Tertiary Rhinoplasty - France

Hello, I'm from France and I have had 2...

I'm from France and I have had 2 unsuccessful rhinoplasty .
I think the best surgeons in the usa.
Can you give me names of expert rhinoplasty because his will be the last .
I have asymmetry everywhere, pinched nose, and shortens especially a retraction of the left nostril of 1 cm with scars chleloide in the nose scar my skin very badly because I have so mutilated ...
I had the ear transplants no implant.
Can you guide me sil please tell me who specializes in nose like mine or you know a good tres in France ??
I 'm lost and I no longer trust the French surgeon because it refuses to recognize their mistakes.
Thank you very much.

retraction left nostril


Can you give me the names of french surgeons specializing in rhinoplasty tertiary my nose is too late too short clip inverted V , with retraction of the left nostril ... How your repaired a retraction of the nostril
Thank you very much I'm from France and I am lost in the USA I saw good results from Dr. Toriumi but in French ??

retraction alar extrem


I request all surgeons knew Site So pls can you guide I looking for very good surgeon rhinoplasty revision me for a retraction left nostril 6 mm over the right side completely affaiser J had necrosis cutaneous on the dorsum nobody wants open my nose repaired that and how can repair have a nose through close that his background in France and europe s please ??
sorry for my English
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