Surgery After Aquamid in Lips - France, FR

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Hello everyone, I had been injected with aquamid...

Hello everyone,

I had been injected with aquamid about 5 years in upper and lower lips. after the fifth years I had granuloma in lips and swelling above my upper lip and my upper looses its shape.
I saw several surgeon and one, a very good who had the experience of to remove permanent fillers operated me.
He managed to remove a lot of granuloma, it was very awfull!!

Now this is the 3th weeks and I'm waiting that the swelling goes away...i'm waiting and it's very long....

does anyboby have the experience of remove fillers? in lips or anywhere?


aquamid is very very very bad

It's very very long for the bump disappear even after the surgery.....

2 month after

It's still swollen, it's very very long....

in progress

it's better but i need a second and last I hope surgery.
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