the Elmo (it is like an overhead projector) so I put a bar stool next to it to lean on. From the way I was leaning I got this red mark.
So tomorrow is another day and I hope that I won't be so uncomfortable. I felt like I was 9 months pregnant by the end of the day and the way I was walking I am surprised no one asked, "Are you okay?"

So today during class I had one of my students...

So today during class I had one of my students ask, "do you have one of those girdles on?" I replied, "Why you see a zipper or something?" She said, "No." I couldn't continue with the conversation because it was during class as I was walking around and helping my students, but I so wanted to ask, "why do I look skinnier, or is it my stomach looks flatter?" I am hoping that this question was in terms of me looking flat and that my stomach doesn't have rolls anymore lol(;
I still don't get any positive remarks from my friends or family that knows about the surgery. Instead they tease me that my butt looks bigger now. I think a lot of my swelling went down and am wondering if it is due to the amount of days from recovering or if it is the bromelian pills (pineapple extract) that I just started taking. I am happy someone mention these pills on this site because I never heard about it until now.
Hope everyone else is doing well.

Well I am not happy today. I hope It is a case of...

Well I am not happy today. I hope It is a case of me being picky. I have noticed lately that my "love handles" exist now. I have done a little research on this site and found that many people who had a full tummy tuck and did not get lipo believed that their flanks were swollen. However, it turns out that all of these people should have gotten lipo on their flanks, and send s they didn't that they see their love handles more now than before. It is stated that since your stomach is flatter and tighter you see your flanks more, and that is why many PS offers lipo during a tummy tuck. My PS said "we'll anyone can use lipo, but I don't think you do. I wouldn't spend $1000." Well I am now wishing I did. I do NOT want to go under anesthetic again.
Also my incision is extremely high on my right cut is like a half of a smile. My underwear and pants do not hide it. Of course I didn't realize it until now because I didn't wear my undergarment for about 2 hours today.
I see my PS on Wednesday and I have many concerns. I want him to know that he did a great job and I am happy but I am not satisfied with the end results so far. I hope he can offer me more options and ways to get what I want.

Wow! I can't believe the difference!

I forgot that I had this account and came across it today! I am so happy that I shared my story. It has been awhike since I had, my tummy tuck and here are a few things that I can complain about (but I am just being picky)... (1) I believe I should have lipo since I have "little" humps on the front of my stomach on the left and right side (not love handles!). (2) my scar on one side is high and shows with a two piece. bUT to be honest I am too old to wear a two piece so... Who cares?!?
It has been a great journey. I would do it over and over again and have no regrets.
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