Butt Implants 330 Cc Round in Tijuana - Mexico, MX

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I have been researching butt implants for about 6...

I have been researching butt implants for about 6 months now. last year I did a mommy makeover (tummy tuck/minor lipo on my sides-ribs-/breast implants 800 cc silicone. I absolutely loved my results but I had no ass whatsoever. I average eight then was 148 pounds. I went down to 130 before my surgery so I can have as much excess skin removed as possible. My height is 5'5 and i always wore a size 11 in pants. After surgery I was fitting into a size 7. I have no hips and no ass and at 130 this became very visible. It was emberassing. I decided to gain weight for a BBL and manage to achieve so. now Im at 154 and left feeling hella fat. keep in mind my weight gain is not distributed evenly like most woman. It all goes to my back and flanks. In the past 2 months I have had 8 consultaions with Tijuana plastic surgeons. DR harris, DR campos, DR tolero, DR gongora, DR Fuentes, DR Figueroa, DR cardenas, & DR milla. So I have decided to go through with my surgery with DR milla. He will be doing full back , waist , and abs lipo. 330 cc round butt implants and fat transfer to my hips but not directly on my gluteal muscle, and will also be extending my tummy tuck scar. according to him i have dog ears. I call it large flanks, back fat, whatever. my surgery date is 2/9/15 but I will be rescheduling for the 11th or 16th this month. Does anyone know if the abs board and lipo epifoam work? is there anything that I might find essential with my healing process? items to buy. pills that help with swelling? that form of stuff. I would appreciate any advice. will post pre surgery pics soon.

doctor had me order this chair prior to surgery

I am not suppose to apply any pressure directly on my implants for a few weeks after surgery so doctor had me order this chair so all the pressure applied will be on my thighs when i sit. I plan on returning to work 3 weeks post surgery so this will definitely be traveling with me.

surgery went well yesterday 2/12/15

Im still at thr clinic. They are going to discharge me around 9am. Will post pics e hen im feeling better.

whats helped me so far

I rotate from sleeping on my back and stomach. I make sure theres no pressure applied on my implants. This surgery was so uncomfortable. The implants hurt the first 2 days like crazy. There pain meds did nothing for me. Luckily i had hydrocodone at home. Made it all better. Peeing wasn't easy. My boyfriend bought me this female urinal funnel at cvs for 10 dlls.

a few pics.

I didnt get a chance to take befores but the surgeons clinic did so i will request those from them.
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