30 Y.o. / Planning Explant-removal After Having Implants for 8 Months - France, FR

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Hello internet, I have decided to document my...

Hello internet,
I have decided to document my breast augmentation and removal story in hopes of providing insight to women who are in similar situations. Reading other women's stories on this site has been very helpful and I hope I can add to that.

I always had very small boobs but never felt uncomfortable about it.
When I became pregnant it was the first time I ever gained weight and the first time I gained weight, cellulite etc. My boobs became larger and in some way they were the most sexual/beautiful part of my body. Then followed breastfeeding, which was an amazing 9 month experience that I really valued and enjoyed.

After I stopped to breastfeed, I began having a problem with my breasts (that had seemingly sagged and loosened) and obsessing over changing them/ getting them large again. In retrospect I realize that I just need some time to mourn over the end of this lovely period (breastfeeding) and maybe just not think about it for a while until my body returned to its normal pre-pregnancy condition. Instead, I began kinda obsessively researching breast augmentation and fixating on comparing my small boobs to amazing natural larger breasts I would see online.

Long story short, I decided I was ready to get a BA, convinced my ever-supportive husband that this would make me love my body again and got my implants. Very shortly after getting them (2 weeks) I had realized I made a mistake but was too afraid to admit it first to myself nor anyone else.
The first few months I would just re-assure myself that maybe they just need to settle down, fluff etc. and that later I might like the results.

Six months after BA I finally admitted to myself first (and my husband later) that I had make a terrible mistake, yet it would be a lot better to fix it faster rather than later. I have to say that with clothes on I really like having larger breasts, but with clothes off they look terribly unnatural. I am super thin and they are like two balls. (see images). We are leaving for vacation at the beach in a week and I feel pretty self-conscious in a bathing suit. I finally got a sports bikini and I guess I will have to deal with a terrible tan lines for the next month!

Now at 7 months post BA, I have an appointment to remove them in July and I can't wait.

Besides not enjoying the appearance of my silicone implants they also feel like a weight on my chest especially when I wake up in the morning. They are a problem when I run and I also hate the attention that I get from people just staring at my chest. I can't wait to go back to being small chested and feeling light and natural.

Getting implants was a very silly decision but in some strange way I don't regret it. I caused myself lots of trouble (the cost, the 4 month recovery etc.) but being an optimist, I can see that I gained some insight about myself and hopefully I have become a better decision-maker (thinking things thoroughly, calculating potential consequences etc)

Anyway, I hope this can provide some kind of insight to anyone having similar thoughts and my advice to all women would be not to get implants. I realize that we all come from very different places and can have very different personalities/desires etc. but having experienced BA I can tell you that they feel very unnatural, very foreign and they never become one with your body. Of course to each their own and I realize that many women love having them.

For me, I can just say that I can't e-ffing wait to get them out and be able to wear all the tight dresses I want! ;)

Breast Explant (implant removal) done & done!

I had the breast explant operation 3 days ago and it was a relatively simple procedure (arrived at hospital at 8am and was back home by 1pm). I feel so amazingly great about my flat chest. If all I had to do to embrace and love my own body was wasting 5000$ and establishing 2 smiling scars on my chest, well, I'll be damned! Lol.

Although I feel a bit silly for getting implants in the first place, I am very glad I didnt dwell on feelings of shame, anxiety, and guilt about what others might think, feel or say about me deciding to get the implants out SO FAST! I am so excited to have back my own body and feel less self-conscious and more happy than every about my image.
N. Gounot

My surgeon was very caring and great. He is a family friend and took great care of me.

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