Two Month to Go Before I Get It Done!!! France, FR

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Hello everyone, I recently decided to have a...

Hello everyone, I recently decided to have a rhino, I've wanted it for a very long time because I don't really like the way my nose looks like. I have a bulbous tip, my nostrils are very wide I basically stuff 2 fingers at once (ah!)
Anyway... My nose doesn't bother me from the side look. I take pictures all the time especially when it's party which is basically 3 times a week
And I'm just tired of having to chose sides based on which light will compliment my nose.
So I decided about a month ago to have to see a surgeon (my surgeon is French - I live in France and it was easier to get it done here)

This is what will be done:

Reduce my bulbous tip, Get rid of my smallish bump. Refine both sides of my nose (I think it's very wide)
Narrow my nostrils. BTW I'll be have an open rhino and that's what scares scares me the most, not the procedure but the keloids I'm still struggling with wether having an opened or closed one. Well I'm supposed to see the surgeon at the end of the month and I'll arise my questions/doubts.

Oh forgot to tell I'm sure everyone has an ideal nose (celebrity nose). Even tho we look nothing alike I'd love to have something that looks like Sodraya's.

Anyhow will keep you posted


It's finally over, I've the cast on

Day #2

Well... It feels weird to wake up and to have a new bruising nose but it's still very cool. And I'm very excited. I have no pain or whatsoever, obviously baby nose is very swollen and it looks completely : enormous, bizarre, weird. But I have faith and I do hope the result will be amazing
Thanks to all of you for your support!!!!

Day #3

Day 3 here, hum? How hard is it not to breath, I don't if I mentioned to you guys that I had a rhino and a septoplasty at the same time. Really not easy not to breathe.

Any way, I don't how to feel about my nose, I don't even know if it has changed, it's has another shape for sure but doesn't look cute so far. Any I'll throw some photos of day 3
Excuse my hair, I'll get it done pretty soon!!!

Day -1 till cast off

Hey everyone,

I'm 7 days post op. I've had 4 difficult days, I couldn't breathe most of these days, nor sleep. And today most of it is gone, my swelling seems to have gone down (thank god I stopped smoking).
Tho because of the septoplasty I think my left nostril is very very swollen inside, I don't know if it makes sense to you?
Anyway, it's only 1 day before I get the cast off, and guys not only I'm nervous to see the result but I'm also very excited. I'm hoping the surgeon did good and that the end result will be nice, well by nice I mean I want the result to be what I did expect to have.
So this is what I did last time I spoke to my surgeon pre-op, I took a picture of me where where I had a highlight and contour (make up) because I think that the moment I love my face the most it's when I play with make up and re-shape my face and the way I want to, I usually make my nose look thinner and I love that, just hoping that the surgeon really got that!

Anyway cast will be off in 1 day, I will keep you posted
Michel Azoulay

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